Femoral head necrosis, not only because of long-term use of hormone

Necrosis of the femoral head, It is a common orthopaedic disease. Femoral head ischemia and osteocyte necrosis caused by different reasons, And then changes in bone structure and mechanical function, Finally, it causes hip joint pain and dysfunction. The course of femoral head necrosis progresses rapidly. Most patients have femoral head collapse about 2 years after femoral head necrosis, Therefore, the disability rate of femoral head necrosis is relatively high, Causes of femoral head necrosis There are various causes of femoral head necrosis, But the most common reasons are as follows: 1. Long-term use of hormones According to orthopaedic statistics of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, In the past 20 years, Hormonal necrosis of the femoral head accounted for 46.03% of all femoral head necrosis, It is extremely common in clinical practice. There are some patients with immune diseases, Such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, In some cases, hormones must be used to control the disease. At this time, the use of hormones is inevitable. However, Some friends blindly believe in the so-called “folk prescription” or “ancestral secret recipe” in the streets and lanes. These drugs probably contain hormones, After using it, it may temporarily relieve the symptoms, However, because the dosage and usage of hormones are incorrect, It could lead to hormonal necrosis of the femoral head. So, When using hormones or hormone-containing drugs at ordinary times, they must be applied under the guidance of doctors. Of course, we can’t trust the so-called [folk prescription] or [ancestral secret recipe]. 2. Long-term alcoholism and alcoholic femoral head necrosis account for 15.4% of all femoral head necrosis in our hospital. The proportion is also very large. Moderate drinking can promote blood circulation, It can relieve mental stress. But if you drink too much for a long time, It will do great harm to our health. Such as fatty liver, pancreatitis, hypomnesis, Of course, there is alcoholic necrosis of the femoral head. Alcohol increases blood viscosity, Causing bone microcirculation disturbance, Eventually leading to necrosis of the femoral head. So for the sake of everyone’s health, We advise alcoholic friends to give up drinking. 3. Hip trauma, the most common of which is femoral neck fracture. It can directly affect the local blood supply of femoral head, Causing necrosis of the femoral head. If it is not treated in time, One third of the patients with femoral neck fracture will suffer from femoral head necrosis. Therefore, patients with femoral neck fracture must be treated in a regular hospital in time. Without delay, So as not to miss the best time for fracture reduction. Especially for the elderly over 60 years old, In the event of a fall, And there is hip discomfort, It is very necessary to go to the nearby hospital to take a hip joint film. So as not to delay diagnosis, Missing the best treatment window. Treatment and Prevention of Femoral Head Necrosis Clinically, the treatment of femoral head necrosis can be divided into two categories. The first is to protect the femoral head based on various treatment methods, The second is total hip arthroplasty. At this time, total hip arthroplasty can provide a movable painless joint for the patient. So that the symptoms can be greatly relieved, With the progress of modern science and technology, The development of materials science and biomechanics, Total hip arthroplasty has become a mature treatment, Tens of thousands of patients abroad receive this treatment every year. The life span of artificial joints can also reach about 20 years at present. Some artificial joints can even exist in the body for more than 30 years. Of course, the specific situation varies according to different patients. After surgery, patients can obtain hip joint function required by daily life. Some patients’ friends can even take part in basketball matches, which are more intense sports activities. Of course, our doctors do not advocate such intense sports activities, Because it may shorten the life span of artificial joints. Carry out appropriate and suitable sports activities, It can not only promote cardiopulmonary function, Without increasing the damage to the artificial joint, It is OK. Mistakes in diagnosis and treatment of femoral head necrosis 1. Not all hip pain is femoral head necrosis. Sometimes the pathological changes of waist can be reflected in hip. Presented as pain around the hip joint, As a result, some patients were misdiagnosed as femoral head necrosis. 2. Beware of femoral head necrosis when knee joint pain and some patients went to see a doctor because of knee joint pain. Because the knee joint and hip joint have nerve cross innervation, Some doctors with little clinical experience are likely to treat this part of patients according to knee joint diseases. Results the symptoms did not ease after a period of time, After another examination, it was found that there was something wrong with the hip joint. Femoral head necrosis, But at this time, often because of too long a time, The collapse of the femoral head has lost the best treatment opportunity. 3. Loss of treatment opportunities due to urgent medical treatment. Due to the development of medical information and the Internet, Many people have learned about the disease of femoral head necrosis through various channels. However, due to the lack of systematic diagnosis and differential diagnosis and professional treatment knowledge, Often apply various treatment methods to oneself, Believe in the treatment methods introduced in various small advertisements, Often, instead of being cured, On the contrary, the disease gradually worsened, Lost the opportunity for treatment. At present, There is no ideal treatment for femoral head necrosis, Therefore, prevention is particularly important. We suggest that the majority of patients’ friends should avoid trauma, quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption, drink less than 6 ounces a day, and use hormones with caution. In short, femoral head necrosis is not an incurable disease. As long as the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment methods are selected, the majority of patients’ friends can finally get rid of pain and live a happy life.