Which posture is easier to orgasm? Comprehensive Analysis of 5 Common Positions

Ji Ge is often asked, which posture is the easiest to achieve orgasm?

I am also very embarrassed. Everyone has different preferences and feelings, so the best posture in everyone’s mind is also different.

This time, let’s analyze the five common postures. Have you taken your notebook?

By the way, the positions to be mentioned below are not limited to men and women (is Ji Ge very considerate? ), also applies to the case of men or women.

Some positions are not limited to insertion, but also suitable for touching and rubbing each other’s bodies with hands. Each position can be slightly adjusted according to its own needs.

I. Face-to-face

It can be said to be the most common posture. Two people’s bodies are close together, and at the same time they can kiss each other, whisper, feel each other’s breathing and enjoy the feeling of intimacy. Because it is face to face, it can also communicate in time.

However, this posture has the following problems:

    If the person above is fat, this posture will be more difficult, which may limit the insertion speed, the insertion angle may be uncomfortable, and cannot be inserted deeper. Try to let the person below raise his hips, such as padding a pillow, which may solve this problem. It is not convenient to stimulate each other’s sexual organs with his hands.

Second, the upper position

In this position, the above person can independently control the desired speed, insertion angle and depth, while both parties can easily touch each other’s sexual organs with their hands.

Some people are shy and don’t like it very much, while others enjoy the feeling of being full of control.

If you feel embarrassed, the one above can ask to turn off the lights or wear a coat.

A reminder: If the person above moves too far and does not master the strength well, he may hurt the one below…

III. Side-in Type

Some people don’t like to live under people, which may make them feel oppressive and uncomfortable, so they can consider sitting opposite or entering from the back.

This posture is not only suitable for insertion sexual behavior, but also can be used to rub sexual organs against each other. Using this kind of posture, it is also easier to stimulate each other with hands or props.

Four, backward type

Some people think that the backward type can be inserted deeper and bring stronger stimulation without worrying about their expressions.

However, there are also some people who hate the backward style. They may not like the feeling of being controlled, or they may feel that the distance between them is too far to facilitate communication.

When the rear-entry type is adopted, the insertion angle can be changed by changing the height of the buttocks. In short, it can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

Five, spoon type

The spoon type is also a backward type, but for those with large buttocks, short Penis and unskilled skills, it will be more difficult to insert this posture…

This posture is perfect for stimulating each other with hands or toys. If you can stimulate each other with hands while inserting it, you can make the sexual experience by going up one flight of stairs. You can also say some sweet words in your partner’s ear and kiss each other’s earlobe and neck at the same time.

Finally… Posture is not the most important thing

Everyone has different body structures, different sexual organs and different ways of arousing sexual desire, so it is impossible to have a magical body position that can perfectly meet the needs of all people.

Ji Ge encourages everyone to think more about new tricks and try different postures, but the most important thing is that both sides feel comfortable.

No matter what the result is, it is always a fun thing for two people to try a new posture in bed. In the process of trying, they should fully communicate, try to talk about each other’s favorite posture, foreplay, kissing methods, etc., and understand each other’s likes and dislikes, so as to enjoy each other’s bodies happily.