Do you know what to do to prevent colds?

Why is it that every year in autumn and winter, when colds are rampant, your nose is stuffy, your nose is runny, and your head is dizzy? You are always the first to fall down, and your colleagues, relatives and friends are safe and sound?

Don’t worry, instead of complaining about your ill-fated fate and admiring the strength of others, it is better to learn what measures can help effectively prevent colds, smoothly pass the autumn and winter cold-prone season, and also make others admire it.

Is the cold really [frozen]?

It is generally believed that the cooling weather causes people to catch colds. In fact, it is not!

In fact, low temperature is not the direct cause of colds, but it can reduce people’s resistance and aggravate the illness of those who have been infected with the virus but have no obvious symptoms.

In addition, the dry climate in autumn and winter also prolongs the survival time of the virus. At the same time, when it is cold, people will reduce outdoor activities and close doors and windows, which will reduce air circulation and further facilitate the spread of the cold virus.

Therefore, if you want to prevent colds, everything will not be all right if you only hide in the house. It is a simple and practical prevention method to take warm-keeping measures to go out for a walk, open windows frequently for ventilation, and maintain a certain humidity in the room.

The chief culprit [hand]?

For colds, the culprit is not so much the culprit as the culprit [hand]. Hands are the main route of spreading colds. Cold patients will spread the cold virus or bacteria to their hands after blowing their noses, and this [hand] will adhere the virus or bacteria to other places after touching other objects.

When a healthy person comes into contact with these objects, he may be infected unconsciously. Therefore, during the flu season, he must wash his hands frequently, especially apply soap, clean for at least 20 seconds, then rinse with running water, and then dry his hands, because wet hands are more likely to spread germs than dry hands.

At the same time, be careful not to touch eyes, nose and mouth too much with your hands, which is also the key to prevent colds.

A good dream equals a good body?

Occasional tossing and turning is not a big deal, but long-term sleepless nights can cause a fatal blow to the body’s immune system. Although some experts believe that there are individual differences in the length of sleep, some studies show that people who sleep less than 7 hours at ordinary times are three times more likely to catch a cold than those who sleep well.

Therefore, if you want not to catch a cold, say goodbye to staying up late and going to bed early. Listen to your mother quickly, turn off the TV, cell phone and notebook, and wash and sleep early is the real thing.

Losing weight will also drag you down?

Nowadays, weight loss is a common practice and vegetarianism is in vogue. Many girls prefer to talk about low-calorie foods and keep high-calorie foods out of their mouths.

A recent nutrition study found that mice on a low-calorie diet were more likely to be infected with influenza virus than mice with sufficient nutrition, and the course of disease after infection with influenza virus was significantly prolonged.

Therefore, girls, don’t starve yourself to the point where you are weak and weak. Reasonable weight control does not mean that you just go on a diet, eat two more meals, and go upstairs with strength.

Happiness can also become medicine?

Although it may sound incredible, in fact, staying happy does help prevent colds.

Psychological research shows that when performing some pleasant behaviors, such as playing games, listening to music and playing with pets, the immune system of the human body can be obviously improved and the immunity of the human body can be improved.

Another study also shows that frequent laughter can play a similar role, and mental stress can indeed increase people’s susceptibility to colds.

Is the vaccine reliable?

Influenza vaccine is indeed an effective way to prevent colds, but it also has its own limitations.

First of all, influenza vaccines only produce antibodies to influenza viruses, but have no ability to prevent colds caused by bacteria or other pathogens.

Secondly, influenza virus has the characteristic of [antigen conversion], and this characteristic will lead to the mutation of influenza virus and the emergence of new subtypes. If there is mutation, then the previous vaccine may not work well.

Thirdly, the effective time of influenza vaccine is mostly only about one year, even if vaccinated, it will take half a month to produce antibodies in the body, so it is best to vaccinate early and frequently. Although influenza vaccine is not 100% effective, it is still an indispensable and important means to fight influenza.

In short, even if you catch a cold, don’t be unhappy. On average, people catch colds three times a year, The average course of each disease is about 5 ~ 7 days, and most of them will disappear. However, prevention is more important than treatment. Instead of suffering after catching a cold, crying for father and mother, and taking various cold medicines with tears in their eyes, it is better to lay a solid [precautionary needle] through practical actions. Let this autumn and winter bid farewell to the cold and return to a healthy body.

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