What men never know: How painful is it to have children?

Influenced by various movies and TV plays, many women who have not given birth are full of fear and curiosity about the pain of natural childbirth.

Today, let Jane, a former person, talk about her experience on the day of her natural childbirth. At the same time, I would also like to answer your questions.

The first stage of natural labor: persistent labor pains

I woke up at 4 a.m. with a stomachache, and then found that I had a pain every 7 or 8 minutes, but the pain was not very serious, just like a minor dysmenorrhea. I recorded the pain in the dark while waiting for dawn, and ran to the hospital after breakfast.

9: 00 a.m. The cervix has opened more than two fingers.

The internal examination was not as embarrassing or painful as I imagined. A gentle female doctor, wearing gloves, stretched out two fingers and touched my vagina.

My pains have been going on, but they have always been lukewarm. I even have blind optimism in my heart: the pain of production seems to be just like this.

At 3: 00 p.m., the cervical opening still has more than two fingers.

I dare not be optimistic. The reason why I don’t feel any pain is that the uterine contraction is too weak, which leads to the uterine opening not opening.

My sister-in-law gave me a massage on my breast and immediately began to suffer a great pain. It’s the kind of pain that makes me sweat all over after the pain.

Why is it painful when massaging breasts? Because stimulating nipples will stimulate the brain to secrete oxytocin, oxytocin secretion will increase, uterine contraction will increase, so the pain is more severe.

5 p.m.: Four fingers have been opened to the cervix.

Since then, I have been suffering from severe pain. The nurse asked me to prepare the things I need to give birth and enter the delivery room immediately after eating some food.

The more my family looked at me, the more painful I felt. I drank a can of Red Bull and a glass of milk, and took advantage of the pain gap to hurry into the delivery room.

By this time I had reached the point of punishment, and deep breathing hardly worked. At the last time of the pain, I felt a ton of huge and hard stool coming out. I shouted, I was going to pull. The nurse helped me to have an internal examination again and pulled around in my vagina. With a hard force, I only felt a crash in my lower body, a warm liquid gushing out and breaking the water.

Formally entering the delivery room: seven fingers have been opened at the cervical opening.

Jane is now in the first stage of natural labor, which is medically called the first stage of labor.

This period of time can be long or short, 7, 8 hours or more than ten hours are normal. The characteristic of this period of time is that the parturient has regular labor pains, and there will also be uterine orifice expansion, fetal head decline, breaking water, preparing for the birth of the child.

The second stage of natural labor: delivery of the fetus

It was cool in the delivery room, and my lower body was pushed naked.

I was shivering with cold, and the fight between my upper and lower teeth was especially loud. At this time, the pain had reached the point where people collapsed. With the feeling of excrement coming out, my strong female soldier could not help but begin to groan.

This kind of pain came and went several times, and my inner strength was almost destroyed. When the pain was almost exhausted, the doctor said that the uterus was fully opened and I was ready to relieve my defecation.

At this time, the pain became lighter, Most of them are to relieve the feeling of defecation. Every time the defecation strikes, I take a deep breath and hold my breath for more than ten seconds. This is the first time I feel afraid in the whole production process. I am afraid that my child will be harmed by improper exertion. I am very afraid. But the doctor told me that it is good to concentrate on exertion and they will ensure the safety of the child.

After a few defecations, I felt almost exhausted, His arms were completely numb, Even his cheeks were numb, The legs trembled incessantly on the shelf. I closed my eyes in the gap of force. How comfortable it would be to fall asleep like this. But the next wave of [convenience] will hit soon, and I must continue to exert myself. I don’t care whether I will really bring out my excrement or even whether my stomach will recover. I just want to give birth to my child in good health as soon as possible.

The opening of the uterus means Jane has entered the second stage of labor, which is to give birth to the child. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to give birth to the first child.

The main force to give birth to the child is the force of uterine contraction. At the same time, it also requires the cooperation of the parturient. During uterine contraction, the parturient should do the action of relieving stool hard to increase the pressure on the abdomen so that the child can be delivered more smoothly.

Why do you feel like defecating? Because when the uterus contracts, the head of the fetus oppresses the rectum and other places, which is a normal feeling. This stage is very exhausting for the parturient’s physical strength, but Jane did a very good job, did not shout, saved all the physical strength and used it to give birth, and every expectant mother should learn from her.

At the end of the day, I was almost out of strength. I already felt the child’s head stuck in my vaginal opening, but it didn’t make progress for a long time.

During this period, I felt that the doctor had put a few stitches under me, and I knew it was ready for lateral incision. She said it only needed to cut a little, but I didn’t care how much, and I could accept anything that could help me give birth quickly.

Why do you want to cut sideways?

If the child’s head is too large and the baby is born too fast, it may cause serious perineal laceration to the parturient and may cause postpartum fecal incontinence. The purpose of lateral incision is to protect the perineum and prevent serious perineal laceration.

The doctor said that I had blood spots on my face and neck, which was caused by overexertion.

Then another doctor came in. She saw me struggling hard and did not hesitate to come over and press my stomach hard. I cooperated with her and felt my lower body empty. Then I heard the child crying.

The doctor said it was good and gave birth to a big daughter. I had no strength to look up at it, but I just leaned back there and gasped for breath. After the doctor gave her a simple clean-up, he carried it to my head and showed it to me. I felt that I shed tears, but I had no strength to cry. At that moment, I felt a miracle: I brought a life into this world.

The third stage of natural labor: examination of placenta

The whole delivery process is not over yet, and there is a third stage of labor ahead.

At this time, the parturient will discharge the placenta, and the doctor will also check whether the placenta is complete. This process is also very critical for the parturient. If it is not smooth, massive postpartum hemorrhage may occur, posing a threat to the life of the parturient. Therefore, all new fathers, don’t think that the child will come out and be finished! Your wife still has one more hurdle to pass.

Jane’s pain is experienced by every mother who gives birth smoothly. It is not easy to bring a new life into this world. Ladies and gentlemen, please cherish your mother and wife.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.