Eyes are so hard, how to love it well?

At work, I can’t take my eyes off the computer. There are a lot of documents and statements. Eat, stare at your cell phone, and eat with gossip. Toilet, don’t play mobile phone games for a while can’t be released normally; Very not easy to go to bed, WeChat is on the stage, friends circle light browsing does not bubble watching the scene of bustle is also a hypnotic means… Gradually, the eyes are dry, burning pain, blurred vision, looking at things have to squint…

Why do my eyes often dry and itchy?

Dry eye accounts for a large proportion of people attending ophthalmology. Why? Because we [eyes are too busy]. Generally speaking, We blink every five seconds or so, Blink can make tears fill the eyeball surface and moisten the eyes. But when we concentrate, Blink less often, Tears continue to drain on the surface of the eyeball but cannot be replenished in time. The cornea has been dry for a long time without rain. Naturally, dryness occurs. In addition, Tears also have bactericidal effects, When dry eye occurs, The protective layer is missing, Eyes are more prone to inflammation, Conjunctivitis, keratitis, Often come unexpectedly. Recognize the relationship between light and eyes. We all have such daily life experiences: The flickering light can make the eyes very uncomfortable. In daily life, the current used by light bulbs changes periodically. The change of current will cause the brightness of the lamp to change, We call this flickering [stroboscopic], It is generally difficult for us to find out because the changes are too fast. Stable and bright light helps relieve eye fatigue. Therefore, eye protection lamps on the market should be produced at the right time: The basic working principle of high-frequency eye protection lamp is to change low-frequency flash into high-frequency flash. By using variable frequency electronic ballast, Convert normal 50 Hz alternating current into high frequency alternating current. In this way, The stroboscopic speed of lights has increased to thousands or even tens of thousands of flashes per second. The speed of flickering exceeds the nerve response speed of human eyes, So learning under this kind of light, People will feel more comfortable with their eyes. It should be pointed out that Whether the [eye protection lamp] on the market can really protect eyes, At present, there is no scientific judgment. Some people think that there are already lights in the room. Put another lamp on the desk, Some redundant. This idea is very wrong. Because the decoration of Chinese families is often to install lamps on the roof in the middle of the house. The desk is often placed against the wall. When we sit at our desks, The light is actually not so bright. Therefore, Put a desk lamp, Increase brightness, It is helpful to reduce eye fatigue. The placement is exquisite. Right-handed (right-handed) is best at the top left, If you put it on the right side, it will block the light. And vice versa. When choosing lamps, We also need to pay attention to [color temperature]. The color temperature of lamps should not be too high. The higher the color temperature, The more reflective you are when you read, The stronger the stimulation to the eyes, the more likely it is to cause pain and fatigue. However, it should not be too low. The eyes need to be identified with great difficulty, which will increase the burden on the eyes. This does not have a special uniform standard, and it is better to feel comfortable for individuals. Different places, choose lamps on demand 1. Bedroom choose bedroom lamps and lanterns, and try to choose soft colors. You can choose orange lights, Create a warm and quiet atmosphere, It helps sleep. Now the lamps are red, green, blue and yellow. All kinds of things, During the holidays, Rich colors help to raise interest, Increase the festive atmosphere, But as a daily home, Still should always remember that the light should not be too dark or too bright. 2. Many people in the living room often turn off all the lights when watching TV. Only the light source of the TV set flashed, In fact, this kind of practice can easily lead to eye fatigue. When watching TV, The lights should be turned on, Don’t let the TV flash too strongly. 3. Office and study places need to use eyes for a long time. In addition to having regular school places, in fact, it is very difficult for us to relax after half an hour or an hour. After all, many people are overwhelmed with work, so it is particularly important to create comfortable light. It is suggested to focus on white light close to natural color. Choose lamps and lanterns, and the color and luster are mainly comfortable. Is it enough to have lights? If we choose the right lamps, can we once and for all? No. Except for the lights, Our table, Our books, If you are not careful, you will [hurt your eyes]. In order to protect your eyes, The desks we choose should not be too high, Too high We need to lift our shoulders when reading and writing. The distance between the eyes and the book desk will be shortened. The desk is too low, And stooped shoulders and back, Over time, the cervical vertebrae and shoulders will protest. More importantly, We can’t use too bright paint, Too strong a reflection of light hurts eyes. Coated paper is very popular now. The quality feels high, But the reflection is strong, It is easy to cause eye fatigue. Therefore, when choosing books, we should try our best to choose the conventional printed version, not too fancy. The road of eye protection, scientific norms to escort the stability and brightness of light is very important, but our eye habits are more important. Mobile phones and computers should be used in moderation. Reading without sleep and food is not recommended. It is good to combine work and rest with moderate rest.