Does the baby take too much when going out? A list will stop you from messing up.

Nowadays, many mothers are willing to take their children out, no matter far or near, they always have to take a lot of things.

The older children are fine. If the children are younger and have more things to bring, they will often forget this and that.

Thinking of the messy appearance of mothers before taking their children out, Ding Ma decided to sort out a [necessary list for taking their babies out]. Mothers will be much easier to remember these four words by comparing the list.


Taking the baby to travel means that the baby needs to contact a brand-new environment, and the familiarity of clothes is very important. In addition to keeping warm, beauty, comfort, convenience to carry and wear and take off … should be considered.

Clothing List:

  1. Clothing: Be sure to bring more to prevent all kinds of accidents, and try to bring dirt-resistant clothing;

  2. Underwear: The baby must bring more comfortable underwear when going out. First, it needs to be changed. Second, it makes the baby more comfortable in a strange environment.

  3. Shoes: Babies who can walk must bring an extra pair of shoes. If the children get dirty, they can be replaced.

  4. Diapers: Although diapers are not heavy, they are used in large quantities and take up space. It is recommended that mothers book them online and mail them directly to their destination before departure.

  5. Sunglasses/Hat: Baby’s skin and eyes need sun protection. Choose a practical hat and a pair of children’s sunglasses.

  6. Thin blanket: Bring a large blanket with light texture, which is convenient to wrap children or keep warm, can also block the sun, or can be used as a soothing object.

  7. Special clothing: According to different destinations, you can bring some special things to your children. For example, you can bring a small swimsuit to the seaside, wear a small mountaineering hat and so on, and look better when taking photos.


The [food] value here is not only diet, but also medicine that may be needed.

Adults will inevitably feel uncomfortable when going out. Younger children are more likely to lose appetite, get sick or even get injured due to changes in the environment, which requires parents to work hard on the baby’s daily diet.

Food and Drug List:

  1. Breastfeeding: For babies who are still drinking milk, just take their mother with them.

  2. Milk powder: bring water cups, milk powder, milk bottles, thermos bottles, milk warmers, milk powder separation cans, etc.

  3. Supplementary food: small tableware, rice flour, meat floss and other commonly used supplementary food materials, supplementary food machines, supplementary food scissors and other things that babies usually use to eat. If you go out for a long time, you can buy new ones and send them to your destination.

  4. Saliva towel/bib: Avoid soiling your baby’s clothes when eating;

  5. Wet wipes: It is convenient to carry and can be thrown away when used up. It is very convenient to wipe your baby’s mouth and hands.

  6. Small snacks: When children have no appetite, they can take out snacks they like to eat at ordinary times, such as finished fruit puree, small packaged biscuits, fruits that babies can eat, etc.

  7. Children’s dining belt: You can fix the baby on the chair to prevent him from moving or running around, and it will not take up space when put away.

  8. Drugs:


    Under normal circumstances, the accommodation for travel is in a hotel. The baby needs a quiet and comfortable environment to sleep. Try to ensure a home environment so that the baby can have a good sleep.

    Residence List:

    1. Bedclothes: You can bring sleeping bags or blankets that your baby is familiar with to help your baby sleep better in unfamiliar environment.

    2. Washing and protecting products: such as toothpaste, toothbrush, skin cream used by babies at ordinary times, etc.

    3. Hotel: Confirm with the hotel whether there is a crib or the size of the bed.


    The most troublesome thing is on the road. There are so many things to bring, and the baby is likely to cry. Mothers are the first two big. Bring some necessities for the use of the baby and for the convenience of parents.

    Travel List:

    1. Folding diaper pad: If you need to change diapers outdoors or in the car, you can put your baby on it, which is convenient and sanitary.

    2. Small toys: If the journey out is relatively long, you can bring your baby’s favorite toy picture books so as not to make your baby bored and cry easily.

    3. Safety seat: When driving by oneself or needing a car, let the baby sit on the safety seat;

    4. Mother’s Bag: Bring a big mother’s bag, put diapers, cups, milk powder, etc., and you can stuff everything you need on the road.

    5. Breast-feeding towel: When breast-feeding babies go out, they can use breast-feeding towels in public to facilitate mothers to nurse their babies.

    6. Sunscreen: According to the different seasons and regions when you go out, you can choose to use sunscreen for babies over 6 months old.

    7. Baby braces: If the baby cannot sit and walk on his own, he must bring a brace when going out.

    8. Umbrella car: If the destination is a plain city area or in a more prosperous city, it will be much easier to put the baby in a stroller to go shopping.

    In short, in addition to ensuring the safety of the baby when going out, we should try our best to make the baby feel comfortable and not get sick. Secondly, try not to bring too many things, so as not to increase the burden of travel.