Ginger scalp wiping, scalp massage, black sesame… can these methods really grow hair?

I heard people say that I was extremely clever when I was young.

When I grew up, I slowly felt that there were more smart people around me.

It was not until I became a dermatologist who specializes in dealing with [skin and hair] that I found that smart people are everywhere. Especially men, almost one in five people is [extremely smart].

Where there is demand, there will be a market, but the market is really full of pits. Dr. Clove will take stock of the most rumors related to hair growth.

Rumor 1: Ginger Wipes Scalp

Truth: It’s just a legend.

Ginger is originally a good thing, many delicacies cannot leave it, and some studies also show that ginger may have other effects. But can ginger [grow hair]?

Let’s first look at what medical research says:

The treatment guidelines for alopecia issued by foreign authoritative institutions have never mentioned treatment methods related to ginger, and have not done any related research.

The Chinese are very concerned. A recent study from Southern Medical University gave the answer. The main ingredient in ginger [6-gingerol] not only does not promote hair growth, but may inhibit hair growth.

You see, not only is it not recognized internationally [ginger grows hair], but also domestic research proves it is ineffective ().

Some people also said that although it is useless to eat, ginger is spicy. Wiping it can stimulate scalp and promote blood supply, which can help hair grow.

It sounds reasonable, but I just want to say how spicy ginger is. If spicy stimulation is useful, should it be better to wipe scalp directly with chili oil and mustard?

But do you really want to treat your scalp like a string and a sashimi?

Rumor 2: Eat more black foods such as black sesame, black beans and black rice.

Truth: It is true that black food is nutritious, but hair growth is to drive ducks to the shelves.

Many people firmly believe that eating black food can cure alopecia and reduce white hair. Is it because our hair is black? By analogy, should those blonde and red-haired people abroad eat more corn or have more hair and blood?

Although melanin is an indispensable component of healthy hair, and black food does contain melanin, the key is that these melanin cannot be used by the human body after entering the human body.

The source of human melanin is melanocytes, which use tyrosine in the body to transform into melanin.

You asked, is it enough to supplement tyrosine? The ideal is very beautiful, but the reality is that the body has its own way of operation, and it is not that if you add more raw materials, the small factories in the body can make more use of it…

Although black sesame, black bean and black rice cannot grow hair, as coarse cereals, they are good companions for a balanced diet. Since they have been bought, they do not need to be thrown away.

Eat well, eat a balanced diet and ensure sufficient nutrition. This is the basis for hair growth. There is no need to look for magical food specially.

Rumor 3: Scalp Massage and Other Beauty Salon Methods

Truth: Unreliable.

Everyone wants to get involved in the market for hair growth. This is not true. Hair growth theme beauty salons in the streets and lanes have also blossomed everywhere.

These beauty salons, which claim to be able to grow hair, have what’s unique skills? According to outpatient information, there are probably the following:

    Hair follicle detection, take a microscope or magnifying glass to show you the hair follicle, fool you to say how abnormal the hair follicle is; Shampoo with self-made shampoo, claiming to have special hair growth function, exclusive secret system; Scalp massage, apply some hair growth products, of course, or exclusive secret recipe, massage is also quite comfortable; Laser hair germinator helps blood circulation.

Of course, there are all kinds of other new things that make your scalp upside down and upside down. Anyway, it is just for one purpose to make your scalp comfortable.

Well, I’m going to help you save money again. These methods of beauty salons can neither prevent taking off nor grow hair:

    Doctors can’t use hair follicle detector and secret shampoo, which is meaningless. Massaging the scalp is like beating cattle across the mountain. It cannot affect hair follicles. The only effect is to relax for a short time. The so-called laser hair germinator and various hair germinators have not been studied to show definite curative effect.

Rumor 4: Polygonum multiflorum Thunb

Truth: … …

If it weren’t for the news last year that a master died of poisoning by taking nearly 6 kg of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb to treat alopecia, many people might not have known that Polygonum multiflorum Thunb was poisonous…

Can Polygonum multiflorum Thunb really be used to treat alopecia? The answer is, not yet.

    The exact curative effect and specific mechanism of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb in treating alopecia are still unclear, and there is no real scientific and reliable data to prove the effective rate of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. At present, only a few animal tests show that it may be effective, but it is still a long way from human application.

However, Polygonum multiflorum Thunb has not been recognized by the International Alopecia Guidelines, and it also has a side effect that cannot be ignored, that is, severe liver injury.

Is it really worth looking at the uncertain effects and thinking about the risks?

Rumor 5: Shampoo with Hair Growth Shampoo

Truth: Shampoo’s job is to clean. Anyone who claims to “cure alopecia” and “grow hair” is a hooligan.

There are many people with alopecia, and the market is large when the demand is strong. Therefore, Duang ~ Duang ~ Duang ~, all kinds of special effects [hair growth shampoo] have come on stage.

A careful study of the popular [anti-alopecia hair growth shampoo] on the market will reveal that they are nothing more than the following categories. Dr. Clove will analyze them one by one:

1. Contain ginger or ginger extract

This has already been specifically spit out, so I won’t say much. It’s useless.

2. Containing vitamin B series

B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins and cannot be directly absorbed by skin or hair follicles at all. Even if added, they are still useless.

3. Ketoconazole, selenium dioxide, zinc pyrithione, etc

Although these ingredients have certain antifungal and dandruff-removing effects, they are still far from anti-loss and hair growth. However, people who buy this kind of shampoo are lucky, at least it can relieve the scalp greasiness of male bald patients.

It should be reminded that this kind of shampoo should be used under the guidance of doctors and purchased at regular pharmacies. Don’t use it for [hair growth].

4. Minoxidil

This is the only drug that has been proved to be able to promote hair growth. Some products claim to be able to promote hair growth, but this ingredient has been secretly added.

However, the concentration added by the manufacturer to the shampoo cannot be guaranteed, and it is difficult to be effective to use the shampoo process to administer the medicine.

Alopecia is a common phenomenon, but it is not without treatment. However, before solving the problem, you must first know that the cause of your alopecia is what, androgenic alopecia? Is it drug-induced alopecia? Is it alopecia caused by mental stress? Is it alopecia caused by thyroid disease?

Looking at so many possible causes of alopecia, how can there be a only effective solution? Dr. Clove suggested that we should go to a professional dermatologist first to understand the reason so as to achieve targeted [hair growth]!