Follow these practical tips to help you get through menopause smoothly.

Time spends no time, and in an instant I am in my forties. I am bored and hot flashes, waist and knees ache, menstrual disorder… Suddenly I found that this is the beginning of menopause.

Last time we listed the common manifestations of menopause (click to view the article). Of the votes of more than 1,000 people on WeChat and the website, nearly 70% said they were at this stage now, while another 20% said they were about to enter menopause and were a little at a loss.

So this time, Dr. Clove will talk about practical ways to deal with various symptoms.

Changes in menstrual volume and cycle disorder

Understand that this is a common phenomenon of menopause, don’t panic.

Pay attention to menstrual hygiene and nursing.

It is suggested to have a comprehensive gynecological examination every year.


    Non-menstrual hemorrhage, even a small amount of punctate hemorrhage; Vaginal bleeding or pain after sex; The amount of menstruation is obviously increased or the bleeding time is obviously prolonged. Vaginal bleeding after menopause; Abnormal vaginal secretions.

It is suggested to seek medical treatment in time to make clear whether these situations are caused by fluctuations in climacteric hormone secretion.

Hormone replacement therapy can be considered. However, after professional evaluation and guidance by doctors, treatment should be carried out as required, and hormone therapy should not be blindly used on its own.

Hot flashes and sweating

It is also due to changes in estrogen levels in the body.

Eat less spicy food.

Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, especially before going to bed.

Light exercises such as walking, stretching and yoga can relax the body and mind and are good for improving symptoms.

Certain prescription drugs, such as gabapentin (antiepileptic drugs) and clonidine (antihypertensive drugs), can relieve hot flashes and improve climacteric sleep disorders. Hormone replacement therapy also has a significant effect on improving this symptom. However, as previously stressed, don’t take it yourself, and use it rationally under the guidance of a doctor.

Summer is approaching, and the symptoms of hot flashes may be more serious. Sweat-absorbing and breathable clothes, the use of air-conditioning fans, and keeping your living environment ventilated and reasonably humid will all make you feel better.

Vaginal dryness and decreased sexual interest

Keep your private parts clean, scrub your vulva with clear water, and flush your vagina is not recommended.

Wear sweat-absorbing and breathable underpants and change underpants frequently.

Don’t be ashamed to share your feelings with your other half. It is good for you and respect him.

Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are over-the-counter drugs that can be used to relieve vaginal dryness and sexual pain. Usually it can be used every 2-3 days or according to the drug instructions.

When necessary, hormone replacement therapy can be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

Osteoporosis, joint soreness

Supplementation of calcium tablets and minerals can combat osteoporosis caused by calcium ion loss and relieve common symptoms of joint pain and weak movement in climacteric women. If combined with proper exercise and balanced diet, the effect will be better.

Get more sun, but pay attention to sun protection.

When exercising, avoid wrestling and bumping.

Chest tightness, suffocation, panic

Hormone fluctuations will cause changes in vasodilation, thus causing chest tightness, suffocation and palpitation.

Proper exercise, regular examination, control blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar.

Estrogen has the function of protecting cardiovascular system and can also reduce the content of blood lipid. Estrogen replacement therapy can be considered.

Emotional swings, irritability and anxiety

There is no need to deliberately change your past living habits, nor do you need to be too anxious and try to accept changes in your body.

In addition to keeping a normal diet and regular work and rest, you can also read books, newspapers or TV every day and take part in exercises such as square dancing.

If you are too bored at home, go out and walk more, such as traveling with your sisters, and learn some new technologies to keep your material and spiritual world in a stable state.

The supplement of multivitamin minerals is not only helpful to physical health, but also helpful to regulate autonomic nerve function, which can effectively control mental and emotional fluctuations.

Dietary Suggestions

    Every day, vegetables and fruits should not be less than 1 kg, increase the intake of high-quality protein (fish, chicken, eggs, bean products) and control the intake of fat food. Drink 1-2 cups of milk every day, which can be drunk alternately with soybean milk to supplement both protein and calcium. Don’t eat too much, don’t overeat, don’t lose weight through diet, eat on time; Don’t eat too salty, control the intake of salt (less than 6g per day, no more than the amount of a beer bottle cap).

Exercise Suggestions

It is better to take part in any sports than to sit still.

Square dancing, brisk walking, jogging, Taijiquan, badminton… are all good sports choices. Exercise at least 3 times a week, each time for more than half an hour.

This is good for maintaining muscles and stabilizing joints, and can exercise heart and lung function, and also has certain protective effect on cardiovascular system.

If the symptoms of menopause are mild, try the methods provided in this article.

If the symptoms have seriously affected life, it is necessary to seek the help of endocrinologists and psychologists in time.

Having said this, I just want to show one thing: climacteric symptoms will involve many [parts] of the body. Scientific and appropriate treatment can not only relieve symptoms and make oneself comfortable, but also eliminate some hidden dangers in the future, such as fracture, arthralgia, cardiovascular diseases, depression, etc. caused by osteoporosis.

There are ways to improve the quality of life, so why still stick to the idea of “holding on hard and carrying on hard, the past is good”?

I hope this article can help Dr. Clove’s lovely readers.

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