Don’t be fooled by these [fake] things at the 315 party again!

The annual CCTV 3.15 party has attracted more Dr. Clove than the Spring Festival Gala.

In fact, I can’t watch TV several times a year, and the whole process of watching this party is like this:

Hey hey ~ this myopia treatment, we have written!

Hey, hey ~ we have written about this beverage discoloration experiment!

Hey, hey ~ we have written dozens of times about this person who cheated the middle-aged and elderly people to buy health care products!

… …

If you are a friend who has not watched TV or read the article before, let Dr. Clove draw the key points for everyone quickly, and don’t be fooled again in the future.

Health Products Specially Deceiving Middle-aged and Elderly People

This is really heard once and hated once.

As long as the purchase price of ordinary food in 65 yuan is boasted of its magical effects, it will dare to sell it at a sky-high price of 3,980 yuan!

There are too many unscrupulous merchants who induce middle-aged and elderly friends to be cheated by holding irregular lectures and giving free eggs and other small gifts.

They basically rely on chatting and playing warm cards to gain the trust of the elderly, find out the information of their families, and finally start selling all kinds of informal health care products and medicines.

What we have caught is the common characteristic of the elderly: fear of death!

Dr. Clove had to say:

As long as it sounds magical, it will only be angry in the end.

Food from Nuclear Contaminated Areas Prohibited from Import

After the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011, many friends are still worried about whether they can travel to Japan and whether Japanese food can be eaten.

Out of careful consideration of protecting consumers’ health, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine also ordered very early:

Imports of food, edible agricultural products and feed from Japan’s 12 nuclear contaminated areas are prohibited.

However, some companies have bypassed formal channels and evaded customs supervision, importing food from banned nuclear contaminated areas to domestic sales. This is wrong!

However, one thing is also to appease everyone:

In fact, the influence of food radiation has been gradually eliminated over time. At present, the probability of food radiation exceeding the standard is very, very small.

If you really eat these related foods, it will have little impact on your health. Don’t panic too much.

The business of primary and secondary school students [glasses]

Ah… the old man’s money is easy to earn, and the children’s money is easy to earn.

The [orthokeratology lens] (also called OK lens) mentioned in the program is a kind of formal medical device with high price, which helps to curb the development of juvenile myopia.

However, the State explicitly requires:

1. It must be checked and matched in institutions above Grade II (including Grade II) with < < Medical Institution Practice License > >.

2. The matching personnel must have intermediate or above professional titles and complete the matching with the cooperation of ophthalmologists.

3. The maximum allowable corrected diopter is 600 degrees and is forbidden for children under 8 years old.

If the matching operation is improper, it is easy to cause aggravation of the situation and even corneal infection.

The problem lies in the fact that when the program was exposed, companies clearly gave themselves the false name of “myopia prevention and treatment center”, and when they were not doctors, they were doing the work of doctors.

Have you done all these judgment questions right?

In the middle of the party, the host gave everyone the above five true and false judgment questions. It is said that only 5% of the people answered correctly.

1. When the paper towel is stirred, the beverage will change color because there is too much pigment.

Answer: No.

2. Spinach is rich in iron and is an iron supplement vegetable.

Answer: No.

3. White-shelled eggs, native eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs, etc. are more nutritious than ordinary red-shelled eggs.

Answer: No.

4. It is best to use an iron pan for cooking, which can supplement iron.

Answer: No.

5. The radiation of mobile phone charging is much higher than usual, even as high as 100 times.

Answer: No.

Therefore, the answers found in the [XX Encyclopedia] on the Internet must be more considerate.

If you have more physical problems, remember to ask Dr. Clove.