Why don’t you continue your holiday today? What if you feel tired and don’t love it?

Just after the weekend, why are you still tired?

I want to reflect on myself. The following is my profound self-reflection.

STEP 1 Don’t exercise

A study by the University of Georgia in the United States suggests that maintaining moderate or low-intensity exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes each time for 6 weeks can significantly increase your strength and endurance and help your cardiovascular system operate more efficiently.

Well, tiredness can’t be an excuse for not exercising. Because regular exercise will make me more energetic.

Reflection: The first thing to do at home tonight is to pounce on the soft sofa? Oh, no, change a pair of running shoes and start exercising.

Step 2: Eat unhealthily

(1) Not enough water

Nutrition experts point out that even a small amount of dehydration can lead to fatigue. Dehydration can cause lower blood volume, thick blood, lower heart efficiency, and lower transportation rate of oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to or aggravate fatigue.

Introspection:Get up more to pour water and move the stiff cervical and lumbar vertebrae by the way. Nutrition experts recommend a simple formula:

Water to drink at least every day (unit: mL) = body weight (unit: kg) × 16.3

(2) No breakfast

People are iron and rice is steel. After a night’s consumption, you need to supplement some energy to make your body run at full power. A nutritious breakfast can make people full of motivation.

Reflection: Breakfast should be eaten on time. A nutritious breakfast can make the morning full of energy.

(3) Eating too much junk food

Three meals a day often patronize roadside shops or order takeout directly. Most of these foods are high-salt and high-fat foods, which have high blood sugar raising ability after eating. However, excessive fluctuation of blood sugar level can easily lead to fatigue.

Reflection: Diet should conform to the dietary pagoda. I don’t know what it looks like. Click on the blue word on the right to view < < 2016 Best Diet Method > >

(4) No coffee today?

Have a cup of coffee before starting work. Well, it’s a wonderful morning.

Studies suggest that three cups of coffee a day are good for your health, but inappropriate drinking time can also interfere with your sleep cycle. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows that drinking coffee even six hours before going to bed can interfere with sleep.

Did you drink too much coffee yesterday?

Introspection:Drink less coffee in the afternoon and eat less caffeinated food.

3. Not sleeping well

(1) Drink before going to bed

Experts pointed out that although alcohol can inhibit the central system and produce sedative effect, the rebound effect after alcohol metabolism will lead to adrenal system excitement and affect your sleep. This is why some people wake up in the middle of the night after drinking. And sleep is not good, natural spirit is not good.

Reflection: No, I usually don’t drink, and I don’t drink before going to bed.

(2) Keep your hand on your mobile phone before going to bed,

Tablet computers, smart phones, and the strong light on these display screens can inhibit melatonin secretion, a hormone that regulates sleep rhythm. This hormone secretion is disturbed and may disturb the body’s circadian rhythm.

Reflection: Don’t play with your mobile phone after turning off the lights.

(3) Irregular sleep

When it comes to holidays, life is irregular? Stay up late watching movies, playing cards, playing games, and then sleep most of the day? If so, it is not what’s accident that he did not sleep well at night.

If you sleep too late, even if you can sleep until 10 o’clock in the morning, you cannot save the exhaustion caused by irregular sleep.

Reflection: Sleep rules cannot be disorderly.

4. Work under great pressure

(1) Too much pursuit of perfection

Psychiatrists point out that in order to pursue perfection, they will work hard, thus giving more, making them prone to fatigue. Some unrealistic and unattainable goals lead to lower and lower self-satisfaction until it disappears.

Virgo, I may have this problem.

Introspection: Set a completion time for your work and then strictly abide by it. Extra working hours may not necessarily improve your work. As long as I finish my work effectively within the stipulated time, I can also become an excellent employee.

(2) Recently, I have been a little anxious,

Is it because I am worried that my boss will fire me if I don’t do my job well? Psychologists say: Too much anxiety can make people exhausted until they collapse. Proper anxiety can make work better, but too much is counterproductive.

Reflection: Take a deep breath and relax. When necessary, see a psychologist.

(3) Do what you can

Learn to evaluate your abilities and plan your work well. Say “No” to new jobs at the right time. If you don’t know how to refuse, there will be more and more jobs. Over time, when you are too busy, you will begin to generate negative emotions, resentment, anger and dissatisfaction, which will make you feel exhausted.

Shouldn’t you promise to write this article?

Reflection: Forget it, I’d better write the manuscript quickly.