The skin is red and itchy and uncomfortable? The doctor taught you [two to four to no]

Autumn is coming, and it is time for sensitive muscles to stir. At this time, the skin cannot stand any trouble.

For example, after a little exposure to the sun, makeup or heating, symptoms such as redness, itching, burning sensation, tightness and discomfort, and red blood streaks are easy to occur.

Is it in your heart?

More considerate, Dr. Zhang Liwen, a good friend of Dr. Clove, brought the secret of sensitive muscle skin care.

Sensitive muscle care should do these 2 points well.

[Sunscreen + Moisturizing] It is enough to grasp these four words, the rest are floating clouds.

It is simple to say, how to do it?

STEP 1 Sunscreen

First of all, we need to pay attention to physical sun protection.

When the sun is strong, try to reduce the time to go out. Sunshade umbrellas, sunshade hats, sunscreen clothing, etc. are essential.

The second is to apply sunscreen.

The choice of sunscreen also has university questions. You should choose sunscreen with a sun protection index (SPF) greater than 30 or a sun protection index (PA) + + +. However, it is not that the higher the index, the better. The higher the index, the greater the irritation to the skin. Generally, you can choose 30.

But choosing the right sunscreen may also lead to irritation and allergy. What should I do?

Let me tell you a little trick: when using things on the face for the first time, it is recommended to take a small amount and use them in a small area on one side of the lower jaw, neck, etc. for a few days, and then use them normally if there are no adverse reactions.

Step 2 Moisturize

There is no shortcut to moisturizing, and the emphasis is on insisting on using skin care products with moisturizing effect.

Of course, everything will be all right if the above two points are done well. There is no shortage of problems to be paid attention to.

Four Taboos in Sensitive Muscle Nursing

1. Unqualified skin care products

Emphasis is placed on sun protection and moisturizing, but skin care products with guaranteed quality should be selected, such as some big brands of medical skin care products.

Some female friends often use some substandard skin care products, resulting in damage to the facial skin barrier function, thus causing some facial skin diseases and sensitive skin.

In addition to choosing reliable skin care products, skin care products should be as simple as possible, one or two medical skin care products should be selected, and relatively mild cleaning products should be selected.

2. Irritant and photosensitive food

Eat less irritating food, such as wine, coffee, etc. This varies from person to person. In short, it is better not to eat any more food that will aggravate after eating.

Eat less photosensitive food: lettuce, amaranth, shepherd’s purse, celery, radish leaves, spinach, buckwheat, coriander, rape, mustard, fig, citrus, lemon, mango, pineapple, etc.

In addition, it also includes some seafood: snails, shrimps, crabs, mussels, etc.

3. Other stimulating factors

Sun exposure, wind blowing, heat, pollen, etc., if found to have aggravated signs after contact, attention should be paid to avoid.

Step 4: Hormones

Hormones may be added to some irregular and inferior cosmetics and skin care products. Especially those products with low prices, unclear qualifications and claiming immediate effects, we should be more vigilant!

Hormonal ointment is relatively safe for external application, but remember that hormone-containing products cannot be used on the face for a long time.

Drugs with common names of [Song] [Nide] mostly contain hormones, such as dexamethasone, triamcinolone acetonide, etc.

However, it should be emphasized here: although it also contains hormones, skin care products and drugs are different. It is safe to use hormone drugs for a short period of time under the guidance of doctors, and everyone should not turn pale at the mention of hormones.

I know all the truth, but there is still a problem and there is no way out?

What should I do if there is a problem?

When the face is red and swollen, itching and burning is not timely, cold compress and cold spray are the most basic treatment measures.

Cold compress has high technical requirements, and the effect will be greatly reduced if the number of times is not achieved. Cold spraying requires professional equipment, which is not available to ordinary people. If necessary, you can go to a trustworthy hospital to do it.

At the same time, Dr. Clove should also remind everyone that it is best to find a doctor to deal with facial problems and not to mess around by himself.

All doubts are gone! Do this 2 want 4 don’t, let you bloom brilliantly.