Drink juice [detoxification]? Don’t waste your money


I have a best friend who highly admires all kinds of unknown [health preserving] methods, because a few years ago I perfectly ended the dysmenorrhea that troubled her for more than ten years with ibuprofen, and she simply regarded me as a [magic doctor]. With what’s novel [health preserving] products, she would first ask me if I was reliable.

Recently, she sent me another link, a product called [detoxification juice], saying that colleagues around her were drinking it. It was said that it had the miraculous effect of [detoxification] [weight loss]. It was very exciting, but it was expensive. She asked me if it was worth buying.

After reading it, I said: “The current merchants are really wicked. It is too dirty to cheat people and spend 500 to 600 yuan to buy more than a dozen bottles of fruit juice.”

My best friend was obviously not persuaded and began to tell me about the [detoxification] effect of her colleague after drinking.

None of this is [detoxification]

At that time, I almost sprayed a mouthful of old blood on my mobile phone. This was not the detoxification effect. This was clearly diarrhea and hypoglycemia.

Although fruit juice looks like a good beverage, there are all kinds of fruits and vegetables in the raw materials, and there are dregs in it, and dietary fiber should also be there, but beverages are beverages, and there will still be accidents when eating.

Fruit juice contains a large amount of fructose. Some studies have shown that the human body has limited absorption of fructose. When you drink a large amount of fruit juice, there will be a large amount of fructose in the intestinal tract that cannot be absorbed. At this time, in order to balance the osmotic pressure in the intestinal cavity, water will enter the intestinal cavity and the volume of stool will increase.

Fortunately, this [detoxification course] is only three days. If it is a few more days, it is really hard to say whether various electrolyte disorders and acidosis what will occur.

Weight Loss ≠ Weight Loss

They added:

Of course, I have diarrhea and don’t eat. I’m hungry and hypoglycemic. If I don’t lose weight, is there any reason? If you don’t even drink fruit juice for these three days, you will lose more weight!

When you abuse yourself by doing this kind of “light food cut off”, Your body can’t go on strike. Since you don’t have enough to eat, you have to start mobilizing the energy supplies that your body has already stored, such as stored glycogen. When glycogen runs out, you begin to break down fat and protein (i.e. Fat and muscle) to provide energy for various physiological activities. In this case, of course, you will lose weight.

However, who writes his weight on his face, everyone says [hello is thin]. Have you ever heard anyone say [your weight is so low]?

Weight loss from hunger may cause muscle decomposition and muscle content decline, and muscle mass is very important to maintain the metabolic rate of the body (which can be understood as [fat burning efficiency]).

What’s more, you are only hungry for three days a month. At other times, you eat and drink with ease and do not exercise. Weight rebound is predictable.

If you lose weight by [hunger], even if you lose [weight] in the short term, you will not lose [fat] in the long run.

Please stop [detoxifying]

I believe that like my best friend, there are not a few girls who love [detoxification]. Here, I would like to advise you that there is no what poison in your body, please don’t detoxify any more.

Don’t have trouble with bowel stool. There is no medical term for stool. There are undischarged stool in human colon, but in the process of accumulating in intestinal tract, most of it is the absorption of water and electrolyte. For healthy people, there is no so-called stool [toxin] at all. Don’t have to kill them all to be happy.

If you really enjoy the feeling of pulling the stool in your intestines clean, go to the digestive department of the hospital and open a bag of polyethylene glycol for colonoscopy or intestinal surgery. It costs only 30 to 40 yuan. It will definitely make you defecate to fly up and cannot leave the toilet for a day. But what about what for health?