Extrauterine Pregnancy-Mines on the Road to Good Pregnancy

For women who are ready to become mothers, except for a few who are better pregnant, they can be pregnant by touching them. Many people’s pregnancy process is comparable to a long journey to learn from the experience, full of difficulties and obstacles. Finally, they are pregnant, and it may also be a deadly mine-ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, every expectant mother who has tested [two bars] must not be carried away by victory. Be careful that it is ectopic pregnancy, which will kill people if it is serious.

Extrauterine Pregnancy-Bomb that May Detonate at Any Time

One day when I came home from work, my wife was practicing yoga. She twisted her waist and asked me, “what happened to ectopic pregnancy?” Is it a serious problem? ]

I was confused by her sudden question, and my nerves became nervous. Many thoughts quickly passed through my mind:

The last time she menstruated, what? Like half a month ago.

Is there any difference between menstruation and before? I don’t think so.

Is there any change in menstrual period? I don’t think so.

Have you said anything about stomachache recently? I don’t think so either.

When these questions flashed through my mind at the speed of a supercomputer, I still didn’t think why she asked this.

After listening to my wife, I realized that she would be interested in this problem because their boss’s cousin died of ectopic pregnancy.

The wife did not understand: [Originally, I had a good pregnancy and had a rest at home. I was alone at home. When I found out that I was in the toilet, I was no longer able to do it. This is also terrible! ]

I told her that ectopic pregnancy is an emergency in gynecology. When bleeding is severe, immediate surgery in the hospital may not be able to rescue it.

How is ectopic pregnancy return a responsibility?

After listening to me, my wife still looked puzzled: [so serious? What the hell is going on here? ]

I saw that she was interested and planned to tell her about it:

Extrauterine pregnancy is the seed of fertilized egg, which is not planted in the uterus but outside the uterus.

At this point, I stood at attention, clenched my fists with both hands, raised my arms horizontally to both sides, and continued to explain after posing: “My head and trunk are the uterus, my two arms are the fallopian tubes on both sides, and my two fists are the two ovaries. My present posture is basically their positional relationship.”

My wife saw that I was going to give her a lecture again and said with a smile: “It’s quite similar.”

Normal pregnancy

Normal pregnancy

Every month the ovaries release an egg, This egg will be picked up by the fallopian tube, Swim from the farthest end of the fallopian tube to the uterus. At this time, if you meet sperm, you will be fertilized, so the fertilization position is in the fallopian tube, usually in the position of my forearm. Then the fertilized egg is transported into the uterine cavity by the fallopian tube while splitting, and finally planted in the uterine cavity, which is implantation. Once implanted, it will not move.

Ectopic pregnancy

If the fertilized egg gets stuck during tubal transport, Before entering the uterine cavity was planted down, that is ectopic pregnancy. The most is to stop in the fallopian tube, but the tube wall of the fallopian tube is much thinner than the uterine wall. Seeds planted down are to take root and sprout. If the wall is too thin, it may not be long before the wall is penetrated, that is, pregnancy mass rupture.

Rupture in different places, The size of the crevasse is different, and the rapid degree of bleeding is different. Most of the time, if it is only a small opening, the blood clot is just solidified and blocked on the top, and the bleeding may not be so urgent, or there is a chance to be sent to the hospital for rescue. If the crevasse is relatively large, or the position of the crevasse may not be good, the situation is more urgent, such as cornual pregnancy.

If the trunk is the uterus, then my shoulder is the position where the uterus and fallopian tube are connected. This place is called the horn of the uterus. The muscular layer here is relatively weak. The blood vessels of the uterus, ovary and fallopian tube all pass through here. Once ruptured, the bleeding will be very fierce and the consequences will be serious.

Ectopic pregnancy

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are very good at disguising.

[Is there no symptom at first for such a serious problem? ]

In fact, there are various symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. The book says that the typical symptoms are menopause, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, but in fact many people’s ectopic pregnancy is not so typical.

For example, a considerable number of people’s vaginal bleeding symptoms occur around the time of the next menstruation, which will make people think it is menstruation. As a result, both menopause and vaginal bleeding are ignored.

[Ah? Is that every menstruation also want to check whether there is ectopic pregnancy? What if I leak out the ectopic pregnancy? ]

No way. Said is mistaken for menstruation, the vast majority is because did not care, ectopic pregnancy vaginal bleeding and menstruation is still different:

Generally, the amount will be less, the color will be darker, even brown, as if menstruation is always unable to get out of the feeling;

There are also some more, but the time will also be longer, longer than the normal menstrual period, always ticking unclean.

In addition to these mistakes, vaginal bleeding during menstruation, there are also some terrible situations:

Even though I was going to get pregnant, I may have miscarried with bleeding as a threatened sign and was still there to protect the baby.

Or even if there was no blood or stomachache, just like normal pregnancy, it suddenly burst suddenly.

[This is too terrible, can’t you find it in advance? ]

Yes, the better way is to do B-ultrasound. If you have already tested pregnancy, but you haven’t seen embryo sac in the uterine cavity, and you have seen the echo of mass outside the uterus, then you should be careful about ectopic pregnancy.

However, B-ultrasound can only be made after at least 40 days of pregnancy. The method found earlier is to draw blood for testing and check hCG, which is the indicator of testing pregnancy. If the value of hCG can double the next day, then the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is very small and can be relieved basically.

Can ectopic pregnancy be prevented?

Ectopic pregnancy can only be found early, not prevented early.

In fact, ectopic pregnancy is the most common disease in gynecological emergency night shift. The current incidence rate is 2%, that is to say, 2 out of every 100 pregnant people are ectopic pregnancy. However, if there has been an ectopic pregnancy, the risk of another ectopic pregnancy will increase tenfold to 20%.

Unfortunately, at the current level of medicine, It is not possible to prevent ectopic pregnancy. Some people think that it is possible to have a tubal fluid examination before pregnancy. But this can only check the degree of oviduct patency, cannot prevent ectopic pregnancy. Oviduct is not a simple skin tube, it itself is still in constant movement, even if bilateral oviduct is unobstructed, also does not mean that will not ectopic pregnancy. If you have just begun to prepare for pregnancy, there is no need to do this examination.

Mothers-to-be who are pregnant at home should have a timely prenatal examination. Even if there is ectopic pregnancy, they can be found as early as possible so as to be safe.

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