Dripping essential balm into your private parts? Have you considered the following feelings?

Recently, many people have been swept by essential balm, haven’t they?

[Cool and antipruritic, a little cool]? In short, many netizens who have the spirit of exploration have personally practiced it if they don’t agree with each other, while more people are watching with curiosity. Ji Ge, I have never seen strong winds and waves in what? Needless to say, since it is called [scientific], of course we must drive from a scientific point of view.

Is essential balm really better than OOXX?

The cause of the incident was that a network anchorwoman broadcast live that she dripped essential balm into her lower body. As a result, Ji Ge found all kinds of problems… The essential balm herself probably did not expect to return to the Jianghu in this way.

Just looking at the words, I feel hot eyes… … …

Some people say that it is better than OOXX, while others say that it feels like a palace.

In short, when describing the feeling of smearing essential balm on the lower body, the literary level of all netizens is very high, but to scientifically and objectively describe this feeling, we should analyze it from the composition of essential balm:

    1. Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil: Contain menthol and eucalyptus alcohol respectively. These two substances will activate the nerve transmission related to [cooling] and make you feel cool for a long time. However, some studies believe that this [cooling] is related to the concentration. As the concentration increases, the cooling effect will be weakened and local numbness will be caused instead. No matter how high the concentration is, it will cause burning sensation, which will change from cool to burst if you are not careful.

    2. Methyl salicylate: External application or local smearing can dilate skin blood vessels, make skin red, feel spicy, and also cause congestion. Well, congestion you know.

    3. Fragrance ingredients: Camphor, for example, will produce the smell of opening the old wardrobe. Oh, no, it is the smell of camphor wood. Eugenol is a common essence, named because it can make Penis fragrant (you don’t really believe it, do you? )

    In short, when the essential balm is applied to the skin surface, the main feeling is cool and spicy. As for the statement that is as cool as OOXX, just listen to it and don’t take it too seriously.

    Potential Risks of Applying Essential Essence to Private Parts

    After checking the instructions of Fengyoujing, there are mainly the following matters needing attention:

      Children, pregnant women and the elderly and infirm should be used with caution. It is forbidden for people who are allergic to this product, and it should be used with caution for people with allergic constitution. Do not touch mucous membranes such as eyes and oral cavity, and do not use skin damage.

    See? Do not touch mucous membranes such as eyes and oral cavity.

    Genital mucosa is also a truth. Mucosa does not have the protection of stratum corneum like ordinary skin, and menthol has a strong osmotic effect, which can easily let other drugs enter the human body. Long-term use, the damage to skin can be imagined.

    As for other adverse reactions of essential balm… there are edema, teratogenicity and hemolysis. Of course, these are all related to dosage. Occasionally, it is not a big problem to apply a little on private parts.

    Apart from the essence of wind oil, are there other ways of playing what?

    After searching what strange things foreign netizens have smeared into indescribable places, Ji Ge can only say that there are mountains outside the mountain and there is no end to learning. The following excerpts are from ThoughtCatalog.com.

    1. Mineral Ice

    When I was a child, I used Mineral Ice to masturbate underneath. At first, I thought this idea was simply too great, but immediately I thought it was going to burn underneath… P. S. People should not use Mineral Ice to masturbate.

    2. Toothpaste

    When I was a child, I often used shower gel as lubricant to masturbate when taking a bath, but sometimes the urethral orifice would feel a little tingling, so I decided to try it instead. It’s the toothpaste with small sequins inside, and I feel like burning my Penis! Bad! Yes! The family was in the next room, and I could only quietly distort in the toilet… at that time, I really thought I was already in the palace. Thank God, my little brother is still alive.

    3. Chili Sauce

    I was washing a plate where my brother had finished his sandwich, He likes spicy food, There was still some devil chili sauce left on the plate. My hands were also stained with chili sauce when I washed it. I washed it with soap and water, thinking it would be clean. Then I went to take a bath. I usually have one hair when taking a bath, so I started slow motion of my left hand and right hand. Then I felt a little tingling, and then I immediately upgraded, and my little brother felt like it! Fried! Yes! It’s like French fries thrown into McDonald’s frying pan. Really not! Chang! Pain! But I still dare not stop, and I must keep rubbing and washing with my hands, because I don’t want my balls and Penis to become red and swollen! Just because there was a hair in the bath, this is probably the most abnormal pain I have ever suffered…

    Think about all feel pain… Sometimes, the difference between pain and happiness is only between the first line. Anyway, it is the feeling of climbing the sky. This is probably the driving force for everyone to try all kinds of strange items including but not limited to essential balm.

    Jokes are jokes. Ji Ge really didn’t encourage you to try! When OOXX is used, don’t smear anything strange below except lubricant (click to know how to use lubricant)…