Diabetes, do you know how terrible [infection] is to you?

Healthy people are invaded by bacteria and viruses, The white blood cells in the body will attack them, For those whose blood sugar control is unstable, White blood cells will become lazy, It is easy for foreign aggression to be infected and not to work hard. And once the infection occurs and is not easy to control, This is a problem that every diabetic needs to face. Infection, Nightmare of Diabetics 1. Hyperglycemia Makes Infection More Severe Patients with Blood Glucose Levels of 11.1 mmol/L or More, Resistance is only about half that of healthy people. Some [crab soldiers and shrimps] that are not worth mentioning to healthy people may also trigger a vigorous [fierce battle]. On the other hand, The hyperglycemic environment in the body is also a lucky place for bacteria and viruses. They can fully enjoy the rich nutrition inside. Therefore, In the event of an infection in a diabetic, Pathogens also tend to reproduce more violently in the body. 2. Infection Reduces Insulin Function After infection, The function of insulin will decline, This makes the already high blood sugar state even worse. Hyperglycemia further hinders the control of infection. Form a vicious circle. At this point, healthy people and diabetics with good blood sugar control are no exception. Therefore, diabetics with good blood sugar control should also pay attention to self-protection and avoid infection as much as possible. How to prevent it in daily life? Pathogens can invade the human body from many places, Such as respiratory tract, affected parts of periodontal disease, tooth decay, knife wounds, burns, burns, etc. Whether you have diabetes or not, If you want to be unscathed in your normal life, It is almost impossible, In other words, The invasion of pathogens is inevitable. Therefore, Treating infections, What we are trying to do is to find the focus early, Timely, thorough and proper treatment. Common susceptible sites include: teeth, throat, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, renal pelvis, bladder, And feet. In everyday life, Please pay more attention to these parts. Of course, For diabetics, The most important and basic thing is to control your blood sugar well. I have compiled [8 notes] for you to fight infection: When the degree of blood sugar infection is mild, full attention should be paid to it. Don’t let go of [small] symptoms such as cough and cold easily. Prevent lung infection. Take a bath frequently, wash hands frequently, keep clean and brush teeth carefully. Never tolerate small wounds. Thoroughly treat and sleep to prevent [catching cold] and fully rest. What if infection occurs during proper exercise? Once an infection occurs, we advocate a complete cure for the wound. For example, if there is a hole in the knee, we require diabetics to pay close attention to the condition of the wound and take appropriate care until it scabs and falls off and grows new skin. Some people will surely think, this is too exaggerated, why should small wounds make such a fuss? For healthy people, paying so much attention to the wound may be regarded as making a mountain out of a molehill, but for diabetics who are not strong in anti-infection ability, they have never said so about the healing of the wound. Even a small wound on the foot of diabetics, if not taken seriously, may eventually develop into terrible gangrene!