Precursors of cerebral apoplexy: Once discovered, seek medical treatment immediately.

Cerebral apoplexy is a disease with obvious characteristics of three high and two low: once suffering from cerebral apoplexy, the patient’s body and spirit need to bear great pain. Therefore, it is very important to find out in time and seek medical treatment as early as possible. If there are any of the following signs, seek medical treatment immediately for numbness of limbs and inflexibility of activities; The spat angle is askew to one side; A sudden drop in responsiveness; Blood pressure rises and falls. Paroxysmal headache and dizziness, and more and more severe; Intermittent paralysis or inability to speak; Sleepy, unable to wake up, Or not. In addition to these possible precursors of stroke, Some patients will also suffer from severe vomiting, convulsions, incontinence and other symptoms. If the above symptoms are found, Stop any activity now, Quick and timely medical treatment. Stroke is a disease that, The sooner it is discovered, diagnosed and treated, the better it will be for the recovery of the disease. Stroke is a serious disease that must be treated in time. There is no folk prescription or trick to bring it back to life. Any form of delay and delay will affect the patient’s life and the quality of life in the future. Responsible Editor: Haitang