Don’t let these 9 kinds of foods in the cloak of health fool you.

Some people pass on healthy foods by word of mouth, but in fact they all contain more or less unhealthy factors. They hide excessive sugar and fat, which make people eat a lot of calories unconsciously.

Look at the truth of these [healthy foods]!

Fruit Yogurt: Caloric Not Low

When you lose weight, it sounds good to use all kinds of fruit-grained yogurt instead of dinner. These yogurts often use many nutritional terms to package yourself in publicity, such as [organic] [probiotics] or [pure natural], giving you the illusion that [yogurt and fruit can have both nutrients], and eating a few boxes is not too much.

In fact, this yogurt contains a lot of sugar. A box of 200 g fruit yogurt can have more than 200 calories.

Instead of drinking fruit yogurt, it is better to drink a cup of original yogurt + fresh fruit, which is more nutritious and has lower calories.

Fancy Oatmeal: Too Much Sugar

Oatmeal was originally a healthy food, but now people have done too many tricks on it.

For example, Granola cereal, which many people like to eat, is a kind of cereal mixed with oats treated with maple sugar or honey and added with nuts and dried fruits. This seemingly healthy food combination has a lot of fat and sugar, and if calculated carefully, it is very high in calories. Although it is really delicious, please control the amount.

Candied fruit: sugar-coated cannonball

In the process of making preserved fruits and candied fruits, extra sugar will be added for better taste. And fruit crisps (such as banana slices) will even be fried to achieve crisp taste.

In contrast, dried fruits (products with only fruits and no sugar or oil added in the [ingredient list]) are rich in concentrated vitamins, minerals and fiber and are better snacks.

However, even healthy dried fruits should be controlled in amount, after all, the calories per unit weight are higher and it is easy to eat more. Take dried blueberries, a recognized healthy snack, for example, every 50 g of dried blueberries has more than 160 kilocalories, but blueberries of the same weight have only 29 kilocalories.

Sushi: Fancy rolls are not so healthy,

Sushi is regarded by many as the perfect food-seafood is rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids, accompanied by a small amount of rice. If you add vegetables, it is indeed a nutritious and healthy meal.

However, not all sushi is so healthy. For example, tempura hand rolls, or various fancy rolls, are not only fried, but also filled with mayonnaise. It is worth noting that the soy sauce used to dip sushi is not low in sodium.

Therefore, sushi is better to eat brown rice hand rolls with fresh vegetables without dipping in sauce.

Vegetable Salad: Heat Bomb

All kinds of vegetables and fruits in salad are indeed rich in vitamins and minerals.

But modern salads don’t just contain healthy fruits and vegetables. Most salad dressings are high in fat and calories. If you add a little fried chicken fillet what to the salad, you will be moving away from healthy food. For example, a large, well-served Caesar salad can have 800 kilocalories, even higher than a hamburger.

Therefore, when matching your salad, please always remember that fresh vegetables are the main character. You can add lean meat or boiled eggs and a small portion of coarse grain. Most importantly, put less salad dressing.

Fish Fried: Hiding High Fat

Fish is often touted as a delicious, low-calorie and healthy food. Even the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week.

It is right to eat fish, but we should pay attention to the cooking method. Once the fish is thrown into the pan and fried, it is accompanied by various sauces with high oil, salt and sugar, which has nothing to do with healthy diet.

The best way to do fish is to steam it.

Juice: The Hard Disaster Area of Invisible Sugar

Under the advertisement of various juicers and original juicers, [100% freshly squeezed juice] now seems to be standard for healthy diet. Many people think this is a good way to eat fruit.

However, although freshly squeezed fruit juice also has the good taste of fruit and some vitamins, the dietary fiber in the pulp is lost. Moreover, it is not excluded that some fruit juice shops add extra sugar or honey to freshly squeezed fruit juice for taste, which is even more unhealthy.

Not to mention if you choose fruit juice drinks, only about 10% of which are pure fruit juice, and some are simply mixtures of pigments, sugar or sweeteners.

Therefore, whether drinking fruit juice or eating dried fruits, it is healthier to eat fruits directly.

Coarse Grain Biscuits: High Fat

Coarse grain biscuits sold in supermarkets claim to have a large amount of dietary fiber, which at first glance looks like healthy food.

Unfortunately, these fibers do exist, but they are all wrapped in fat!

You know, insoluble fiber tastes very rough. In order to taste and sell better, most coarse grain biscuits are added with a special amount of sugar and fat.

Vitamin beverage: Sugar is considerable,

Although it seems that these drinks directly put two healthy nutrients (vitamins and water) together, drinking vitamin drinks as water is not a good choice.

    The proportion of vitamins contained in vitamin beverages is not necessarily suitable for human needs. In order to taste good, the sugar added to the beverage is also considerable. Don’t think vitamin water can replace fruits and vegetables. Vitamin water does not have the dietary fiber rich in vegetables.

If you want to maintain healthy eating habits or quit all kinds of packaged drinks, the most common water is your good friend.