Exercise to achieve these eight points, gout attacks less

I believe many friends know that after getting gout, improving lifestyle can control gout attacks. The change of lifestyle includes two parts, one is to pay attention to diet, but to exercise properly.

There is no doubt that exercise is beneficial to gout patients. Exercise can lose weight, keep the body healthy and reduce uric acid levels. Studies have shown that people who run more than 4km a day are significantly less likely to develop gout.

However, gout patients still need to pay attention to the form, intensity, time and other issues when exercising. If the exercise is not proper, it will not bring benefits, but may also cause gout attacks and aggravate the disease. Therefore, I hope my friends will pay attention to the following points when exercising and make full use of the benefits brought by exercise.

1. Exercise intensity is suitable, mainly aerobic exercise

Strenuous exercise can lead to an increase in lactic acid production in the body, inhibit uric acid excretion, and cause gout attacks. Therefore, aerobic exercise should be selected, such as brisk walking, jogging, tai chi, swimming, dancing, etc.

Step 2 Pay attention to the time and frequency of exercise

For gout patients, aerobic exercise should be carried out for more than 30 minutes every day. If it is not a patient who exercises frequently, a step-by-step method can be adopted, i.e. Exercise 4-5 times a week for about 20 minutes each time, and then gradually increase to daily exercise for 30-45 minutes each time.

3. Pay attention to drinking more water during exercise.

Gout patients should pay attention to timely replenishment of water during exercise to avoid uric acid increase caused by urine volume reduction and blood concentration caused by sweating.

4. Pay attention to cold protection and warmth preservation

If the temperature is too low, the solubility of urate will decrease and gout will occur more easily. Pay attention to cold protection and warmth preservation when the weather changes. If the outdoor temperature is too low, it can be changed to indoor exercise.

5. Pay attention to the quality and process of sports

During exercise, the whole exercise process can be divided into three stages: preparation period, exercise period and relaxation period, and the time required for each stage is distributed according to 1: 3: 1.

    Preparation phase: Adequate warm-up is required, The time is about 5 minutes, The aim is to make the joints and the tissues and muscles around the joints move. Avoid injuries in the following sports. Sports Phase: Pay attention to adjust the exercise intensity, Avoid excessive intensity, Enter anaerobic exercise. Generally, the intensity can be judged by the heart rate after exercise. It is recommended that the heart rate after exercise reach 50% ~ 80% of the maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate = 220-age). Relaxation period: You can do some relaxation exercises, such as walking slowly, stretching gymnastics, shaking limbs, etc. Relaxation exercises help to increase muscle extensibility, increase joint range of motion, flexibility, and relieve muscle soreness.

After exercise, you can also take a warm water bath, which has a better effect on relieving fatigue and pain.

6. Don’t exercise when gout attacks

The premise of exercise is that it must be carried out during the remission period of gout, and it is not suitable for exercise during the acute attack period. At this time, exercise will not only aggravate the pain, but also aggravate the disease.

7. You can also exercise with tophus.

For patients with tophus around the joint, as long as the skin surface is not broken, there are no diseases such as heart, brain and kidney, and the joint movement is normal, the movement can still be moderate.

At the same time, for patients who already have uric acid crystals, it is better not to carry out sports with heavy load on lower limb joints and feet, such as mountain climbing, long-distance running, football, jumping, etc., so as not to stimulate uric acid crystals to fall off and cause gout attacks.

8. Exercise is not a substitute for medication and diet control

Exercise is only a part of gout treatment, and it should be combined with diet control and drug treatment. Only in this way can gout attacks be avoided to the greatest extent and uric acid in blood be controlled.