Drink milk to help sleep at night? Is the right time to drink milk what?

-I heard that drinking milk at night is good for sleep. Is it okay to drink milk in the morning? Do you feel sleepy after drinking in the morning?

-I heard that there must be a cup of milk in the morning to strengthen breakfast nutrition. Can I drink it when I am hungry that night?

-Heard that drinking milk on an empty stomach is not good? Sometimes I am too busy to eat. I have a box of milk on hand. Can I drink it?

-I heard that don’t drink milk when eating, is it to drink milk before eating other foods, or to eat other foods before drinking milk?

… …

Is this [listening] too much?

Dr. Clove loves everyone dearly. Drinking milk was originally a very simple thing. It seemed that he had to go through some ideological struggle and choose a good time before drinking it.

Is it good to drink milk in what?

Control blood sugar and prevent obesity: it is best to drink milk 30 minutes before meals.

A 2015 study found that drinking milk 30 minutes before meals and then eating can effectively control the rise of blood sugar after meals. The study also found that drinking milk while eating can also reduce blood sugar after meals, but the effect is obviously not as good as drinking 30 minutes before meals.

The slow rise in blood sugar after meals is actually due to slow digestion, which makes the feeling of fullness last longer after meals, in other words, it is less likely to be hungry. Yes, it’s time to draw the point: drinking milk 30 minutes before meals is also very good for preventing fat upper body!

In fact, previous studies have found that drinking water, soup, drinks and milk and soya-bean milk 30 minutes before meals can automatically reduce our appetite when eating.

To sum up, whether it is to control blood sugar or prevent obesity, half an hour before meals is the best time to drink milk.

Of course, there is a premise here, that is, you have no lactose intolerance problem. If you have adverse reactions to milk, you can completely replace it with yogurt, soybean milk and other liquids, which have the same effect.

The benefits of drinking milk 30 minutes before meals are obvious, but this does not mean that you cannot drink milk well at other times.

The following will talk about rumors about drinking milk at different times respectively, but in order to prevent everyone from continuing to struggle, Dr. Clove is ready to draw a conclusion first…

Unless lactose is intolerant, drink it most of the time.

Step 1 Drink milk on an empty stomach

Lactose intolerance Don’t drink on an empty stomach-it won’t waste nutrition,

The so-called fasting can’t drink milk, some people are worried about lactose intolerance, after drinking milk will abdominal distension and even abdominal pain diarrhea. If such friends eat some other food before drinking milk, the discomfort reaction will be mild.

However, if there was no lactose intolerance, there would be no problem drinking milk on an empty stomach.

Some people think that nutrition will be wasted. In fact, as long as the digestion function is normal, they can make good use of all kinds of nutrition in milk. If you drink milk on an empty stomach, you cannot use nutrition. How can you explain that little babies grew up drinking milk on an empty stomach?

Clearly already hungry, there is a cup of fragrant hot milk in front of me, but it is tangled [can’t drink milk on an empty stomach], which is really very sympathetic…

Step 2 Drink milk at night

Healthy food taken late at night-actually not hypnotic

First, let’s talk about drinking milk at night.

Milk has a strong sense of satiety, and a small cup of milk can effectively relieve hunger. If you are hungry at night, you can choose milk as food taken late at night. It is nutritious, convenient, not easy to overdose, and has relatively low calories. It is better than eating instant noodles, noodles, biscuits, potato chips, kebabs and the like in the middle of the night (although Dr. Clove knows these are better to eat).

There is also a saying that milk can help sleep. Compared with other foods, milk does contain some ingredients that are beneficial to prevent insomnia, but milk is not a hypnotic drug. If there is a real sleep problem, one glass of milk cannot be expected to solve it.

Step 3 Drink milk in the morning

Nutrition is good-actually very hungry

Milk is a good supper, which does not mean it cannot be drunk in the morning.

As mentioned earlier, milk does not have that much hypnotic power, and no research has found that drinking milk in the morning will lead to drowsiness.

In the morning, milk is matched with bread, cereal and other cereal staple foods, which can strengthen the nutritional value of breakfast, delay the rise of blood sugar after meals, and make it less easy to get hungry.

How much milk is appropriate to drink every day?

According to China’s dietary guidelines, it is recommended to eat dairy products equivalent to 300 grams of milk every day, equivalent to one and a half disposable paper cups.

However, this is an average value, which does not mean that there must be so much every day. Sometimes 200 grams, sometimes 400 grams, is no problem at all. After drinking a cup of milk in the morning, you can also drink another cup as food taken late at night, or after drinking a cup of yogurt in the afternoon, you can drink another cup of milk in the evening, so there is no need to worry.

It is no problem to eat milk with other foods. For example, milk is used instead of water to make steamed buns, steamed sponge cakes and flower rolls, and milk is added to soybean milk, porridge and coarse cereal paste. This combination is not only delicious, nutritious and balanced, but also can delay the rise of blood sugar after meals.

Of course, if you especially like dairy products, milk, yogurt, milk powder, cheese and so on will eat a lot every day, you need to reduce staple food and meat accordingly, keep the calories not exceeding the standard, and keep the nutrition balance.