Why can’t you keep your mouth shut?

Always want to eat snacks, how to do?

Who will stop my hand from eating!

I’m not hungry, I’m greedy…

I think many people have such troubles.

Why can’t we keep our mouths shut?

Let’s look at Teacher Fan’s story first.

If lunch is only fried cabbage…

Once I went to a TV station to do a program. At lunch time, there was only a plate of fried cabbage and a bowl of rice on the table.

I am very surprised, because even if the conditions are simple, such monotonous lunches are rare.

The TV station staff explained that this was specially made for me. They don’t know where to hear that I am a vegetarian and don’t eat fish, eggs and milk! I also heard that I don’t eat out-of-season vegetables, only Chinese cabbage should be used in late autumn!

I am speechless. Is this too far from the truth?

Although my preferences for various foods will vary, I have nothing that what will never eat except fat meat. Don’t say eggs, milk, chicken and beef, even intestines and stomachs, liver and kidney, silkworm chrysalis and grasshoppers are not taboo.

As for vegetables, for me, half a kilo of dark green leafy vegetables are necessary every day, regardless of whether it is seasonal or not.

I silently finished the plate of cabbage and ate most of the rice, and then continued to record the program. However, my stomach was really not satisfied. After a simple calculation, the protein for this lunch was only 7 grams, which was far from the basic requirement of 20 grams. No wonder my stomach was not satisfied.

So I asked for another bottle of yogurt and finally maintained my normal physical fitness.

Resist the temptation of burger fried chicken

After recording, I arrived at the railway station at 4 pm, but I was already hungry and eager to eat. Look at the fast food restaurants around me. The hamburgers that I usually despise and the fried chicken legs that I have no interest in are all tempting at this time.

I restrained my desire to eat a big hamburger at once and bought a glass of milk, a glass of soya-bean milk, and a roasted chicken wing without touching fried food. After I finished eating and drinking them all on the train, my stomach and intestines gradually returned to peace.

After all, these foods contain about 17 grams of protein. With the addition of the 7 grams for lunch, it is about the same as my daily intake of 20 + grams of protein.

It seems that after supplementing protein and calories, the body feels satisfied for the time being.

Greedy, because the body is not satisfied

Many people once asked me:

Why don’t you eat junk food, why don’t you eat sweets and frying, and will it be unhappy to restrain your appetite?

In fact, I pay great attention to the nutritional balance of my daily diet, and the quantity is reasonable. I won’t feel hungry until the second meal. Therefore, besides three meals, I have little desire for snacks and snacks.

As daily protein and fat are sufficient, I don’t yearn for foods with strong oil flavor.

Looking back on this experience, I once again realized:

If you are eager for many high-calorie foods, the greatest possibility is that the quality of your daily meals is too low to meet your body’s nutritional needs.

You are actually hungry and fat.

Many girls have this experience. After dieting and losing weight, food that did not feel delicious suddenly became particularly attractive, such as desserts, biscuits, bread with high oil and sugar.

This is because the body does not get enough nutrition, it is easy to have unusually eager yearning for high-calorie food.

The food that people are eager to eat is often something that can be imported immediately, something that is rich in oil, sugar and starch, instead of necessarily drinking a large glass of milk and soya-bean milk to suppress their appetite like me.

In fact, if I had only the choice of a cake or a big hamburger at that time, I would certainly have eaten them as quickly as possible… but the nutrition was far less than my current choice, and the calories were much higher.

However, driven by physiological instinct, how many people can remain rational?

Extreme diet to lose weight, easy to gluttony

Unreasonable diet to lose weight seems to be self-restraint, but it will inevitably erupt after restraint.

    Hungry, leading to dissatisfaction and deprivation; Malnutrition, resulting in listlessness, mental retardation and reduced work efficiency; Moreover, it is especially easy to cause gluttony…

When you eat gluttony, you eat foods with low nutrition and high calories, which will only make you fat and cannot improve nutrition.

Then they fell into deep remorse and self-rejection, further heading for the abyss of unhappiness, and even developed into psychological and behavioral diseases related to eating disorders such as bulimia and bulimia.

Stay away from hunger and lose weight, starting with three good meals.

In fact, it is not difficult to solve these problems. It is only necessary to start by keeping away from hunger and losing weight and making up for the nutrition the body needs.

If you already eat too much because you are hungry and lose weight, you should pay attention to it quickly. Don’t dare to eat the next meal because you eat too much once. On the contrary, you should:

  1. Timing and quantification of three meals;

  2. Eat enough protein for every meal, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and bean products.

  3. Eat enough staple food (half coarse grains) and vegetables;

  4. Forget weight and focus on positive things such as study, work and fitness exercise.

In this way, with a sense of satiety, you will no longer want to eat anything else after a meal, and your appetite for the next meal will naturally drop.

After a period of time, you will find that although you have not deliberately dieted, your body shape has not deteriorated or even improved.

Most importantly, the mood and face have improved, and people’s self-confidence and happiness have slowly returned.