Do you also want to love during your menstruation? On the Feasibility of Same House During Menstruation

Since I knew that [running a red light] had the meaning of [having the same room during menstruation], I couldn’t look directly at the red light. Every time I met it, I had to lower my head in shame.

[Running a Red Light] Some cases are because it is not easy for the hero and heroine to meet each other and act too hastily (this is a serious word), others think that [Running a Red Light] can be used for natural contraception and is comfortable, and others are because… Some girls happen to be especially sexual during this period…

Is it true that you can have the same room during your menstruation? Can contraception be perfect?

The spring breeze is coming, and bangs are restless. Let’s talk about the topic of “running a red light”.

Can I have the same room during my menstruation?

If anyone says that they must not share the same room during menstruation, it is really too scary.

Only physically speaking, you can have the same room during your menstruation, and there is not much difference from normal times. Even because of hyperemia of vulva and reproductive organs during your menstruation, you may be more sensitive. Moreover, endorphins produced during orgasm are still helpful to relieve discomfort during your menstruation.

However, everyone’s psychological acceptance of this matter is somewhat different. Some people praised their courage, while others were careful and regretted afterwards.

What I want to say is that if both sides are willing, it is your freedom, but if you are unwilling, please learn to refuse.

Is sharing a room during menstruation harmful to health?

We usually think that having sex during menstruation will definitely cause harm to women’s bodies, but what we want to say below may challenge your traditional ideas.


Most people almost deeply believe that having sex during menstruation is like death. Relevant theories are everywhere. For example, the cervical opening during menstruation is open and bacteria are easier to enter. Menstrual blood and intima provide a good medium for bacteria to breed. Hypoimmunity during menstruation; The cause of Li Pinger’s death was to share the same room with Ximen Qing during his menstrual period… Well, I seem to be too profound.

However, these theories are subjective guesses and there is no research or statistics, so counterexamples are everywhere. For example, some women suffering from vaginitis said that they would feel significantly relieved during menstruation.

Strictly speaking, the same room itself is the root of inflammation and has little to do with menstruation.

“Whet they were in that same room in what’s time, If you don’t pay attention to cleaning, will increase the probability of pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical lesions and other diseases. Some people suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease during menstruation with the same room, that even non-menstrual period also has this possibility. Even if you insist on saying that menstrual immunity is reduced, it may lead to an increase in the incidence of inflammation. If you do a good job in cleaning and protection, it can be basically ignored.


As for the pathogenesis of endometriosis, there is a [menstrual blood reflux theory]. However, please note that this is only a theory. So far, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is not very clear.

In fact, combined with the incidence of this disease, we can understand that the reason is not as simple as menstrual blood countercurrent.

Let’s imagine that besides having the same room during menstruation can make menstrual blood flow countercurrent, lying down or sleeping and turning over will also cause it. Wouldn’t every girl be recruited? Therefore, genetic, environmental, endocrine and other factors should also be considered. In this way, at least for this reason, it is untenable to prohibit the same sex during menstruation.


Yes, not surprisingly, having sex during menstruation is also related to infertility.

The basic logic is: sex during menstruation-increases the probability of pelvic inflammatory disease-occurs tubal adhesion and pelvic adhesion-affects pregnancy-infertility.

After reading the previous analysis, I understand that this statement cannot stand scrutiny, because as long as I pay attention to cleaning, the first step can be avoided.

When I say so much, I am not encouraging or opposing sex during menstruation. I just want to tell you that if it does happen, there is no need to blame myself or panic.

However, the turning point is coming. The above discussions are all aimed at healthy women. If they suffer from inflammation or do not pay attention to hygiene, having sex during menstruation may aggravate the disease or make them more prone to illness.

Can the same room during menstruation be perfectly contraceptive?

Ha ha, a capital naive!

You must think so: sex during menstruation can be 100% contraceptive, so condoms are not needed.

But since the name is [condom], it shows that it is not only used for contraception! Many people think that having sex during menstruation will be harmful to their health, and the problem lies in thrift. Because in this case, many people do not take protection, as a result, the risk of illness will increase for both men and women.

Besides, you may not know, The ovulation period of each of us, No, it’s you girls. The ovulation period of each of you girls is not fixed. Sometimes it will be advanced or postponed, and some people’s ovulation even obviously does not match their menstrual period. I met a patient who had been married for two years and was not pregnant. After a series of examinations, it was found that her ovulation period was on the third day of her menstruation. According to her arrangement method, even her husband was exhausted and she could not conceive…

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of contraception or health, condoms should be used in the same room during menstruation.

Well, is it almost the same here?

I hope you can look at the same room during menstruation objectively, and finally attach a warm tip:

Soak in cold water and then rub it carefully with sulfur soap to wash off the blood stains on the bed sheets.

Don’t be moved, always remember, this is the way I do things.