Six Principles of Diet Conditioning after IVF and Embryo Transfer

[Eating what after embryo transfer] is the concern of everyone who makes test tubes, but various [folk remedies] and [legends] are everywhere, and even many infertile couples regard certain foods as lifelines for pregnant children.

How should I eat it? Is food that amazing?

Eat grapefruit to grow inner membrane, eat apple to reduce inner membrane?

U.S. Researchers have found that [grapefruit can increase estrogen in the body], so this information has attracted parents-to-be.

Estrogen has a certain relationship with intimal growth, but the factors that determine intimal growth include inflammation, injury, endocrine, psychology and unknown reasons. It is definitely not possible to grow intima by eating grapefruit.

[Eating Apple to Reduce Inner Membrane] is even more exaggerated, Looking at all the related drugs that promote ovulation and intimal growth, Its ingredients are refined by a series of chemical reactions, biosynthesis and other high-tech technologies. None of them are extracted from grapefruit, apples and other foods. We can think from another angle. If there is such a way, then why do doctors bother to design treatment plans and match drugs? Isn’t it more convenient to arrange to eat fruits directly?

If you hear about some magic food in the future, you must choose rationally and think from another angle.

Can eating what improve the success rate of IVF?

Factors affecting the success rate of IVF include age, ovarian function, embryo quality, endometrial status, etc., and even many unknown reasons.

Improving the success rate of IVF is the most concerned issue for every researcher in reproductive medicine, but so far, there has been no research showing that [eating certain food can improve the success rate of IVF].

Therefore, for some food and health care products that are touted on the market as “improving implantation rate” [improving success rate], we must keep an eye on them. This kind of thing is often deceiving. Think about it, if there is such [magical food], the medical staff will definitely tell you at the first moment.

Eating chicken slippery tires?

There is no scientific basis for folk circulation [chicken slippery fetus] after verification, and both expectant mothers and pregnant women can eat it.

Apart from chicken, beef, sheep, pigs, ducks, fish and other common animal meat can be used, but avoid eating raw or eating too much fat.

Which fruits cannot be eaten?

Strictly speaking, there are no fruits that cannot be eaten absolutely after transplantation, only some fruits that need to be eaten less, for example, eating too much durian is easy to constipation, eating too much hawthorn is easy to cause hyperacidity, etc.

Can I eat seafood?

Yes, but it is not recommended to eat too much. Special attention should be paid not to eat raw. If you are allergic to seafood, of course, don’t eat it either.

Do you need [a big supplement]?

The whole treatment process of IVF will not cause damage and obvious consumption to the body, and the embryo will not absorb too much nutrition from the mother at the beginning of pregnancy, so there is no need to deliberately supplement, and normal diet can meet the body’s needs.

Should we eat what? How?

Step 1 Eat less and eat more

Divide the total amount of three meals a day into more times and eat less each time, which can reduce the gastrointestinal burden and is conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

Step 2 Proper light

Try to eat less spicy and stimulating food, but if it is a hot girl who cannot live without chili all the year round, it doesn’t matter to eat less spicy food.

3. Vegetables and fruits cannot be less

Most vegetables and fruits are rich in water, vitamins and cellulose. They are rich in nutrition and can also promote defecation.

4. Protein is important

For women who need to take eggs after ovulation induction, especially for women with a large number of eggs, intake of sufficient protein can relieve discomfort such as abdominal distension and prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.You can eat eggs, dairy products, meat, beans and other foods.

Whether it’s soybean, black bean, milk, yogurt, beef, pork, etc., you can eat it without worrying about which one to eat, just choose according to your personal eating habits.

Step 5: Eat home-cooked meals

Food that is often eaten and has no adverse reactions can be eaten, and food that is not often eaten should be eaten as little or no as possible.

6. Richness and diversity

There are many kinds of food, each of which contains different nutrients, but you may get tired of eating one kind of food. You don’t have to be too limited and can change different foods every day.

Correct diet can protect successful pregnancy. I hope everyone can stop struggling and eat easily and scientifically.