Game [How many rumors can you see through? [The third level of topic analysis

1. If you have oral ulcer, what is the correct way?

A. It was caused by excessive internal heat, Rapid use of Banlangen Granules B. Up to now, the etiology is unknown, Try a little anti-inflammatory and analgesic C. It’s vitamin deficiency, Buy a lot of fruits immediately to eat answer: B analysis: Oral ulcer is not caused by vitamin deficiency, eating more fruits cannot [treat] oral ulcer. Even, tomatoes, oranges, lemons and other legends [vitamin C content is relatively high] but the acid content is also considerable fruits, will aggravate pain, delay healing. 2. Someone around suddenly myocardial infarction, which of the following methods is right? A. Use nitroglycerin or aspirin to the patient B. Beat the bend of the arm, or do cardiopulmonary resuscitation C. Let the patient lie flat and hit 120, waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel Answer: C Analysis: Sudden myocardial infarction, the most important thing is to rescue in time, but this must be handed over to professionals. Eating nitroglycerin casually may bring the risk of hypotension; It is totally useless to beat the arm and bend. Even cardiopulmonary resuscitation cannot save the ischemic heart. 3. How much radiation does the mobile phone have? A. Extremely large, It can lead to brain tumor b. It is a kind of [non-ionizing radiation] c. This depends on the length of time you spend on the phone every day. B Analysis: Radiation can be divided into two categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, computers, WiFi devices and other devices that can be contacted in life belong to non-ionizing radiation. Relevant scientific research has not found any evidence to prove that non-ionizing radiation is harmful to human body. 4. Which radiation is larger, CT or MRI? A is CT, because X-rays will bring ionizing radiation B. Must be MRI, because doctors prescribe less C. Both are similar, or X-ray photography is safer answer: A Analysis: Radiation can be divided into two categories: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. MRI and B-ultrasound are non-ionizing radiation means and will not cause damage to human body; CT and X-ray films belong to ionizing radiation, and the radiation intensity of CT is much higher than that of X-ray films. 5. Which of the following views on cancer treatment is correct? A. As long as the attitude is positive and optimistic, Cancer may heal without treatment B. Some dietotherapy methods have therapeutic effects on early cancers C. Cancer may indeed heal itself. But it is almost impossible for cancer to heal itself. Although psychologists believe that there is a so-called “cancer personality”, the research results seem to show that a good mentality cannot prevent patients from dying of cancer. As for the “anti-cancer diet”, it can only be said that it is too outrageous. 6. Which is right about insulin use for diabetics? A. Wipe the needle with alcohol before hitting. B. Replace the needle with a pump. Diabetes is expected to cure C. Insulin needles can only be used once each answer: C Analysis: Insulin injection is a treatment method that needs to be implemented as soon as possible for patients with type 1 diabetes. The needle of the insulin needle is disposable. The insulin pump embeds the insulin needle under the skin, imitates the laws of the human body, and continuously secretes insulin. It can only better help patients manage blood sugar and cannot play a [curative] role. In theory, each needle can only be used once. The more times it is used, the more painful it will be because the needle becomes blunt. Wiping with alcohol will only dull the needle and make it more painful when sticking the needle. 7. The little nephew is only 1 year old and has diarrhea. Do you want to take some anti-inflammatory drugs? A. Just a little, I take B every time I have diarrhea. No anti-inflammatory drugs, You can take antidiarrheal. C whether to eat or not depends on the doctor. Buy some oral rehydration salts first. Answer: C Analysis: The most common cause of diarrhea in children is viral infection, There is no specific medicine, but it will get better by itself. During diarrhea, The most important thing is to prevent and control dehydration. Oral rehydration salt is a good choice, but it is necessary to pay attention to dosage forms and usage methods. In addition, there are many reasons for diarrhea. If the child is not in good spirits, he should see a doctor as soon as possible. As for whether to take anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctor has the final say. 8. How to lactagogue is the most effective? A. Drink [Yuezi wine] to promote milk secretion B. Drink chicken soup, bone soup, pig hoof soup and other nutritious [lactagogue soup] C. Eat more fish, poultry and eggs, feed more milk, and ensure enough water. Answer: C Analysis: [Yuezi wine] cannot lactagogue, but may delay lactation, and may make milk contain alcohol, endangering baby’s health; All kinds of [lactagogue soup] are not nutritious, milky white soup is actually fat, which may lead to obesity; More breast-feeding should be given to the baby so that the baby’s sucking can stimulate milk secretion. In addition, it is recommended that nursing mothers can consume 200 ~ 300 g of high-quality protein such as fish, poultry, eggs and 10 ~ 11 glasses of water every day. If they really don’t want to drink water, they can also drink soup appropriately. 