Finger condoms, oral condoms, female condoms… Inventory of those alternative condoms

It’s finally getting cold, and the craziest thing in the past few months is probably sex, uh, no, the housing market…

The first set of hard work, the second set of gambling, buy a house to Bigu, real estate speculation afraid of caught. One word: set!

This time, Ji Ge will talk about all kinds of [sets]. If you only know one [set] from the central government, is it still an old driver? Yes, but it’s just the kind that just takes up an old one.

What are the highlights besides the central one?

Central 2 [Set]: Afraid of allergy, change materials

People who are allergic to natural latex basically bid farewell to latex condoms. Latex allergy is mainly caused by protein allergens in latex. Since one set is not good, then change to two sets.

The second [set] in the center uses polyurethane as raw material instead of latex material.

Polyurethane is what we often call PU, an organic polymer material. Although the elasticity of polyurethane cannot reach the level of natural latex, the polyurethane sleeve will not be allergic and has higher strength, which can be made thinner.

Central triple: A bite sleeve on the tip of the tongue

Biting is a more intimate and trusting sex. Although it will not be pregnant, biting is not 100% safe. As long as there is contact with body fluids, there is the possibility of infection. Besides, oral mucosa is easy to break and gums are easy to bleed.

What gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, HPV virus… really will [disease from the mouth] oh.

Do you think it’s okay to use ordinary condoms? It’s not impossible, but… don’t you really think it’s a waste? Is it really good to have a mouthful of rubber?

There is usually edible lubricating liquid on the central three [sets], which plays a lubricating role, so that the bitter taste of rubber will not be felt, and different tastes such as apples, cantaloupes, lemons, strawberries, etc. can be selected. In short, I feel that I have become fresh!

However, there are also some oral sex condoms that are just sex toys and do not have any safety guarantee. When choosing, you must carefully look at the instructions.

Place 1 [set]: Finger set that covers only one finger.

Finger cuff is a condom worn on the finger, far away from the [center], so it is a [set] of places.

Those who are willing to use finger handsets pay attention to people. Its greatest benefits are cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

I acquiesce that you all know that you should wash your hands and cut off your nails before finger interruption, and if you use finger interruption cuffs, the safety factor can be increased by another level.

The use method of the finger sleeve is also very simple, almost the same as that of the central one. Just squeeze out the air inside. The biggest difference is… you have ten fingers to choose from.

In addition to conventional latex materials, there are also finger cuffs made of silica gel. The surface design of silica gel finger cuffs is usually more concave and convex, which can bring additional stimulation and can be used repeatedly after cleaning.

Women’s Channel: Condoms for Women

Men’s Penis can be condom, women’s vagina can also be ah.

Women’s condoms are usually made of polyurethane, which is not easy to be allergic and has higher strength. More importantly, women can have greater initiative, which is really proud.

Another [set]: What? Invisible condom?

Invisible condoms, also known as liquid condoms, are not real condoms. Their real body is vaginal spermicide.

Closer without wearing a condom? Beautiful!

The success rate of spermicide is only about 70%, and it will destroy the epithelial cells of vagina or rectum, resulting in a higher risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended not to die.

Although the first [set] in the central government is not wonderful enough, driving is, after all, safety comes first.

Of course, on the basis of safety, you can change the channel from time to time, change the perspective, and have some fresh ones. Old drivers can have more sets.