This choice of underwear, underwear, more comfortable

Lao Wang, who lives next door to Dr. Clove, found an embarrassing situation a few days ago:

His balls have turned blue and purple!

Don’t laugh first. Lao Wang next door couldn’t laugh and was scared to the hospital at that time.

However, the discolored balls did not feel painful or itchy, and several examinations did not find any what problems. The doctor could only ask Lao Wang to go home first to observe.

Doctor clove heard Lao Wang say this matter, also very puzzled, until…

This morning on the balcony, I looked up and saw Lao Wang’s purple underpants hanging out. The color had already dropped by half…

On the other hand, although there is no experience of [discoloration], do you have any:

    If you run a few steps a little, your balls are like swinging? Wear short sleeves in summer, and the shoulder straps slip outside the clothes carelessly? When I went home and took off my underpants, my thigh root was marked with two marks? … …

Choosing the wrong underwear will not only lead to embarrassment, but also lead to health problems such as sperm quality decline and vaginitis.

Don’t be afraid, Dr. Clove here has prepared a comprehensive underwear purchase guide for you.

Both men and women should pay attention to

1. Try to choose light color and solid color

This truth is very easy to understand: if you choose a light color, you won’t turn purple like Lao Wang next door.

Seriously, underwear should really be light color, because:

Dark and colorful underpants are not easy to find problems from secretions.

For example, if men suffer from prostatitis or urethritis, it is not easy to find secretions from the urethral orifice.

For women suffering from vaginitis, leucorrhea will become turbid, even red and yellow, which are all signs of disease, but if the underwear color is too dark, it may not be found in time.

Step 2 Don’t be too tight

For men, tight underpants will tightly [wrap] the penis and testis, which will hinder the normal erection of the penis on the one hand and greatly weaken the temperature regulation function of the testis on the other.

The best temperature of testis should be 2 ~ 3 ℃ lower than the body temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the spermatogenic function of testis.

For women, wearing underpants too tightly is easy to cause frequent friction with vulva, anus and urethral orifice. If you wear tight underpants for a long time, the risk of infection of genitourinary system such as vaginitis will also be greater.

Step 3 Select breathable materials

Natural comprehensive materials are always the first choice for underwear materials.

    Cotton material has the advantages of softness, moisture absorption, heat dissipation and the like, and is the most comfortable to wear. Pure cotton material has good air permeability, does not cause local too humid and sultry conditions, and can better prevent the breeding of bacteria.

Some old-fashioned artificial fabrics are easy to cause skin allergy and discomfort, mild itching, or eczema and other skin problems. Of course, there are also some new artificial fabrics now, which have good air permeability and feel comfortable in their own clothes.

Having said that, everyone should pay attention to it. Let’s talk about the other problems of men and women separately.

Men should pay attention to these

In terms of size, it is better to pay attention to a little looseness. Don’t choose a smaller underwear for the sake of being large, but leave enough space for [chickens] and [eggs].

In the choice of styles, square-angle close-fitting underwear is a versatile choice.

For those who are overweight, you can consider choosing the [Arrow Pants] style without a back crotch (refer to the figure below), so as not to cause embarrassing hip seams.

However, men suffering from varicocele need to choose triangular underwear. Because this style can play a role in supporting testicles and help reduce the feeling of falling and swelling.

Ma’am, pay attention to this

1. Underwear

In terms of style, some girls like sexy and tight underwear or lovely and complicated underpants. In fact, the healthiest underpants are pure cotton, solid color, flat angle and loose.

In summer, many girls choose to wear thongs in order to wear skirts without trace.

In fact, thongs are not suitable for daily wear.

The rope behind the thong is very narrow. Imagine a rope grinding back and forth like a seesaw. Is it sour?

During menstruation, women can also choose physiological pants with anti-leakage function.

During the physiological period, waterproof fabric or waterproof coating is added to the bottom and back of the underwear, which not only reduces the embarrassment of leakage, but also makes it easier to clean.

Step 2: Underwear

When choosing underwear, the only criterion for many girls is… to look good.

In fact, the two factors that need to be considered most when choosing underwear are: the correct cup and comfortable shoulder straps.

Scientifically measure your chest circumference and choose the appropriate cup according to the size recommendation.

A suitable cup is a state in which the cup mouth does not press the breast and the cup completely wraps the chest.

If conditions permit, it is best to try it on before purchasing.

Note that the choice of size should be based on the physical condition, not the effect you want to achieve.

Some girls are shy during puberty, so they buy underwear of smaller size and even wear corsets to cover up. However, this practice will affect breast development and is very inappropriate.

Another group of people buy underwear of a smaller size in order to show [size] or to squeeze out the groove. This method may not only reduce and flatten the chest pressure, but also compress nerves and blood vessels.

Step 2 Comfortable shoulder straps

As for the problem that the shoulder strap of underwear always slides down, besides the shoulder shape, it may also be related to the large size of underwear.

If the underwear is suitable, the shoulder strap is still easy to slide down, and the style of widening and concentrating the shoulder strap can be considered:

Choosing a wider strap can reduce the pressure on the shoulders and improve comfort, which is the same reason as choosing a wider strap for schoolbags. Of course, if you don’t have that much pressure, you don’t have to consider this problem (smile).

Pregnant women should pay attention to these

Choose underwear, there is also a [special group], is pregnant women.

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers expect to experience the joy of secondary development, but when choosing underwear, they should not choose too much for the sake of saving trouble.

Don’t have the idea that [I can buy a big enough one at a time to wear it to the baby]. Generally speaking, it is enough to reserve space for two fingers, and then update it continuously with the change of chest.

The same is true for the choice of underpants. It is necessary to gradually increase the number of yards from the second trimester of pregnancy with the change of body shape.

Pregnancy may be one of the few opportunities to keep buying in Buy Buy for legitimate reasons, but we must seize it.

In terms of style, it is recommended to choose a full cup type that can completely wrap the chest for underwear during pregnancy. If conditions permit, it is better to have a wide shoulder strap and a front button, which can not only reduce the weight on the shoulder, but also facilitate wearing and taking off.

In the late pregnancy, you can consider buying nursing underwear directly, so that you can continue to use it after giving birth.

Now, can you confidently choose the right underwear?