Four manifestations of gout deterioration, please see if you have them!

The deepest understanding of gout is [pain], but high uric acid and gout go far beyond arthralgia. It may also lead to joint function damage, kidney damage, aggravation of diabetes, increased myocardial infarction, stroke risk, etc.

In order to reduce the occurrence of these serious hazards, gout patients must understand their own conditions and achieve early detection and intervention.

When gout deteriorates, the following four signs often appear. You can compare your own situation to see if there are any of these manifestations.

1. Increased frequency or prolonged duration of attacks

Some gout patients often attack once a few years after the first gout attack. Therefore, they also relaxed their vigilance, did not take any medicine, and did not avoid eating.

However, the following is often an increase in the frequency of attacks: several times a year, once a few months, several times a month, and finally long-term joint pain.

If the attack becomes frequent or the duration of a single attack is prolonged, you must immediately start or continue the regular uric acid reduction treatment. If you still think about [looking for folk prescription, medicine is not necessary to take, can delay], continuous inflammation will bring permanent damage to the joint and affect the joint activity function.

2. Gout occurrence [metastasis]

Most of the first onset of gout is in the big toe. However, if uric acid is not well controlled, uric acid will continue to deposit in other joints, resulting in joint pain such as ankle joint (ankle), knee joint (knee) and finger.

Many patients call it [gout metastasis], but this is not a real disease metastasis, but a manifestation of worsening gout.

3. Gout nodules appear

If uric acid is at a high level for a long time, uric acid will also deposit in soft tissues, forming some small nodules, namely tophus or gout nodules.

Tout can occur everywhere in the body, with fingers, elbows, ears and other parts of the most common. Tout not only affects the appearance, but also can lead to serious deformities and affect joint movement.

Gout nodule is a warning signal for the disease to enter a serious state, which must be paid enough attention to.

4. Manifestations of kidney damage

Uric acid is mainly excreted by the kidney. If there is a problem with the kidney, the excretion of uric acid will be blocked, thus causing accumulation of uric acid in the body.

What is more serious is that a lot of [waste] in the body needs to be excreted through the kidney. If the kidney is damaged and fails, uremia and even death may occur.

Therefore, gout patients should not forget the kidney condition while paying attention to whether gout attacks or not. When the following conditions occur, we must be on high alert for kidney damage:

    An obvious increase in the number of nights. Foam urine, lumbago or edema of lower limbs; Renal hypertension.

If gout patients have already shown the above-mentioned manifestations, don’t delay any more. Go to a regular hospital in time and start standardized gout treatment.