Get fat as soon as you quit smoking? Let me tell you how to crack it.

Every time I go home, I can see my father’s stomach bulging out a lot. The front view, side view and top view are getting closer and closer to spherical.

When satirized by my mother and me, my father would always say: “I used to be thin, but since I quit smoking, I have gained more than 30 kg …” while lamenting that I got fat because I quit smoking more than ten years ago. While continuing to eat big fish and big meat, it’s okay not to eat green vegetables for a day, but not to eat meat for a meal. I wish I could fade out of my mouth.

If [quitting smoking] can speak, be sure to say [this pot, I won’t recite it.]

[Quit smoking and gain weight] It seems to be an inevitable thing. Many people who quit smoking will, like my father, blame smoking for the reason for growing meat. There are also many people who have been slow to make up their minds to quit smoking because they are worried about gaining weight after quitting smoking.

In order to help those friends who are worried about growing meat and dare not quit smoking for a long time, Dr. Clove tells you how to solve the dilemma of “getting fat after quitting smoking”.

Why does quitting smoking make you fat?

Will quitting smoking lead to meat growth?

Yes, but it is only temporary, and the weight gain will not be too much. The weight gain caused simply by quitting smoking is generally only 4 ~ 10 kg.

Fat weight like my father’s [quitting smoking for more than ten years and growing dozens of kilos of meat] simply cannot depend on quitting smoking.

After quitting smoking, people will gain weight in the short term, which is related to many reasons:

    Nicotine in tobacco can act as a stimulant and improve metabolic rate. In heavy smokers (generally referring to smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day), smoking can make people consume more than 200 calories a day. Nicotine can inhibit appetite. The damage of smoking to blood vessels will also affect the absorption of nutrients by the digestive system.

After quitting smoking, people’s metabolism, appetite and absorption of nutrients gradually return to normal levels. If their eating habits do not change, the weight gain at this time is equivalent to recovering the weight lost due to smoking.

Quitting smoking can also lead to meat growth.

In addition to the physical changes after quitting smoking, the way of quitting smoking also promotes the growth of meat.

When quitting smoking, many people use [turning smoking addiction into appetite] to relieve their impulse to smoke.

When my father just gave up smoking, every time he finished his meal or was free, he subconsciously touched his pocket to find a cigarette. Seeing that my mother felt very distressed, he bought him a good polysaccharide and put it in his pocket. When you want to smoke, you can take out a candy from your pocket, which is also a relief to your loneliness.

I believe many people do the same when they quit smoking. When their addiction comes up, they will eat something to ease it.

After eating too much, it is normal to grow meat.

What if you want to quit smoking and don’t want to get fat?

Keep an eye on [an import]

When quitting smoking, don’t eat sugar as soon as you smoke. You can have sugar-free and low-calorie chewing gum.

Pay attention to what you put into your mouth and pay attention to the calories. Eat a limited share of calories on nutritious things and eat snacks that can fill your mouth and are not so high in calories.

If you can eat it, fresh carrot sticks are a very good choice. If you can’t eat it, some dried vegetables, fresh fruits, dried fruits and low-fat cheese are also very good choices.

If you are infatuated with sweets, try to choose snacks without sucrose.

When the appetite is very strong, drinking more water will help relieve the impulse to eat. If you can’t drink plain boiled water, herb tea, cola zero and other low-calorie beverages can also be used.

Brush your teeth frequently

After quitting smoking, you can appropriately increase the frequency of brushing your teeth. Besides cleaning your teeth, you can also effectively relieve the loneliness of your mouth.

After brushing your teeth, the feeling in your mouth is fresher and can also help stop the urge to smoke.

Don’t go on a diet

Quitting smoking itself is a very test of willpower. When quitting smoking is used to test yourself again, don’t give yourself the double test of dieting. Why do you have such a hard time with yourself?

For people with iron will, there is certainly no problem in this kind of training.

However, for most people, this is more likely to bring too much mental pressure to themselves, more likely to fail to quit smoking, and more likely to cause intermittent overeating, which is not good for the body.


Smoking can make people burn more than 200 kilocalories a day. After quitting smoking, these calories can be burned through exercise.

Smoking time can almost achieve this effect by using exercise. It is also conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and a good figure. Why not?

Therefore, friends who want to quit smoking and are afraid of getting fat should stop worrying.

Ten thousand steps back, even if you grow meat when you quit smoking, when you say goodbye to tobacco completely, you really want to lose weight and can lose as much meat as you want.

Many people who say that [after quitting smoking, the growth of meat cannot be reduced] are all like my father who refuse to wronged their stomachs, are too lazy to move, and refuse to admit it. They have to throw the blame to [quitting smoking] and mislead the majority of good young people who want to turn over a new leaf.

Remember a word: fat, easy to reduce; Lung, change can be troublesome.