Contraceptive pills keep pace with the times, why do you still dare not take them?

Xiao Ting and Xiao Gang belong to puppy love and early marriage, but after marriage, they firmly don’t want to be an early childbearing clan. However, they hesitated about how to use contraception after marriage. Although friends recommend that oral contraceptives are safe and convenient, Xiao Ting thinks of the word “fat” when he thinks of contraceptives, and he can’t make up his mind.

So, does today’s contraceptive pill still cause obesity? Today, Dr. Clove will tell you about the third generation of oral contraceptives. Don’t be deterred by fear of obesity!

The third generation of oral contraceptives we are talking about here mainly refer to short-acting contraceptives, whose mechanism of action is to inhibit ovulation.

How to take it: Take it from the first day of menstruation, take one tablet at about the same time every day, stop taking it for 7 days after taking it continuously for 21 days, and take the next box on the 8th day after stopping taking it.

Each medicine is different, so be sure to read the instructions clearly. If you accidentally lose the instructions and don’t remember them, check them with Dr. Clove App.

The old formula may cause edema and obesity.

Most of the contraceptives commonly used by women are sex hormone steroids, and their components are estrogen and progesterone.

There are two reasons for obesity: one is not really obese, but edema caused by water and sodium storage caused by estrogen; The second is true obesity, because progesterone in previous preparations has certain androgen effect, which can stimulate appetite and protein synthesis, causing obesity.

The formula has improved! I really won’t get fat!

At present, the composition of the third generation contraceptive pill has been improved in view of the side effects caused by previous preparations. Under the condition that the contraceptive effect remains unchanged, the following changes have been made: first, estrogen is reduced; Second, progesterone improvement.

    The reduction of estrogen in the current contraceptive pill reduces the storage of water and sodium caused by estrogen. Due to the improvement of progesterone, the androgen activity of progesterone in the current contraceptive pill is greatly reduced, and even has the effect of reducing the androgen activity in the body.

Therefore, [obesity] caused by these two kinds of conditions is basically very difficult to occur in the process of taking contraceptives today.

Can short-acting oral contraceptives cause cancer?

What worries women most is that contraceptives increase the risk of gynecological cancer. On this point, people are mainly worried about estrogen. However, the estrogen content of contraceptives is already very low, and whether estrogen causes cancer has not been determined.

In fact, studies have found that the longer the short-acting contraceptive is taken, the lower the incidence of endometrial cancer, and the protective effect can last for 15 years after withdrawal. Taking short-acting contraceptives for 5 years can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer by 50%, and this protective effect can last for 10 years after drug withdrawal.

However, oral contraceptives do have some risks: For women over 35 who smoke or have cardiovascular diseases, long-term oral contraceptives will increase the risk of venous thrombosis, myocardial infarction and stroke. In addition, women over 40 who have systemic diseases, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes and other diseases, epilepsy or depression, abnormal menstruation and lactation are also best not to choose this contraceptive method.

Improve symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle

Oral contraceptives can improve many symptoms related to menstrual cycle, such as irregular menstruation, excessive menstrual blood volume, long or short menstrual period, dysmenorrhea, etc.

The principle of action is that after taking short-acting contraceptives, Women’s own secretion of progesterone and estrogen decreases. However, the progesterone and estrogen contained in short-acting oral contraceptives, It replaces the progesterone and estrogen secreted by women themselves, inhibits ovulation and manually regulates the menstrual cycle at the same time. Therefore, it can reduce or avoid the occurrence of irregular menstruation, excessive menstrual blood volume, too long or too short menstrual period, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

Can you get pregnant immediately after stopping the drug?

At present, the contraceptive effect of short-acting oral contraceptives is only to ensure the contraceptive effect within the taking cycle. Studies at home and abroad show that pregnancy can be achieved after drug withdrawal. Therefore, if you want to be pregnant, just stop taking contraceptives.

Studies at home and abroad also show that there is no significant difference in the risks of pregnancy, fetal illness and malformation between women who take contraceptives and women who have not taken contraceptives.

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