Doctors in other people’s eyes and doctors in our own eyes!

The doctor in other people’s eyes, dressed in a white coat, is personable and makes a diagnosis at a glance, and then takes medicine to cure the disease.

Female doctors are all as beautiful as Dr. He (Tong Liya) in the Obstetrician. Male doctors are all like Dr. Zhao (played by Wang Kai) in Ode to Joy. After work, I also have a love affair in the office of gifted scholars and beauties.

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In fact, the real situation in our doctors’ own eyes is as follows:

Urology: Sewer Dredger

Sewers in daily life, including sewers for sink, vegetable sink, toilet and floor drain. If these pipes are blocked, the family’s [drainage] system will be seriously frustrated.

If the blockage is not solved, the host will be mad every minute. Remember that in the urological department of rotors, urinary calculi are the [main force] of the department. Kidney calculi and ureteral calculi lead to hydronephrosis, ureteral dilatation, and a person’s [excretion] system is frustrated.

At this time, urologists are required to display their talents. Depending on the location and size of the stone, they can choose conservative treatment, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, or surgical surgery. They hold dredging weapons and use [ballistic lithotripsy] or [holmium laser lithotripsy] to blow the stone into powder and suck it out.

They often laugh and call themselves the workers responsible for dredging [sewers] all day long with stones.

Burn Department: Tile Decorator

Dad is a [decorator], he is also a master of tiles. When decorating a new house, he carefully observed dad’s tiles. First, he soaked the tiles, looked for the hanging vertical line on the flat layer, set up wooden support boards, and then from the bottom up of the balcony corner or window edge, from left to right in one go. Only in this way can we ensure that the tiles are pasted smoothly and firmly.

Sometimes in the case of burns, car accidents, explosions, etc., large pieces of skin will be damaged and the body cannot heal by itself. At this time, skin transplantation is required.

Before skin grafting, the wound surface should be thoroughly debrided and granulation should be corrected to make it smooth. After wound expansion, the wound surface should be cleaned repeatedly, and then bleeding should be completely stopped. The skin graft should cover the wound surface under appropriate tension to suture the skin edge with the wound surface.

When the wound surface is large, we need to use [particle skin transplantation], and skin pieces several millimeters in size are pasted side by side and smoothed, which is the same as tiles.

Gastroenterology: Dung scavengers who are not afraid of dirty and smelly

At the graduation job fair of Southwest University at the end of 2008, An environmental protection company in Dongguan has offered an annual salary of 100,000 to recruit college students to be septic tank salesmen. Whether the company is seeking favor or talent, the dung-washing industry has at least received public attention. There is a limerick that describes it very well: “Eliminate the dirty things in the world, and you are not afraid of smelling and fishy.”

There is also a joke about “picking excrement every day when I grow up”. I believe every digestive doctor is familiar with it and will laugh at himself on occasions other than the dining table.

Gastrointestinal surgery often encounters patients with intestinal obstruction, which is also one of surgical acute abdomen.

I once personally participated in an operation on intestinal obstruction, and the excrement of the two large curved plates was piled up in front of me so that I could never forget anything. [Xiao Zhou, don’t be surprised, we are just muckrakers! ] One side of the teacher looked at my [not calm] face, walked over to quickly clean up the scene. It seems that they have gone through all kinds of battles, not strange.

120 Emergency: Hard-working Porter

The recruitment information requirements for loading and unloading porters are often accompanied by a sentence that the age requirement is over 30 years old. This is not a technical requirement, but because the boss is worried that the porters are too young to bear hardships. Obviously, the first factor of porters is to bear hardships and stand hard work.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a good undergraduate friend. He left a message on WeChat saying that he went to work as a porter this month. It turned out that he was responsible for the emergency 120.

In less than half a month, he complained incessantly. The whole person was in a state of high speed and had no fixed time to eat and rest.

One night, I received a call for help and drove out of the car. When I arrived, what made him rush to collapse was that the patient lived on the 15th floor, but the elevator on the floor broke down. Climbing up was out of breath, and I had to carry the patient downstairs. Once upon a time, he was sweating profusely and felt that he was going to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Speaking of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it is another physical activity. Generally, when rescuing in the operating room or emergency department, it is pressed for two minutes to replace people. But once you drive, you don’t necessarily have someone to help… … …

Radiotherapy Department: Slow Work and Fine Work Embroidery Worker

Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese folk handicrafts. Chinese embroidery mainly includes Suzhou embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Shu embroidery and Yue embroidery. In the eyes of foreigners, embroidery, like Beijing opera, Chinese painting and Chinese martial arts, is a traditional culture with Chinese characteristics. An embroidery with beautiful patterns, harmonious colors and bright color strips requires exquisite stitches and sufficient patience.

The most critical job of radiotherapy doctors is to draw the target area.

Drawing the target area is to transfer the patient’s cross-sectional CT to the working computer and sketch out the tumor (requiring radiotherapy) and endangered organs (requiring protection) with different colors. In order not to leak the target, but also to protect endangered organs to the greatest extent, radiotherapy doctors modify the target area repeatedly according to guidelines and principles, in detail.

I remember the first time I drew the target area on the computer at night, staring at the colorful lines for two or three hours. Most of the bottles of eye drops were difficult to relieve the dry eye pain. Therefore, I often listen to the teacher saying that drawing the target area is embroidery, and slow work produces fine work.

Other doctors also have nicknames.

Orthopaedic doctors, like carpenters, walk around the world with [hammers, nails, saws].

Hand surgeons are like electromechanical workers, and nerve and blood vessels are like wire network systems, which should be connected clearly.

The otolaryngology and endoscope room is like a explorer, leaning against a mirror to go deep into the hinterland to find out.

General surgery is like a sewing worker. Intestines are cloth. Cut off the bad ones, leave the good ones behind, and sew and mend them.

This is the portrayal of our own eyes-very bitter, very tired, even very dirty, however, we are doctors!