Get to know yourself better and grow old with your wife.

As you grow older, People are more eager and dependent on intimate relationships. Not only that, older people also want to have the same passionate and pleasant sex life as they did when they were young. However, various problems brought about by aging may make this wish difficult to realize. Only by fully understanding the possible causes and dealing with them can older people enjoy sex better.

The natural phenomena that accompany aging

1. Women

Increased wrinkles and gray hair on her face will make her no longer confident, which will lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

Changes in private places have a more obvious impact on sexual life. The decrease in estrogen secretion will make the vaginal wall thinner and dry, and it will be more easily torn during sexual activities, resulting in pain and bleeding, which often makes sexual life end in embarrassment.

At this time, you can seek help from a doctor. Usually, you choose water-soluble lubricants, which will make your sex life more harmonious. Moisturizing products are recommended for basic care at ordinary times, such as once every 2-3 days. Of course, some doctors may also recommend local use of estrogen in vagina.

2. Male

According to statistics, 65% of the elderly men over 65 years old have erectile dysfunction. Many male compatriots will need longer time and more caress to lift their glory. The strength and majesty are not as good as before. When I was young, I burst out and became a trickle of Juanjuan. However, the time and number of times to regain the momentum are more and more prolonged and less.

Some diseases, drugs, surgery, physical discomfort and disability may affect the sexual ability and pleasure of the elderly. At the same time, emotional problems will also have certain effects on sexual life.

Common Diseases Affecting Sexual Function in the Elderly

1. Arthritis

Joint pain caused by arthritis often makes sex uncomfortable and unbearable. Joint replacement or taking certain drugs can often relieve the pain. Proper exercise, proper daily life and warm water bath can also help relieve the disease. Try some new positions or control the sex time to regain the fun of sex.

2. Chronic pain

Any kind of persistent pain can affect the intimate relationship between the two sexes. In fact, as long as you actively seek treatment, the symptoms of chronic pain are not incurable. However, some analgesic drugs can affect sexual function. Therefore, when planning to take such drugs, you should communicate with your doctor in advance and discuss the best medication plan.

3. Dementia

Some elderly people with dementia, Instead, their sexual desire is more vigorous and they are more eager for physical contact. However, some patients with severe dementia are no longer able to identify their spouse but are still seeking sexual contact. This will make their real spouse feel embarrassed and difficult. For such patients, we suggest actively seeking the help of professional doctors, nurses and trained social workers.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes can make some male patients erectile dysfunction. Female diabetic patients are more prone to mycotic vaginitis, leading to vaginal pruritus and discomfort, thus affecting sexual function and reducing sexual desire. In fact, as long as active treatment, these two problems can be solved.

5. Heart Disease

Stenosis and hardening of arteries will affect the function of blood vessels and make blood flow unsmooth. Elderly people who have had a heart attack often worry that sex will be induced again. Although sex is generally safe, for such elderly people, we still recommend following the doctor’s advice on sex life.

Once the disease worsens during sex, chest pain or dyspnea cannot be relieved, call 120 for help in time. Doctors also often change treatment and care plans according to the development of the disease.

6. Urinary incontinence

Although both fecal incontinence can occur, urinary incontinence is more common in elderly women. For example, stress urinary incontinence often occurs when exercising, coughing, sneezing or lifting weights. Many people will avoid sex because abdominal pressure often increases during sex and leads to urinary incontinence. But urinary incontinence can be treated.

7. Stroke

Strokes often seriously affect sexual function. For patients with partial muscle weakness or paralysis, changing body position or implanting some medical equipment may improve sexual function. In fact, some patients with paralysis below the waist can still enjoy orgasm and sexual pleasure.

8. