Daddy’s Nurturing Record: Hot Compress for Blocking Milk? It is likely that the application will get worse and worse!

On the 3rd day after the baby tomato was born, the mother tomato felt the pain of [milk swelling]. The breast became big and heavy, and there was a little acid swelling. Manual and electric breast pumps were used once, but the results were still very little.

Then, under the soft grinding and hard soaking of her family, the little tomato mother was forced to drink a bowl of papaya octopus crucian carp soup, euphemistically called lactagogue.

Guangdong families have always believed that the nutrition in the ingredients after cooking soup is all in the soup. Although doctors have repeatedly stressed that the mother’s diet after giving birth should not be too greasy, you know the rules [handed down from our ancestors]…

This bowl of thick soup, not only did not lactagogue, even there were faint signs of blocking milk, tomato mother also didn’t sleep well all night.

As a result, I did something that the whole family thought was a big mistake, but I knew it was absolutely correct-my wife was not allowed to drink chicken soup and fish soup again!

From that day on, until I came home from the hospital, I was strictly on guard and did not allow anyone to give tomato mother tonic soup. First, in order not to affect lochia excretion, second, in order to reduce the probability of blocking milk.

However, the good times did not last long. Two weeks later, unable to stand the repeated urging of her family, Tomato Mother drank a bowl of [not very oily] chicken soup.

As a result, that night, all around the areola were hard lumps, blocking milk directly…

What should I do with milk?

Looking at the little tomato mother unable to sleep in the middle of the night, she wept with pain and tried to milk with pain, but my husband could not help what. I was really worried.

I immediately turned over the book to find information and asked many doctors and friends to help Mother Tomato relieve her pain.

Then I searched for the following ways to pass milk:

1. Baby Suction: This is the best human flesh breast-feeding device.

2. Hand milking: First of all, the milking posture should be correct, and then patience and endurance should be required, because once the breast is blocked, it will hurt if touched slightly.

3. Breast pump: The breast pump is manual and electric. The strength and matching degree of the horn cover are quite different. It needs to be continuously adjusted at the beginning of use.

4. Breast massage: This requires professionals, such as international lactation consultants who have completed strict training, but now the market is mixed up with good and evil people…

All of the above methods can squeeze out milk to improve milk blockage and breast pain, but thorough improvement requires a process.

At a time when mother tomato is tossing and turning, she still needs to think of some immediate relief methods.

Do you need hot compress to block milk in the first place?

In order to relieve the discomfort of tomato mother now, I consulted many people, several of whom mentioned that hot compress can be used, and then combined with the above methods.

Since several people said so, I didn’t think much of it either. I immediately began to help Mother Tomato change the heat towel continuously. But after one night, I felt that the situation was not getting better but worse, and I was a little uneasy.

So I immediately consulted a senior maternal and child doctor in Beijing. She told me, in fact, to! First! Cold! Apply!

Should cold compress be applied first in what after blocking milk?

If after blocking milk, you can feel the caking, and at the same time there are symptoms of redness, swelling and fever. Cold compress should be used to relieve the discomfort of breast swelling and pain and make your mother feel better.

Then let the baby suck milk or try to use a breast pump. When the baby is about to be fed, it can be properly warm, or it can be warm while feeding.

In fact, before the mother blocked milk, generally there are traces to follow. Milk did not squeeze out in time, diet is too greasy, or mood is not good, etc. may lead to blocked milk. And the development speed of blocked milk is often very fast, may feel breast a little distending pain in the morning, already blocked full of hardening in the afternoon.

Therefore, it is also very necessary to pay attention to prevent these factors causing milk blockage.

The importance of teammates

As far as breast milk is concerned, a lot of efforts need to be done by the mother herself. As a husband, it is true that most of the time she has to watch.

However, this does not mean that my father can be the shopkeeper of cutting off his hands and watch from the sidelines. My father’s support and companionship are also very important.

After the milk blocking incident, Tomato’s mother told me that when she was sitting on the bed at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night while milking with pain to tears, she could feel my anxiety nearby. Although she could not help, she felt that as long as I was around, she would not be particularly helpless and uncomfortable.

Even if it’s just a matter of concern [does it still hurt? ], even if it is only a bosom to rely on when she is miserable, they will feel very happy afterwards.

Husband’s company is not the value that can be seen on the surface, and it can also give new mothers great encouragement to work hard. Stop using [tomorrow’s work] as a reason for you to sleep soundly and ignore everything.