Don’t take these delicious food, not bashful to go to spring outing?

A spring outing with food and drink is the highest tribute to spring.

The whole family takes what when traveling?

Taking care of the nutritional needs and taste characteristics of the whole family, you can prepare these delicious food one night in advance. Considering that heating is generally not very convenient, cold meals are the main ones.

    Convenient staple food

Whole wheat bread, coarse cereal rice balls, ready-to-eat oatmeal, canned eight treasures porridge, etc. are all good choices.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yams, etc. are also very convenient to eat immediately after cooking.

Try to bring as few butter biscuits, cakes and other high-oil and high-sugar desserts as possible, and bring as few digestive biscuits or soda biscuits as possible.

    Fish and egg products

Canned or vacuum packaged, such as canned tuna, luncheon meat, spiced beef, marinated eggs, etc., can be added to salads or made into sandwiches with bread.

    Water is necessary

Cold boiled water, mineral water and sugar-free tea are the most recommended. If the amount of activity during the journey is too large, sports drinks containing minerals can be appropriately supplemented. Milk or yogurt at normal temperature is also a good supplement of water and nutrition to carry hunger and quench thirst.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables

Small tomatoes, small kumquat, strawberries, etc. are small in size and easy to clean. Apples, bananas, oranges, etc. are convenient to carry and can be made into fruit salad or eaten directly. Cucumbers and tomatoes have no worse effect of replenishing water and quenching thirst than drinking water.

    Cold dishes or salads

Vinegar, ginger juice and garlic puree can be added to cold dishes to kill and kill bacteria and improve edible safety.

In salad, try to use ingredients that are not easy to change color and are easy to keep fresh, such as onion, asparagus, celery, etc. It is also recommended.

Seasoning sauces such as oil vinegar juice or salad dressing should be packaged independently and added to the salad when eating.

    Appetizing snack

Plum, tea eggs, dried bean curd, marinated lotus root, pickled vegetables, etc. are portable and delicious.

Warm Reminder:

In order to ensure the best preservation of the above delicacies, sealed cans, sealed fresh-keeping boxes and sealed clips are all indispensable. When necessary, bring heat preservation barrels and bags to pack hot food. Don’t forget to bring paper towels, wet wipes, small towels, disposable gloves, disposable tableware, etc.

The amount of food should be prepared according to the number of people and waste carefully.

If there are elderly people traveling together, more digestible food should be prepared. Milk can be replaced by low lactose milk, and the types of porridge, soft bread and liquid food can be appropriately increased.

School Spring Outing Brings what to Children?

If parents want to be convenient, they may bring their children a pile of bread, biscuits and drinks. At most, they will add candy and sausage to what. Can consider that the child is growing up, why not take a little thought and prepare a simple version of the healthy spring outing lunch?

The key point should be to consider that there will be no hygiene problems when cooling and it is easy to carry. The following choices are recommended:

    Small and nutritious staple food

A whole wheat sandwich with vegetables, eggs and ham, or two fist-sized tuna rice balls, or a small burrito.

    Fruit box

Bananas, oranges, pitaya, small tomatoes, etc. are not easy to oxidize and change color. Wash them and put them into sealed boxes. Prepare toothpicks and small forks, which are convenient and sanitary to eat. But also very suitable for sharing, can increase the fun of spring outing.


Beef jerky, nuts and chocolate can be packed in small boxes respectively.

    Water is necessary

If it is a half-day relaxing spring outing, it is appropriate to bring 300 ~ 500 milliliters of water, or 1 ~ 2 boxes of pure milk or normal temperature yogurt.

If you are in a hurry to catch a train or a plane, the train meal and the plane meal are small and the price is high, so don’t go hungry and endure it in vain or deal with it casually. You can make preparations according to the above and eat happily all the way.

Classic Recommendation

1. Yogurt Mixed with Any Fruit

When you go out, wash the fruit, cut it into small pieces and pack it in a single box. When you eat it, add yogurt and mix it. Strawberry, blueberry and mulberry are recommended.

2. Rice with Porphyra/Seaweed Tuna Rice Ball

Rice, Canned Tuna/Salmon, Sesame, Sushi Sauce, Porphyra/Seaweed.

Step 3: Egg crust rolls

Spread the egg skin well and wrap the ingredients with cucumber shreds, carrot shreds, potato shreds, zucchini shreds, lettuce shreds and chicken shreds. It can be cut into multiple small pieces. It is recommended to match with sweet flour sauce and sweet chili sauce.