Eating Feelings and Long Summer: A Good Calcium Supplement Fruit for Summer Consumption

After long summer, the weather will also get hotter and hotter. In hot weather, the human body’s consumption and demand for level will increase. Eating more fruits can not only supplement water, but also help relieve summer heat.

Seasonal fruits are fresh and juicy, of course you should try one. Naturally, apricots on the market at this time cannot be missed.

There is a custom in Jiangnan region that [long summer tastes three delicacies], and Xinger is still one of the [three delicacies] that must be tasted in some regions. There is also a common saying in our country that [eat an apricot at Dragon Boat Festival, and there is no disease when you get old]. Although the words are exaggerated, it shows that Xinger still has good nutritional value in people’s minds.

Apricot hurts? No, apricot is very nutritious

Modern scientific research has found that apricot pulp has high sugar content, and the sugar-acid ratio is just right. It tastes sweet and sour. The sour and sweet taste brings a little fresh taste to early summer.

Apricot pulp is usually yellow, because it is rich in carotenoids, which is a good choice for vitamin A supplement and also has good antioxidant effect.

The mineral content in apricot pulp is also very rich. Some varieties of apricot have calcium content as high as 200 mg per 100g of apricot meat, which is also a good fruit for calcium supplement.

Apricot has a long maturity period, usually from May to September every year, so fresh apricot meat can be eaten for almost 5 months a year.

In addition to the pulp, the core of apricot is also well-known, that is, apricot, which is highly praised by people. Almond has high nutritional value, especially the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids beneficial to cardiovascular diseases, accounting for more than 95% of the total fat. Eating a little every day is especially suitable for the elderly.

Do not eat almonds raw!

Many people hear that almonds are very good, and they want to eat almonds directly after eating apricot meat. They even want to eat apricot kernels when they go to the mountains to play.

Here, we need to remind everyone not to eat apricot kernels (kernels) directly for the sake of curiosity, and be careful to eat poisoning.

The toxicity of bitter almonds comes from hydrocyanic acid released by the explanation of amygdalin (cyanoside) water. It is also hydrocyanic acid that appears in some movies and TV plays. It can affect the nervous system and even cause death in serious cases. In the past, there have been tragedies in which children ate a large amount of bitter almonds out of curiosity and died.

Sweet almonds also contain cyanoside, which is relatively small, about one third of that of bitter almonds. However, it should not be careless. Eating too much may also cause poisoning.

However, people don’t have to worry too much. With a little treatment, bitter almonds can become very safe. Studies have also found that boiling water can remove more than 90% of toxic substances.

Therefore, if you must eat it, the standard practice is to cook the almonds of apricot in boiling water, then soak them in clear water for 24 hours, and soak them again after changing water, so that most cyanide can be removed.

Recipe Recommendations

Fresh ripe apricots are sweet and sour and can be eaten directly. However, it can also be made into delicious dishes.

Braised Rice with Chicken, Apricot and Mushroom

Raw materials: 4-5 pieces of chicken thigh meat; 2 Coprinus comatus; 1 celery; 7-8 piece of apricot meat; A proper amount of seasoning.


1. Pickle chicken leg meat with cooking wine and soy sauce for several hours in advance for later use;

2. Stir-fry the prepared chicken leg meat and seasonings in a pan until fragrant, then add mushrooms and stir-fry for 2 minutes, then add apricot, celery and other raw materials and stir-fry for 5 minutes, and add seasonings according to your taste and preference.

3. Add rice and stir-fry evenly, then add water to cover the ingredients, turn to low heat and wait for the rice to be stewed!

Almond tofu

Although it is called “tofu”, almond tofu does not contain any bean ingredients. It is made of sweet almond, boiled in water, added with agar, frozen and condensed to become a tofu-like solid. On a hot summer day, it is a pleasant thing to serve a bowl of ice-cold almond tofu.

Ingredients: 1 bag of milk, 100g sweet almond, 5g agar and 1tbsp granulated sugar.


1. Beat sweet almonds into pulp and add appropriate amount of water to boil; Or directly use soybean milk machine to make pulp, and then filter for later use.

2. Mix agar and put it into a cup for later use;

3. Pour the milk into the pan, add the beaten almond pulp, then boil, pour agar, mix well, let stand and cool, and refrigerate in the refrigerator.

4. Cut into pieces when eating, or add honey according to personal preference.

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