Depression, no shame

Depression-the [fashionable] disease of our time. Every once in a while, News of stars suffering from depression will appear in news reports. This [mental illness] once took away superstar Leslie Cheung and not long ago, it was American actor Robin Williams, who caused many people to lament. Depression is an unbearable pain for our society and family in our time.

As early as a few years ago, The International Health Organization has listed depression as the world’s leading disabling disease. At present, there are a total of about 300 million depression patients in the world. The harm degree of this very common disease has far exceeded the seemingly [more deadly diseases] such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. At present, people’s understanding of depression may not be as deep as their understanding of cancer. However, depression patients have not received professional and effective treatment due to various psychological burdens, bringing endless pain to themselves and the people around them. We need to correct the name of depression. Depression is a misunderstood [psychological disease] and depression needs to be taken seriously.

First, what are the depressive symptoms?

Depression is not an ordinary bad mood, but a mood that lasts for a long time (at least two weeks) and is very depressed almost every moment. In contrast, it is difficult for ordinary people’s depression to last for several whole days in a row. Depression is like a mud pond, trapping patients firmly. Depressed patients are almost impossible to struggle out by their own strength, but they may get deeper and deeper.

If you think that depression is just a long-term bad mood, then you are wrong again.

People with depression may suffer from insomnia or sleep in bed for a whole day. They no longer have the energy and courage to get out of bed.

They fall into self-accusation all the time and feel that they should not live in this world. Many patients commit suicide because of this strong thought-while ordinary comfort does not work for them, it may make them more self-accusation because of the idea that [I even waste my medicine].

They lost all interest in the source of happiness and even stopped nostalgic for delicious food. All their hobbies and specialties were shelved and they were sallow and emaciated because they did not want to eat or tea.

In patients with severe depression, the whole world may become slow. They are slow to respond and cannot quickly cope with changes in the external environment-the easy thing of crossing the road may become very dangerous.

Their thinking is also deteriorating, their memory is declining, and they cannot concentrate. Not to mention work, it is likely that they can hardly continue their normal life.

Count it down, There are at least 9 aspects of physical changes brought about by depression. When patients need to meet at least 5 aspects, Doctors will make a diagnosis of depression. However, it is necessary to remind readers here that it is impossible to make a diagnosis by comparing this article or other consultation/tests provided on the Internet. Never make self-diagnosis autonomy to avoid accidents. In the future, there will be articles introducing formal and reliable diagnosis and treatment methods for depression.

Second, is depression inherited?

People’s misunderstanding of the cause of depression often puts more pressure on people with depression around them and may also deprive them of reasonable treatment opportunities. In fact, diseases such as depression and schizophrenia have never been [psychological problems]: in the eyes of doctors, they are just brain diseases with psychological symptoms.

Depression is not directly passed on to children through patients like [genetic diseases] in high school biology class, but depression has certain genetic risks. What does what mean? For example, suppose you have an identical twin brother/brother/sister/sister who suffers from depression, then your probability of suffering from depression will be several times higher than that of ordinary people. Let’s assume that in your big family, There are several blood relatives suffering from depression or other mental diseases, then you may be a [dangerous molecule]. However, medicine cannot determine who will suffer from depression according to this, because there are many factors leading to depression from other aspects, which may be almost the same as or even stronger than the risk of genetic susceptibility. More importantly, depression is often induced by a combination of many factors.

Three, introversion will lead to depression?

The relationship between personality and depression is probably the most misunderstood, Many people think that introverts are prone to depression, This is totally wrong. Psychologists and psychiatrists have long proved that The occurrence of depression has nothing to do with the introversion and extroversion of personality. It is related to another personality trait called neuroticism. This personality trait is similar to depression in some aspects. It is not easy to control emotions, Can’t relieve pressure and so on. The misfortune and setback in life, It is also not the cause of depression. Now it is widely believed that the mental stress caused by these events has pulled the [depression trigger] that already exists in the brain, thus triggering a series of emotional, sleep, diet and cognitive dysfunctions and disorders. The specific inducing events neither determine how the disease develops nor are they the focus of diagnosis and treatment.

Four, depression, is the brain [bad cold]

When dealing with patients, I prefer to compare depression with Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease). The two diseases are very similar in some aspects. Doctors studying Alzheimer’s disease can communicate with doctors studying depression about various findings about brain abnormalities of their patients without any obstacles.

Depressive patients are much luckier than incurable patients such as Alzheimer’s disease. At least depression is treatable, It’s like a bad cold in the brain. As mentioned earlier, Depression is not caused by personal personality or psychological defects, Moreover, ordinary comfort is even harmful and useless to depression patients, so treatment of depression should be the same as treatment of other diseases to take the attitude of seeking treatment, actively seeking psychological treatment or drug treatment. Depression is not your fault, depression, not humiliated, can be treated.

Author: Alien Rookie