Does being single make people obese, or does obesity lead to being single?

Does being single make people obese, or does obesity lead to being single?

Doctor Clove will argue.

Obesity Leads to Single

Studies have found that obese women are 20% more single than their normal-weight peers, compared with 10% for obese men. Such simple and crude data illustrate a fact that obese people do not want to admit: we are single because we are fat.

1. Appearance Attraction Decreases

The current aesthetic is to love [Yan thin] but not [Huanfei]. Obesity will reduce the attraction of appearance. Handsome little plums cannot escape the fate of [eating lotus root ugly] after getting fat, let alone ordinary people?

2. Sweat and body odor

Obese people themselves are easy to sweat, the air circulation at skin folds is affected, bacteria breed, and unpleasant body odor is easy to occur.

3. Not fresh breath

Some studies have found that the gas exhaled by fat people contains a certain amount of methane and hydrogen, accompanied by unpleasant smell. The specific reason may be related to their intestinal flora.

4. Don’t take the initiative to socialize

The survey found that 95% of fat people are dissatisfied with their body shape, feel inferior and unwilling to take the initiative to communicate with others. Communication is a prerequisite for communication, losing the chance to be understood, and the probability of being single greatly increases.

5. Social frustration

Even if they actively socialize, obese people are 9 times more likely to be discriminated against than normal-weight people. Frustrated, they will choose to eat too much to comfort themselves, and they will be rejected-eat more-get fat-be rejected… The cycle is dead.

Being single leads to obesity

Step 1 Stress

During the Chinese New Year and the holidays, parents urged marriage, couples around them abused dogs in fancy ways, and even the boss looked for [untied] single Wang first when looking for someone to work overtime. Remember [pressure fat]? It is it that makes you gain weight unconsciously.

Step 2: Eat indiscriminately

When people feel lonely, they are easy to seek comfort from food. When lonely, the level of appetite in the body will increase, hunger will increase greatly, and it is easy to overeat, especially when eating secretly at night.

Step 3: Eat More by One Person

Compared with a single person who enjoys a single meal, if the couple shares it, the calories will be halved instantly. In addition, couples feed each other and flirt with each other. As a result, the speed of eating slows down, which will also make couples eat less and consume lower calories.

4. Nobody kisses

Kissing can also promote the body to secrete endorphins and dopamine, enhance positive emotions and get rid of stress and fat.

Kissing can consume an average of 2-5 calories per minute, and a warm French wet kiss will also make this calorie consumption last longer. However, single Wang who cannot get a kiss loses an excellent chance to lose weight.

5. Nobody works together

It’s boring to run alone. With the company of the other half, I feel that the distance has been shortened by half. A person can make a flat plate for up to one minute, and with the encouragement of his partner, he can make a flat plate for three minutes without panting.

A partner’s good exercise habits will have a positive impact on the other half. An obese couple in the United States joined hands to throw 454 kg of meat and become a winner in life is an excellent example.

6. No one goes XXOO

One and a half hours of snapping can consume an average of 150-250 calories, and this is much more interesting than lifting iron in the gym! A woman, who did not want to be named, said that since her engagement, she had unconsciously lost 15 kg because of her regular XXOO life.