Donating eggs is different from donating sperm! Don’t be fooled by all kinds of black agencies that buy and sell eggs!

Now the online egg donation business is firing everywhere, Black intermediary is countless. Young girls are lured by interests and irresponsible rhetoric by black intermediary. They may ignore the hidden dangers and become accomplices and victims of illegal activities. Doctor Clove today will expose the scam and tell you the formal assisted reproduction and egg donation process to set the record straight.

Ten Mistakes about Egg Donation

1. What kind of situation requires others to provide eggs?

It is mainly some patients with premature ovarian failure and elderly women who cannot succeed in repeated IVF. They need other people’s eggs for IVF because they do not have mature eggs or the quality of eggs is poor and cannot conceive.

Is it legal to buy and sell eggs?

Egg donation still has certain risks and trauma to normal women. It is not as simple as sperm donation. Now the national law expressly prohibits the sale of eggs. All the “love egg donation” activities mentioned on the Internet are actually illegal trading activities in the guise of donation.

3. For patients who need eggs from others, where do those eggs come from?

At present, many regular large-scale reproductive centers across the country can queue up to make an appointment for egg supply, The source of this part of eggs is young patients who have undergone IVF treatment in the center, because ovulation induction treatment is already required in the IVF process, and more than a dozen or even 20 eggs may be obtained at one time. With the consent of the patients, the surplus eggs can be donated to the person who has made an appointment for egg supply, and there is no commercial interest.

4. Will ovulation induction and egg retrieval advance women’s aging?

Ovulation induction therapy will not lead to early aging of women. Women will have many follicles developing at the same time in one menstrual cycle. However, in general, only one egg is excreted, and the remaining follicles that develop together but have not been excreted degenerate. Ovulation induction therapy is to let those follicles that want to degenerate also excrete as many follicles as possible without affecting the number of reserved follicles in the ovary. It is not what everyone thinks. The more eggs are excreted, the faster a woman ages.

Since there are legal channels, why are there still black intermediaries?

As the childbearing age is getting higher and higher, and the incidence of premature ovarian failure is also increasing year by year, the demand is increasing, and it often takes a long time to wait in line to make an appointment through legal channels. Therefore, black intermediary came into being.

6. Is there a legal way to donate eggs?

Different from sperm donation. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the general healthy women have no legal way to donate eggs.

7. Is there a hidden danger of what in the black intermediary?

For donors, in order to take more eggs, black intermediaries often inject a large amount of ovulation induction drugs into egg donors, which may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This disease may seriously cause death. Black intermediaries often do not have strict monitoring measures and necessary medical conditions, which is a serious threat to the life and health of donors.

For those who use eggs, the source of eggs from the black intermediary is more complicated, and there is no strict health examination for the providers of eggs, and the quality of eggs cannot be guaranteed.

8. How to Identify Black Intermediaries?

Since China’s laws explicitly prohibit the sale of eggs or the so-called “love egg donation”, all egg donation agencies except the reproductive centers of regular hospitals are black agencies.

9. Why is there a sperm bank but no egg bank?

In order to solve the problem of male azoospermia, sperm banks have been set up all over the country, bringing good news to azoospermia patients. Then there are so many patients with premature ovarian failure and elderly women today, why not establish a formal egg bank to solve this problem?

Because egg donation is not as simple as what micro-merchants and black agents say:

In terms of number alone, sperm is [abundant] than eggs, and men can excrete as many as 40 to 50 million sperm at a time. However, women generally can only produce one mature egg per month, so if they want to get more mature eggs at one time, they have to use ovulation induction drugs.

Many black intermediaries use a large number of ovulation induction drugs in order to obtain more eggs, which may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, serious pleural effusion and ascites, systemic coagulation dysfunction and even death.

10. Does taking eggs cause what damage to the body?

Egg retrieval is invasive and sperm supply is non-invasive.

Men can obtain sperm by ejaculating by masturbation.

However, artificial removal of eggs requires vaginal puncture. If the operation is careless, it will cause infection and damage the surrounding urethra, rectum and other organs.

Therefore, egg donation still has certain risks and trauma to normal women, and is not as simple as sperm donation.

Finally, Dr. Clove said to all young women again: There are certain risks in taking eggs by black agencies, which will cause damage to women’s bodies and will probably leave a lifelong regret. Taking risks for a small amount of economic benefits will do more harm than good.

Don’t trade your health for black agents to make a lot of money.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

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