Eyelid growth of small pimples, is eye cream caused by disaster?

Eye cream is one of the commonly used care products for beauty lovers. The overwhelming advertising campaign said that it was fantastic: with a slight touch, wrinkles and color spots were far away from me.

However, I bought eye cream in a hurry and applied it for several months. Not only did I not eradicate the problems I wanted to solve, but I also found new minor problems, with small pimples growing around my eyelids!

What’s going on here? Is it not the eye cream that caused the disaster?

Eye cream is too nutritious and sometimes causes trouble.

1. Is the knot in one’s heart what?

Different from the middle-aged and elderly people with relatively dry skin, Young people’s skin usually secrete more exuberant oil, the oil layer on the surface of their skin is relatively thick. If they use eye care products with sticky texture, they may cause local pores around their eyes to block up and form small particles like acne, like a tiny grain of rice. That is commonly known as [fat particles].

The main components of [fat particles] are some keratinous debris and sebum.

2. What should I do with fat particles?

To avoid the formation of fat particles, choose eye care products suitable for yourself.

If fat particles have been formed, don’t be nervous, don’t scratch with your hands, so as not to cause more damage to the skin or even cause infection, go to the dermatology department, and ask the doctor to squeeze them out with acne extruder and disinfect them properly.

3. Be careful of inflammatory papules!

Some eye care products are not only sticky and greasy, but also rich in nutrition. Not only the skin likes them, but also bacteria like them very much. If they are not well preserved, they may proliferate a large number of bacteria on the local skin surface.

If the skin barrier function is perfect and the bacteria on the skin surface are more and less, it doesn’t matter much, and the face will be washed off. However, if acne and acne are growing, bacteria will have the opportunity to run to the hair follicle to dominate and cause flushing inflammatory papules.

At this time, you have to give up this eye cream immediately and go to the dermatology department to see a doctor.

Lower eyelid knot in one’s heart is not necessarily a disaster caused by eye cream.

Many girls also found that their lower eyelid has some small lump with a diameter of several millimeters, and no hair follicle opening can be seen on the surface. It seems that there are fat particles in the hair follicle. Is this a disaster caused by eye cream?

In fact, this is only because I don’t feel much at ordinary times, and I can’t remember that I grew it in what. Usually, only when I apply eye cream, I stare straight at my eyelids, only to find out: Hey, how did I grow so many things?

In fact, this is a small benign skin tumor that is more common in young women’s lower eyelid: syringoma.

Syringoma can have nothing to do with eye cream.

Syringoma is usually considered to be a benign tumor related to female hormone levels, which increases during puberty, pregnancy, premenstruation or when taking estrogen and progesterone drugs.

Although it will not disappear on its own, there has been no case of malignant transformation into cancer in so many years of clinical experience at home and abroad, and there is no what effect on health.

If you think they are not good-looking, you can go to the dermatology department to point them out. If you don’t mind, keeping them will not cause what damage to your body.

Red and itchy around the eyes? It may be the wrong way to use it.

I have also received some patients, saying that it is good not to use eye cream, but after using it, the rim of my eyes is red and spicy. If you ask carefully, nine times out of ten have a history of exposure to the sun.

The patient couldn’t understand: Why is it the same sunburn? Only the part where the eye cream is applied is sunburned, but the cheeks and forehead are fine. Isn’t it the disaster caused by the eye cream?

Some eye care products instruct users to use them at night in the instructions for a reason.

This is because eye cream contains some substances, which may increase the sensitivity of users to sunlight and form [photosensitive dermatitis]. However, these substances have effects on eye skin such as preventing fine lines, whitening, moisturizing, etc., or some spices that make people feel happy to smell.

Therefore, this kind of eye care products can only be used at night and should be carefully washed when getting up in the morning to wash your face.

Among them, the more common substances are:

    Salicylate, impure Vaseline, bergamot, sesame oil, lemon oil, etc.

In particular, it is worth pointing out that some eye care products containing Chinese herbal medicine ingredients such as Angelica dahurica and Psoralea corylifolia may also lead to increased skin sensitivity to sunlight and photosensitive dermatitis.

Don’t think that the eye care products you use are so natural that they won’t cause skin discomfort, but you should read the instructions carefully and choose them according to your own needs.


Eye cream, as one of the important skin care products, can bring considerable improvement to our appearance if used properly, but whether it is appropriate or not depends on the specific situation of individuals.

There are also some problems that cannot be solved by eye cream or have nothing to do with whether eye cream is used.

Therefore, when you are not sure what kind of eye cream you are suitable for, or whether some eye skin diseases are related to eye cream, you should remember to consult a dermatologist in a regular hospital.

Responsible Editor: Haitang