Do you want healthy glutinous rice balls with low fat? Just be creative like this.

Another Lantern Festival.

Many glutinous rice balls have already started to rub their hands. Just wait for the meat stuffing or sesame seeds, or other stuffing to be put into their arms, and roll a few times at will with a pair of magical hands, and a round glutinous rice ball will be born.

Most people will choose handmade glutinous rice balls. After all, rest assured that if you really want healthy glutinous rice balls, you have to do so.

Tangyuan skin, you have to transform it like this…

After confirming our good ideas, we can start. We all know that glutinous rice balls are made of glutinous rice skin, sugar + starch + grease (or salt + meat + grease).

No matter how varied the stuffing is, the skin must have glutinous rice after all, otherwise it cannot be made into glutinous rice balls, or the taste is not glutinous rice balls at all.

Therefore, it is often difficult to transform Tangyuan skin, but it is not completely impossible, such as:

    Add one-fifth of yam powder, taro powder, lotus root starch or potato powder to glutinous rice flour, which can slightly reduce stickiness and increase the amount of potassium and B vitamins. Add yam paste, potato paste, etc. and glutinous rice flour and mix them well, and do not add too much, otherwise they will not get together and the taste will be wrong. Add various vegetable juices to make glutinous rice flour, make glutinous rice balls into colorful colors, and add some potassium elements at the same time.

However, fruit juice cannot be used casually. Starch cooked under acidic conditions will easily boil loose, sour and taste bad.

Tangyuan stuffing, you have to transform it like this…

Now, the prepared glutinous rice ball skin can be quietly put aside and the stuffing modification can be started immediately.

As much imagination as there is, there is room for stuffing to play. It is not only interesting, but also can control the amount of sugar and grease in it, such as:

1. Sweet bean paste stuffing

    Cook red adzuki beans and red kidney beans without removing bean skin, directly press them into mud, and add brown sugar and sweet osmanthus. Add 10% sesame oil (sesame oil) to mix well, saturated fat and white sugar will be much less, but dietary fiber will increase a lot. It is enough to add 20% ~ 30% sugar to make glutinous rice balls taste light and sweet. It is also very convenient to replace sugar with xylitol or other sweeteners.

In order to facilitate preservation, the traditional bean paste stuffing sold in supermarkets will contain 50% ~ 60% sugar, while the glutinous rice balls made in one’s own home are made and eaten now, without considering the shelf life.

2. Hawthorn and osmanthus stuffing

    Chop up the bought hawthorn cake (Beijing cake); Add a small amount of flour and sugar to osmanthus fragrans; Add a small amount of sesame oil (sesame oil) and mix well to make tangyuan stuffing.

The jelly of hawthorn cake is rich in hawthorn pectin, which has no calories and can delay digestion.

Therefore, when using hawthorn cake as stuffing, the heat can be reduced a little. Less oil will also effectively reduce the heat.

3. Milk-flavored taro puree stuffing

    Steaming, chopping and mashing taro; Adding condensed milk and grinding it into mud; If you feel a little thin, you can add some milk powder to make it stable and easy to wrap in Tangyuan.

This method can greatly increase the content of calcium and B vitamins.

4. Sesame and Rose Stuffing

    Sugar rose sauce with fried sesame seeds; Add a small amount of sesame oil and a small amount of moist bread crumbs or thin batter to increase fluidity after cooking. Mix and stir.

This method is not only delicious, but also can add fragrance, such as flower fragrance, sesame fragrance and high fiber content.

The remaining approaches are roughly the same, providing some creative ideas, such as:

    For those with sweeter taste, pumpkin lotus seed paste stuffing, purple potato coconut paste stuffing, durian milk flavor stuffing can be considered… for those with salty taste, they can make their own green vegetables, shrimps, tofu stuffing, ham, bamboo shoots, peas stuffing, mushroom, bean sprouts, meat floss stuffing…

In short, how to make dumplings and how to make glutinous rice balls.

Note that for some stuffing that is difficult to cook, such as salty bean paste stuffing, the stuffing must be cooked in advance, otherwise it is difficult to cook the meat stuffing for only two or three minutes.

When eating glutinous rice balls, we should pay attention to these three points.

1. Don’t be reluctant to finish the glutinous rice balls made by yourself.

Homemade glutinous rice balls contain less sugar and oil, and their storage capacity is very poor. If they cannot be eaten in time, it is recommended to freeze them immediately and finish them within a few days.

2. Tangyuan is delicious and don’t eat too much.

Don’t forget, glutinous rice skin, an important component of glutinous rice balls, is made of glutinous rice flour after all. Like rice steamed bread, it is a staple food and cannot be eaten more.

Generally speaking, three standard large glutinous rice balls can be worth half a bowl of rice. On the staple food, remember to reduce the amount.

3. Special groups should pay attention to methods when eating glutinous rice balls.

    Glutinous rice has a very high blood sugar response, It is suggested that diabetics can eat some vegetables, milk, etc. first, Eat glutinous rice balls again, let glutinous rice balls slowly enter the small intestine, can delay the blood sugar reaction to a certain extent. Glutinous rice will stimulate gastric acid secretion, gastric acid and gastric ulcer friends can’t eat on an empty stomach, eat less each time. And friends with poor digestion should also pay attention to, stop eating two or three glutinous rice balls every time, and pay attention to chewing and swallowing slowly.

Put it away well and compare it with each other to make your glutinous rice balls different.