Gain weight, probably because of lack of sunshine

Do you always have 30 days a month, feeling empty, lonely and cold, lazy and unwilling to move?

The more autumn and winter it is, the more what does not want to do it and only wants to eat?

Just want to eat but not move, you may lack [light]

Studies have found that light is not only important to our vision, but also helps to adjust our biological clock, which is closely related to our health.

Exposure to bright light can help regulate sleep, improve mood and even improve work efficiency.

In ancient times when there was no electricity or fire, people lived at sunrise and sunset. When the light was dim, the brain would tell itself that it was time to rest and people would automatically become sleepy.

Unfortunately, we now need to stay at home or in an indoor environment such as the office for a long time. According to research, on average, less than 5% of the sunlight can enter the building room every day. Even if the light is turned on in the room, it is not as bright as natural light and is not bright enough to adjust the biological clock.

Poor light quality will affect our choice of healthy food and lose sufficient motivation for exercise.

People may feel that they are not bright and cold enough in dark light. Their bodies need to burn a small stove to help them keep warm. Then they will naturally choose to eat more foods with high oil, sugar and calories.

In a dim environment, people are not only prone to drowsiness, but also in a bad mood. In order to adjust their emotions, they may overeat [emotionally] and eat too much and don’t want to eat too much… In this way, they fall into a dead circle.

Cloudy days, rainy days and smog days make it easier to get fat due to lack of light.

If I tell you at this time [go outdoors more]…

It’s over. Outside, people are either dressed in [fog] or ten [haze] clothes. It’s either the torrential rain or the heaviest snowfall, and the weather is not very beautiful. Especially in some cities such as Beijing, smog weather appears at regular intervals. If you don’t agree with a word, PM2.5 off the charts.

Studies have found that people in high latitudes are more likely to suffer from depression, which may be related to high latitudes and insufficient sunshine.

Autumn and winter seasons with more bad weather are also seasons with high incidence of seasonal emotional disorders.

The main symptoms of people are lethargy, fatigue, exuberant appetite and insufficient energy … As a result, they will once again fall into the dead cycle of gaining weight.

Teach you to deal with [lack of light] fat

1. Eat the right food and make up for the light.

Diet? Starving? Wrong!

This will only make you more listless and want to eat more and more. If you suffer from malnutrition or lack of access to certain nutrients, such as B vitamins, you will become more and more mentally retarded, depressed and prone to fatigue.

Inadequate carbohydrate intake and hypoglycemia will also make people groggy and depressed.

No breakfast? Is lunch okay? Wrong!

During the day, they will be groggy, depressed and overeating at night. Research shows that eating abundance during the day is good for health and weight control.

When you are in a bad mood, you must eat sweets and high-carbon water? Wrong!

In a short period of time, it may be due to the rapid rise of blood sugar and the flourishing secretion of hormones that I feel satisfied with my emotional recovery. However, it is easy to be hungry and will soon feel sleepy. There will also be habits and dependence. The more you eat, the more addicted you become. The more you eat, the more (thin) you will not be able to get down.

Step 2 Seize every opportunity to bask in the sun

When there is sunshine, seize all the time and opportunities and go out for more activities. If you are more sunny, you will be healthier. For those who are afraid of sunburn (no matter the four seasons), remember to wipe sunscreen with appropriate index.

3. Choose a good lighting position

To buy a house, one must choose a design with good lighting. The dining room, living room and bedroom should have sufficient light intake and often pull the curtain open.

If it is a public space, choose a position near the window and with good lighting.

Step 4 Do more indoor exercise

If you don’t want to go outdoors and become a human flesh vacuum cleaner, do more indoor exercise. Hormones produced during exercise will make your mood sunny.