Does cutting double eyelid leave scar? Who can cut?

Who is more beautiful, single eyelid or double eyelid? Everyone has an answer in his heart.

In ancient China, women paid attention to [joys and sorrows are not beyond words], so the single eyelid and thin eyes of [drooping eyes] were considered beautiful.

But now everyone does not struggle with this problem, because people who do not like single eyelids also have a choice to cut double eyelids.

However, can double eyelids be cut if you want? Today, let’s learn about the double eyelid cutting with Dr. Clove.

There are many kinds of double eyelid surgery and it is not necessary to [cut]

Common double eyelid surgery includes the following types:

1. Cutting method

As the name implies, it is necessary to cut the eyelid. It can adjust and fix the tissue structure of the upper eyelid at all levels. The double eyelid formed is lasting and stable, with deep folds and strong stereoscopic impression.


    The requirements for the operator are high, and it is difficult to correct problems once they occur. After the operation, there will be an obvious scar period of 3-6 months, which will gradually fade away with time. Therefore, people with scar constitution should carefully choose this operation.

2. Suture method

It depends on the reaction of human tissues to sutures to form fibrous adhesion on the eyelid and form double eyelid.

This method is suitable for patients with large eyelid fissure, thin eyelid, no overstaffing, loose upper eyelid skin without epicanthus, no obvious scar after operation, and quick recovery.


  • After the operation, swelling is obvious, and the formed double eyelid is not very stable, which may also lead to ptosis and laborious eye opening.

3. Catgut embedding method

This method is suitable for patients with large eyelid fissure, thin eyelid, no overstaffing, loose upper eyelid skin without epicanthus, and has the advantages of small trauma, natural fold appearance, no incision, small postoperative tissue reaction and no influence on work. Even if defects occur, the original method or cutting method can be used to make up for and trim without sequelae.


  • The suture knot may loosen after operation, resulting in the disappearance of double eyelid.

There are many kinds of double eyelids, how to choose?

In short, like shopping, understand before choosing.

Double eyelids are divided into many types and are suitable for different temperament and appearance. In addition to their own likes, it is also very important whether they are suitable for themselves, so they need to consult a doctor first.

Double eyelid surgery is not difficult, but the price still varies. The difference between surgeons lies in their grasp of aesthetics and the process design that varies from person to person.

Dr. Clove suggested communicating with the doctor carefully and choosing the one that suits his physical condition and appearance.

Pay attention to what before surgery?

There are mainly the following points:

    During pregnancy or menstruation, or medication and coagulation disorders, to avoid surgery. Severe scar constitution should be cautious, consult a doctor to understand the risk before deciding. Infected diseases inside and outside the eyes, should be cured before surgery. Psychological preparation is not sufficient, if there are doubts about surgery, should be carefully communicated with the doctor before surgery.

Five Issues Most Concerned by People Who Cut Double Eyelids

1. Will scar be left after double eyelid cutting?

Not necessarily, but it is possible, for example, people with scar constitution may have scars.

After stitches are removed, anti-scar drugs can be applied, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be considered if conditions permit, which can prevent scar to a certain extent.

2. Which is better to do first, myopia surgery or double eyelid cutting?

When the eye is ametropic, facial muscles will become tense to compensate. After myopia surgery, facial muscles will also undergo a series of changes.

If patients with myopia surgery and double eyelid surgery are considered, it is recommended to complete myopia surgery first, so that the condition of facial muscles is more in line with the form of future life.

3. How old can you do it? Can high school students do it?

As junior and senior high school students are still in puberty, their bodies are still developing and their shapes may change, there is no need to do double eyelid surgery in a hurry.

Dr. Clove suggested that we should consider it after graduating from high school or going to college.

4. How to reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery?

It is very important to reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery, which is also a concern of many people.

    It is recommended to apply ice bag ice for about 20 minutes each time for several times a day 3 days before operation to prevent hematoma. Starting from the 4th day after operation, warm towel hot compress can be used to dissipate hematoma.

In addition, you can wash your face and hair after double eyelid surgery, as long as you dry your face after washing your face with clear water and clean the operated area with cotton swabs and alcohol.

5. Do you want to open the corners of your eyes when cutting double eyelids?

Opening canthus is an surgical method for epicanthus, which mainly removes the reverse webbed folds from bottom to top at the inner canthus.

Because the epicanthus may cover the lacrimal duct outlet at the inner canthus, thus making the eyes appear thin and short in appearance and lack charm. Therefore, in order to obtain the most perfect large eyes, simple double eyelid surgery is not enough.

It is suggested that it is best to perform canthus opening surgery at the same time when double eyelid surgery, and patients with severe epicanthus can perform surgery separately.