Don’t eat too many eggs a day? 30 Tips for Health Preservation Everyone Should Know

In life, there is no secret of one’s own, and it is not good to say that one has been here.

Dr. Clove also has his own secret of keeping in good health. Are you ready to take it?

1. Don’t eat too many eggs a day?

Yes, hens may not have time to get off.

Many people worry that eating eggs will affect cholesterol levels in the body and lead to cardiovascular diseases. There is no research to clarify the relationship between the two. Eating two or three eggs a day is no problem.

2. Not eating at night can not only lose weight, but also be good for your health?

See if you can.

Not eating dinner is quite harmful to the body, easy to damage gastrointestinal function, affect endocrine, and is not conducive to weight loss.

3. Acne grows in different parts, which means that there is something wrong with different organs?

No, it means that years have only taken away [youth] from [acne], not your [acne].

The occurrence of acne is related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles in the body. If there are many sebaceous glands in nose, chin and back, acne is easy to grow.

4. Crayfish is covered in parasites and cannot be eaten?

If you are covered in crayfish, you may not see crayfish.

Crayfish does have parasites. You must cook it thoroughly before eating it. Don’t eat it half-baked.

5. Does the human body have a detoxification schedule?

People who can’t look at watches suddenly panicked.

First of all, the body really has no concept of time. Secondly, it also does not need to detoxify. The next time you see the word [detoxification], turn around and leave. Don’t look back.

6. Eating tofu will make men become mothers and women suffer from cancer?

Male silent female tears, don’t look at regret?

Tofu is a good thing. It can supplement calcium with more protein.

Not only will it not lead to breast cancer, it is also good for women’s health. As for the impact on men, it is really very little, very little.

7. The body has not had a fever all the time, but the body is not good?

The wind is too strong for me to hear.

Fever, only indicates that [alien species] have invaded the body; Not having a fever means that there is no invasion or the body is temporarily unaware of the intruder. Whether there is a big problem with the body is not only judged by whether there is a fever.

8. Type O blood should eat less grain and type A blood should eat less meat?

Isn’t this a plot of type B and type AB blood?

No matter your blood type is what, you can eat what if you want to eat what. You have never paid attention to it professionally.

9. Can staying in a hotel infect sexually transmitted diseases?

It depends on what you did in the hotel, what.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is also conditional, and hotels are never the ones with problems.

10. Wearing lipstick equals eating heavy metals?

What, your boyfriend has no money to buy you lipstick again?

Unless a person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead in them will not affect his health.

11. All kinds of health care products that claim to [strengthen the body] [cure all kinds of diseases] are useless?

Useful, boosting China’s GDP.

Health care products are not only expensive, but also may delay formal treatment and illness. Don’t spend that money in vain.

12. Do you pay attention to the sleeping orientation?

Yes, it is estimated that the horizontal direction and the vertical direction should not be very good.

Head north, foot south, head west, foot east, head northeast, foot southwest, as long as you like, are all good directions. What does not pay special attention to it.

13. Eat Jiang Shengshen soup in the morning and ginger like arsenic in the evening?

Ginger is still that piece of ginger, you are still that you, don’t be afraid.

No matter in the morning, noon or night, the various ingredients in ginger will not change, so its impact on the body is no different.

14. After physical examination, you will still get sick. It is better not to have a physical examination.

If you are full, you will still be hungry, and you will quit eating without seeing anyone.

Physical examination can help us understand the basic physical condition and notice some precursors of chronic diseases. It is of great significance to our health to have a routine physical examination every year.

15. Straight cucumbers are sprayed with medicine and cannot be eaten?

Straight cucumbers and curved cucumbers are all good cucumbers.

Cucumbers that grow normally are straight, but sometimes they tend to grow crooked due to poor temperature and light and insufficient water and nutrients.

16. There are no eggs in the egg noodles?

It’s like there’s no money in your wallet.

Not only are there no eggs in the egg noodles, but they may also contain a lot of salt, so you should be careful in your choice.

17. Milky white soup is more nutritious?

If nutrition has color (mm-hmm), the champion is not milky white either.

Milky white soup is not nutritious, but fat.

18. Soap hurts skin? Can bath lotion cause cancer? Which one is better?

Girlfriend and your mother fell into the water at the same time. Who did you save?

Soap cleaning ability is stronger, bath lotion skin feels better, but the difference is not too big. You don’t have to struggle with whichever card you like.

19. Effective diet pills do not exist?

Crying like a 200 kg child? No, this time the 200 kg child may really cry.

There is no shortcut to lose weight. Pay attention to eating and exercising. If you have difficulty making up your mind, you may never be able to start.

20. Chinese confinement is not necessary?

Who is the moon? What are you doing on it?

Confinement is not only useless, but also may hurt the body.

21. Donkey-hide gelatin can be called a “holy product for enriching blood”?

What is replenished is the blood of the merchant, what is continued is the life of the merchant, and what is spent is your money.

Colla Corii Asini is just boiled donkey skin. No research has proved that it has special effects. It is so expensive to sell that the donkey’s conscience hurts.

22. Eating walnuts is good for your brain and supplements your shape?

What do we have to look like after all these years?

Nutrition is evaluated according to the composition of food, not its appearance, and food should not look like it.

23. Can egg white be applied to the face to whiten the skin?

What, you can’t afford eggs when there are so many black people?

There is no effective ingredient in egg white that can whiten the skin. On the contrary, unripe egg white may have bacteria, which can easily cause allergy when applied to the face.

24. Is wireless WiFi dangerous?

Yes If you take WiFi to the toilet… it’s easy to squat down…

WiFi radiation has no effect on the body, don’t worry about it.

25. Can’t you wash your hair while sleeping?

Yes, it is difficult to comb the next day’s sleep without drying.

There is no time to pay attention to washing your hair. If you are dirty, you have to wash it, otherwise you will be sorry for the people nearby. It’s a big deal to blow dry and sleep again. Why, is it difficult?

26. Potato skins can dye hair?

This legend is true, is it surprising? Not surprisingly?

Although this is true, the hair dyeing effect of potato skin is very short, and the hair will disappear after one wash.

27. Is it the absolute principle to live well?

Old drivers only pay attention to skills, while children only care about size.

28. Is naked sleep good for your health?

Of course, curious where to touch.

Naked sleep can improve sleep quality, improve sex, make skin better and good for [below]. Well, as long as there is no earthquake, it is great.

29. Do you have to brush your tongue coating when brushing your teeth?

Not only should we brush, but we should also brush carefully.

There are many bacteria living on the tongue coating. Cleaning it often makes you and me not so big.

30. Wearing bras can prevent sagging?

Part of the reason for breast sagging is gravity, and the best way to fight gravity is to go to heaven.

Wearing a bra cannot prevent breast sagging. Its biggest function is to [beautify the appearance] and avoid all kinds of embarrassment.

How is it? Is it particularly cool to look at it in one breath? Do you feel that you have suddenly opened the door to a new world? Do you feel that you have lived in lies for the first half of your life?

Well, Dr. Clove has said so many little secrets of life, is it your turn to say them?