A list of preparations and items for taking children on a trip.

It is not convenient to travel with children for a long time, which has become a topic in it is hard to go times. It is not a reason for a child who is too young to remember where he has been. Habit is the most important ability.

For long-distance travel with children before the age of 2, perhaps the best choice is to rent a car/drive by oneself. The advantage is that you can take too much luggage, because taking children out is too much [luggage].

So what should I do? Daddy teaches you to be ready hand in hand!

I. Travel Route Planning and Reservation

The route planning must be done well in advance and in detail so that the leaders can approve it. To take a child before the age of 2 on a long journey, the first thing to do is to dispel the worries of the leaders. The more detailed the information, the better.

All the reservations can be made. Unexpected romantic adventures are not suitable for married with children’s uncles. Aunts will get angry when they don’t have a room. They don’t want to walk on the road with their babies in their arms.

The recommended method is: similar to vacation, stay for a few more days for the main purpose and stay in the same room in the same hotel/inn.

[Always on the Road] This kind of little fresh literary youth’s behavior is not suitable for married with children’s uncle. Try to avoid changing places with one shot, and repeat it every day. The unfolding/packing will collapse.

II. Means of Transportation and Main Precautions

Step 1 Rental of a car

Please check with the car rental company in advance whether to provide child safety seat/safety basket rental service. If not, bring it yourself.

2. Self-driving

For the preparation work, please refer to various self-driving strategies. The only additional reminder is: if there is no safe basket/seat for children, add a one to teach children to use before starting. The continuous driving time depends on the child’s acceptance.

3. Aircraft

First, confirm with the airline how to purchase the baby ticket. Confirm with the airline what size and weight carts can be brought on the plane, otherwise they can only be checked in.

4. Trains

For new parents, This should be the most convenient and comfortable means of transportation, Relatively spacious space, children are also very comfortable. Apart from a lot of luggage in and out of the station will have some minor troubles (this can be solved by Little Red Riding Hood, the cost is quite reasonable), if you need to spend the night on the train, in our experience, regular shaking is actually very helpful for children to sleep, and the noise on the train can be ignored.

5. Bus

It is not recommended to take children under 2 years old for long-distance travel, mainly because there are too many luggage, carrying luggage is very troublesome and painful, and the space in the car is also cramped, so try to avoid taking buses for a long time.

6. Ships/cruise ships

This is an excellent way to visit children, with relatively fixed places, spacious public spaces and changeable scenery. Adults and children are very relaxed.

Three, infants carry equipment

1. Umbrella cart

Suitable for travel plans with urban sightseeing as the main destination.

2. Baby straps

Take a baby who can’t sit well (for example, 6 months ago) to go out with the necessary artifact! (Figure below)

3. Back frame (as shown in the following figure)

It is suitable for rural and mountainous hiking routes where umbrella carts cannot be used, including outdoor and mountaineering.

4. Back towel and waist stool

Very light and convenient practical tools, it is recommended to bring them with you for standby.

5. Mother’s Bag

Usually there are a lot of pockets in it, and all kinds of bottles and cans can be sorted and put away.

4. Clothing

1. Depending on the climatic conditions of the destination, it is better to abuse than to lack. Considering the hygiene and washing conditions, bring more underwear (jumpsuits) and dirt-resistant coats.

2. Diapers: Today’s babies are basically of special brands and models. Although they are light, they are huge in volume and are frequently used before the age of 2, with 6-8 pieces per day. The destination may not have sold the brand and model. In addition to bringing enough as far as possible (within the controllable range of luggage volume), they can be ordered online and sent to the reserved hotel/hotel/inn in advance (confirmed with the recipient).

3. Bring some special clothing and equipment according to the characteristics of the destination. For example, when you go to Sanya, bring beach suits, including toys.

4. Be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes. Children will not pay so much attention.

5. Bring a thin blanket. In addition to being used as a breast-feeding towel, it can also be used as a sunshade when driving, so that babies can have a good rest in the car in summer.

5. Food and Medicines

1. Babies in breast milk period are the simplest, so it is OK to bring [wet nurse].

2. After the supplementary food stage is added, if you pay attention to it, bring the special supplementary food cooking machine and pots and pans for children.