9. Mothers-to-be of hepatitis B Dasanyang worry about their children being infected with hepatitis B all day long, really? A. It will definitely be contagious, Therefore, China is a big country with hepatitis B. Although it is possible, But modern medicine has reduced the possibility of transmission. C. It is very likely that, Therefore, hepatitis B mothers cannot give their babies breast milk. B Analysis: At present, the most important mode of transmission of hepatitis B in China is vertical transmission from mother to child. According to the possibility of transmission, The specific mode of transmission is in turn during living, during pregnancy and during lactation. Compared with immunoglobulin injection during pregnancy, After the baby is born, the vaccine and immunoglobulin are vaccinated, Meaning is greater. As long as the liver function is good and the viral load is not high, hepatitis B mothers can also breast-feed their babies. 10. Regarding the use of refrigerators, the following statements are correct: A. Tea should be refrigerated B. Bread should be refrigerated C. Steamed buns should be frozen quickly, not slowly. Answer: C Analysis: Tea leaves are easy to lose their aroma after being stored for a long time, and it is inevitable to put them in the refrigerator. However, when put in the freezer, the taste will still be fresh in the second year. Foods rich in starch such as bread will become hard and undelicious when put in the freezer. If you put it in the freezer for a long time, there will be mildew. If you put it in the freezer, there will be no such problems. Quick-frozen food can preserve the taste and taste without damaging the cellular structure of the food. 11. Which is correct about losing weight? A. It is impossible to lose weight locally. B. The most efficient and safe way to lose weight is to take medicine. C. It is healthy and effective to lose weight by cutting off food. Worth recommending answer: A Analysis: Fat is distributed throughout our body, Some places are thicker. Unfortunately, It is impossible to expect to lose local fat by exercising locally. Weight-loss drugs are aimed at people whose BMI exceeds the standard from a medical point of view, and have various strange side effects. Ordinary people must try under the guidance of doctors. Weight loss by cutting off food not only reduces fat but also muscle, which is not good for the body and is not desirable. 12. Is tooth washing very harmful to teeth? A. Tooth washing is good for oral health, Can prevent and treat periodontal disease B. Washing teeth will wash the teeth large, Causing tooth loosening C. Tooth washing can cause tooth sensitivity, No longer [hot and cold, sweet and sour, Eat as you like] Answer: A analysis: The enlargement of the teeth will eventually lead to tooth loosening because of gingival atrophy caused by periodontal diseases. Tooth sensitivity is also due to mild or severe periodontitis, which has nothing to do with tooth washing. Tooth washing is not the so-called oral beauty, but is a preventive measure for oral diseases, and is helpful for the recovery of gingivitis and periodontitis. 13. Can a glass of red wine every day prevent heart disease? A. Yes, because resveratrol in red wine is good for cardiovascular diseases B. Yes, because red wine can regulate blood circulation C. Drinking is not recommended to prevent heart disease Answer: C Analysis: Most studies on resveratrol beneficial to cardiovascular diseases are based on animals, and whether resveratrol also acts on human beings is still uncertain. Most studies believe that red wine is no more beneficial to heart health than other wines. Drinking alcohol is addictive and the amount is difficult to master. Excessive drinking will increase the risk of cardiomyopathy, hypertension, liver injury, obesity and various cancers. Drinking alcohol every day is not recommended to prevent heart disease. 14. My little nephew is only 1 year old and has a high fever of 40 degrees, but he is alive and kicking. How should I deal with it? A. Hurry to the hospital for emergency treatment, It’ll burn your brain, B. Give me some antipyretics first, Go to the hospital as soon as possible. C. Wipe your body with alcohol to cool down. Drugs have side effects. Answer: B Analysis: Fever is a symptom, Many diseases can cause fever, Virus or bacterial infection is the most common situation. Baby fever above 38.5 degrees is necessary to take cooling medicine, physical cooling cannot effectively reduce the body temperature, protect internal organs. But light cooling is not enough, find out the cause of fever, receive treatment is more important. 15. Is the radiation of security check machine harmful to mother? A. The X-ray of the security check machine is stronger than the chest X-ray, Mothers-to-be are very dangerous B. Qualified security check machines are harmless to human body C. Do not stay beside security check machines for more than 30 seconds. Answer: B Analysis: The standard radiation leakage dose of the qualified security check machine is close to the background radiation dose we come into contact with in our daily life in the natural environment. According to relevant UN technical reports, staying near the X-ray security check machine for 5 hours is equivalent to a medical X-ray chest X-ray. Game [How many rumors can you see through? [How many rumors can you see through? [The second level of topic analysis