Dermatologists Teach You Skin Care During Pregnancy

As the old saying goes, being a mother is strong. A woman who was originally too charming to wear clothes and felt like a bird will become tough and hard-working when she realizes that she is about to become a mother.

The four or two breasts were originally works of art, and I took great pains to turn them into food for my son. If the maintenance of Shengxue’s skin is not good for my son, why not give up with pain?

But there is still a voice shouting in my heart: the change is too drastic and rapid!

Are these sacrifices really necessary? Can’t you be both a great mother and a beautiful woman?

Of course, Dr. Clove will talk to you about skin care during pregnancy today.

Do pregnant women need sun protection?

Of course. If you are still superstitious about pregnant women basking in the sun and supplementing calcium, chloasma will make you regret…

I believe everyone is familiar with chloasma. Its incidence rate is not low. It is mainly related to three factors:

  1. One is heredity, which we cannot control.

  2. The second is hormone changes. Estrogen can stimulate melanocytes to secrete melanin, while progesterone can promote melanin diffusion.

  3. The third is the only point that can be prevented and controlled, that is, sun exposure. Therefore, don’t think that [getting pregnant and basking in the sun is just the right way to supplement calcium]. You have to eat enough calcium from your food and combine it with vitamin D to supplement calcium. You don’t have to go to the sun deliberately.

So how do pregnant women protect themselves from the sun?

    First of all, avoid going out when the sun is too strong, Wear a hat when you go out, Umbrella, sunscreen. Besides, As long as it is not allergic, Physical sunscreen can also be used. The active ingredients of physical sunscreen are usually zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These two substances are hardly absorbed through the skin. Even if they are absorbed, no what effect of these two components on the fetus has been found so far. Moreover, zinc oxide also has the function of absorbing oil, which is also helpful for large oil faces caused by changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.

Can I use skin care products during pregnancy?

Yes, yes, yes.

However, understand the correct method before using it.

China’s < < Cosmetics Hygiene Standard > > clearly stipulates that cosmetics shall not be artificially added with glucocorticoids, heavy metals, antibiotics, or cutin exfoliating agents with too high a concentration. Therefore, as long as you choose regular skin care products, it is still relatively safe.

Generally speaking, it is enough for pregnant women to keep moisture.

Vaseline, lanolin, vitamin C and vitamin E are all very safe ingredients and can be used with confidence.

There is no need to pursue what’s special effects of whitening, anti-wrinkle and acne removal, because these effects usually need to be achieved by adding specific ingredients, which are usually harmful to the fetus.

For example, some whitening and anti-wrinkle emulsions and creams contain tretinoin, which is indeed very effective for acne and solar aging, but due to its teratogenic effect, pregnant women are absolutely not allowed to use it.

As for the so-called pure plant extract skin care products, Dr. Clove does not recommend them very much.

  1. In fact, there must be chemical additives in skin care products, otherwise they will become moldy early. They would rather choose products without spices, pigments and sensitizing preservatives, at least they are more honest.

  2. Plant extraction usually means poor purification and many impurities, which makes it difficult to ensure no allergy and has potential threats.

Therefore, Dr. Clove still recommends pregnant women to choose skin care products with single ingredients.

Pregnancy metabolism exuberant, sweating, can you use antiperspirant dew?

Pregnant women sweat, bring a problem is the possibility of body odor. Body odor is an easy problem to solve. If you are not pregnant, you can use some antiperspirant lotion, or go to the pharmacy to buy urotropine solution, which will last longer.

However, it is inappropriate to use these things when pregnant.

The active ingredients in antiperspirant dew are generally aluminum chloride and alum (potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate). There is a consensus in medicine, that is, pregnant women exposed to aluminum environment is not conducive to the fetus, may cause limb short deformity. In fact, skin medication should have a small impact on the whole body, but how much dose of aluminum can cause deformity, there is no final conclusion, so it is not recommended.

Urotropine solution is even worse. Urotropine is decomposed into formaldehyde and ammonia after being applied to the skin surface. Formaldehyde takes effect to stop perspiration. Of course, we do not recommend pregnant women to contact formaldehyde for a long time.

However, sweat itself is tasteless and produces peculiar smell only after bacteria on the skin surface are decomposed. Therefore, another way to prevent body odor is to take a bath frequently.

After bathing frequently, there will not be so many bacteria on the skin surface, which can not only eliminate sweat odor, but also inhibit the reproduction of oily flora on the skin surface and avoid or reduce folliculitis in fat overflow areas such as chest and back.

Can olive oil prevent striae gravidarum?

Maybe some obstetricians and gynecologists are still telling you to apply some olive oil, but in fact olive oil is useless.

This conclusion is not only the experience of some people around you, but also the same from the statistical data. In the past 10 years, scholars at home and abroad have done relevant statistics, and the consistent conclusion is:

There is no obvious difference in the application of olive oil in preventing striae gravidarum and reducing the severity of striae gravidarum. Generally speaking, it is whether striae gravidarum should be long or not, and there is no difference between using olive oil and not using olive oil.

If we must say that what is different, it is combined with manual massage that the probability of striae gravidarum will drop slightly, but if we do not massage, olive oil alone will have no effect. In addition, cocoa butter, bitter almond oil and so on are also the same, the difference is not statistically significant.

Therefore, products such as olive oil are not recommended to combat striae gravidarum.

Once striae gravidarum is formed, it is difficult to eliminate it. Some cosmetics sold online will tell you that it can eliminate striae gravidarum, but in fact, just like the scar already formed, striae gravidarum already formed is difficult to completely eliminate.

Generally speaking, with the postpartum hormone level gradually returned to normal, the original purplish red striae gravidarum will also turn white, gradually consistent with the skin color, it is not very obvious. This effect can be achieved even if you don’t wipe what, but completely disappear is not achieved by wiping what.

In addition, at present, some people in the beauty dermatology department have tried to reduce the old striae gravidarum with radio frequency therapeutic instrument and dot matrix laser. The effect is passable and can reduce and dilute the striae gravidarum, but it is still impossible to say that it completely disappears.