3. Inquire about the sales situation of milk powder, fresh milk and accustomed supplementary food brands at the destination in advance, and bring them with you as appropriate. You can also send them to the destination online.

4. Bottles, pacifiers, thermos flasks, milk warmers, pacifiers and so on, which are usually used all the time, must be brought with them. If the disinfection machine is not convenient to bring, then disinfection will be carried with boiled water.

5. According to the known medication situation of the child, Take regular can. Carsickness medicine, antidiarrheal montmorillonite powder, oral rehydration (a lot of sweat can also be used), antiallergic drugs, antipyretic drugs, external use of hemostatic disinfection drugs. Summer with sunscreen products and mosquito repellent drugs, to cold areas, need to take anti-frostbite chilblain drugs. Children with special medical history with special drugs, medical records. Check the nearest hospital first after check in.

7. Solution to Children’s Dining Chair during Travel: A portable restraint system (as shown in the figure below), which is a small bag when put away, is highly recommended.

Six, live

1. Emphasize again: Book tickets for hotels and even scenic spots on the trip before departure!

2. The hotel should consider whether there is a crib, the size of the big bed, whether the bed in the standard room can move, whether it can park, whether there is an elevator, sound insulation and safety. All these should first look at the user’s evaluation and then check by phone. Try to order products that support non-check-in refund.

3. If you drive, whether you can park or not is another important consideration. This is a lesson from [sweat]. In April 2013 in Kunming, I didn’t pay attention to this condition on the first night. The hotel was on the side of the road and there was no parking space. Parking needs to go to the parking lot 500 meters away from the other side. Usually, I don’t think 500 meters away is a concept of what! Huo Huo, when the time comes, you need to go to the parking lot one by one and move the big bags to the room one by one.

VII. Bathing and Sanitation

1. Children who can stand alone and take a bath are of course easy to handle, and washing supplies with children are fine.

2. In infancy, you can also buy a portable baby bathtub at your destination.

3. Washing products, wet paper towels, paper towels and laundry detergent, if inconvenient to carry in sufficient quantity and the destination may not be available, will be sent online.

4. Folding diaper pad: When emergency diapers need to be changed outdoors or in the car, the baby can be placed on it and changed directly, which is very sanitary.

5. If the child no longer wears diapers, he can bring a folding toilet to facilitate temporary defecation and urination on the road.

VIII. Entertainment and Photography

1. Favorite toys and picture books must be taken with you.

2. You can also continue to buy some new toys with regional characteristics at your destination.

3. Copy all the music stories you want to listen to first, and bring a portable Bluetooth speaker, which can be played alone, or it can be played by another notebook or mobile phone.

4. Video programs such as cartoons that you often watch are copied to computers, mobile phones or tablets.

5. Cameras, batteries, mobile phones, memory cards and chargers are all ready and checked.


Make a form to record which bag the items are in and the itinerary, and check it yourself. The items mentioned in this article are as follows.


Air ticket/car rental/hotel/ticket/express etc

Details determined:

The child safety seat/safety basket and the airline confirm how large the size and weight of the cart can be taken on the plane; To decide a hotel, one should consider whether there is a crib, the size of the big bed, whether the bed in the standard room can move, whether it can stop, whether there is an elevator, sound insulation and safety. First, one should look at the user’s evaluation and telephone verification.

In kind:

Safety seat/safety basket; Umbrella cart, brace or baby back frame, back towel and waist stool, portable restraint system;

Sunglasses, moisturizing water, sunscreen, mosquito prevention, antifreeze and rain-proof articles;

Mother’s bag; Clothing and shoes; Diapers; A swimsuit or beach suit;

Supplementary edible tableware (including milk powder pacifiers, thermos bottles, milk warmers and pacifiers);

Carsickness medicine, antidiarrheal montmorillonite powder, oral rehydration, antiallergic drugs, antipyretic drugs, external hemostatic disinfection drugs, special drugs, medical records;

Portable baby bath tub (also available at the destination); Washing products, wet paper towels, paper towels, laundry detergent;

Favorite toys and picture books; Audio and video programs, Bluetooth speakers;

Cameras, batteries, mobile phones, memory cards, various chargers.

Responsible Editor: Yu Gong