Does female masturbation have these [hazards]? It’s all a lie!

As a gynecologist, women often consult me [masturbation is harmful to what].

In short, there is no research that shows that masturbation will have a direct impact on physical or psychological what.

However, even after reading the popular science articles of sexologists, many people will still say: I understand all the reasons, but I am still worried that it will affect my health, fertility and even psychology…

In fact, masturbation is only a natural thing. There is no need to make a fuss or have psychological pressure to do or not to do it.

Let’s explain the many blame for masturbating innocently one by one.

Blame One: Female Masturbation Affects Normal Sex Life

Many people worry that masturbation will reduce sensitivity, thus reducing satisfaction with normal sex life and affecting normal sex life.

First of all, let’s understand the general way women get pleasure.

I wonder if you know, the stimulation area for obtaining sexual pleasure actually lies in the female clitoris (that is, the little bean). Rubbing and rubbing are both effective stimulation methods. To a large extent, sexual pleasure also comes from rubbing on the clitoris and pulling on the tissues connected to the clitoris when men and women have sex.

One fact that frustrates men is that more than 70% of women have never experienced vaginal orgasm, that is to say, it is very likely that men work very hard and will not necessarily make women get more pleasure through vaginal intercourse.

Then, let’s know if [doing it yourself] will reduce sensitivity.

Yes, female masturbation can obtain sexual pleasure. This kind of exploration of her own body can make women know more about her sensitive areas. Will it make orgasm more difficult to come?

The reality is that women who masturbate do have longer orgasm time.

However, this is not a sin of masturbation, But lies in the brain function. Masturbation in order to achieve pleasure in a short period of time, will generally take more intense stimulation than normal sexual intercourse, supplemented by pornographic pictures or movies and other pure pornographic stimulation. After the brain forms dependence on this stimulation, the excitement intensity to obtain orgasm needs to be higher, and the stimulation of normal sexual intercourse needs to last longer.

The simplest [solution] is abstinence for a long time, and then sensitivity comes back on its own.

In the long run, no one stipulates that masturbation must have orgasm. Mild and low-erotic masturbation can also effectively bring sexual pleasure and relieve sexual anxiety.

Blame 2: Female masturbation is shameful,

The basis of this understanding is [sex is shameful and even evil]. On the issue of sex bringing pleasure, Chinese and Western cultures once rarely disliked it at the same time. Sex was considered not to have any superfluous purpose other than reproduction.

Therefore, [coming by oneself] is purely divorced from the reproductive function of sex. Although it is difficult to refuse physically, it is not easy to accept psychologically.

Under such psychological conflicts and social pressure, masturbating people (especially women) are more likely to feel guilty, self-loathing and even self-harm. However, this is regarded as evidence that masturbating can make people insane.

In order to ensure sexual purity, there are even some races that continue the habit of circumcision. There are nearly 150 million circumcised women in the world, and this number is still increasing at a rate of 2 million per year.

However, obtaining sexual pleasure is actually the same normal physiological need as eating and sleeping, both men and women.

Therefore, it is emphasized again that masturbation is a normal physiological behavior, which has a positive impact on sexual life.

Blame 3: Female Masturbation Affects Health

I can imagine that masturbation may affect health in three ways: vaginitis, urinary tract infection and hemorrhage.

1. Vaginitis

Many readers of this concept should understand that a series of symptoms after the microecological balance maintained in the vagina is broken are vaginitis.

There are many kinds of pathogens causing vaginitis: bacteria, mold, trichomonas, chlamydia, etc., most of which destroy the balance of vaginal flora by invading from outside.

Considering the way of masturbation, most women will choose to use their fingers, while less than one fifth of women will choose instruments.

If fingers and appliances are not fully cleaned or disinfected, the invasion of foreign pathogens is indeed unavoidable. However, if good habits are formed, hands and appliances are cleaned before and after use, and vulva is cleaned after masturbation, this situation can be completely avoided.

2. Urinary tract infection

Female urethra is much shorter than male urethra, only 3 ~ 5 cm, and relatively loose. At the same time, because sanitary products such as sanitary napkins need to be used during menstruation, urinary tract infection is more likely to occur than male urethra infection.

In the process of masturbation, incomplete cleaning of hands and appliances may also lead to urinary tract infection. Of course, there are also ways to prevent it, that is, careful cleaning.

Step 3: Bleeding

Some people report that sometimes there is bleeding after masturbation.

If the bleeding is less than the amount of menstruation, there is no need to worry. It may be a small amount of bleeding caused by uterine contraction stimulating endometrium during masturbation, which can usually be understood as [coincidence].

Because, if the intima is in a [bleeding-prone state], it is easy to bleed itself, and it will also bleed after exercise and sharing the same room, which is not a unique effect of masturbation.

You must also realize that normal sex life also faces these problems and even has a higher risk than masturbation. Those who are hard to associate masturbation [harmful to health] are hooligans.

Blame 4: Female Masturbation Destroys [Chastity]

Yes, quotation marks [chastity], because it is a word that is not worth identifying with.

In recent years, the society’s attitude towards male masturbation has become more and more tolerant, but it is still almost meaningful for women, one of which is related to chastity.

I said it too obscure, let’s talk directly about [hymen].

In fact, female masturbation does not have to be so [deep]. Basically, it can achieve good results by stimulating clitoris, labia minora and vaginal opening, so there is no need to worry about damaging hymen.

Blame 5: Female Masturbation Affects Appearance

This appearance is broad, not only refers to vulva, but also includes the problem of acne.

Let’s talk about vulva first.

It is believed that repeated friction during masturbation will lead to pigment deposition and blacken the vulva. Some people try to use advertised products to restore it to pink and tender, not to mention its side effects. This [vulva blackening] theory alone is wrong.

Many studies have proved that the deposition of female vulvar pigment is related to estrogen, that is to say, with the increase of age, the function of female ovary becomes more and more perfect, the secretion of estrogen remains stable, the vulvar labia majora and labia minora will gradually become hypertrophic, and pigment deposition will occur at the same time, which is not necessarily related to the friction frequency.

However, women need to be careful. If they find that the skin shrinks and becomes thinner and the color turns white, they should see a doctor in time and be careful of abnormal lesions.

Let’s talk about it again. After masturbation, acne grows and skin is dark. What should I do?

I replied: Next time, don’t masturbate in the middle of the night

Yes, masturbation itself has no what effect on skin. It may be sleep, cleaning and other links that affect skin. Skin needs adequate sleep, but this seems to conflict with the dead of night environment required for masturbation.

In fact, it can be done earlier, you don’t have to wait until midnight.

There has been a lot of talk about masturbation, and finally I would like to reiterate my purpose: I have no position, just want to restore the original appearance of masturbation.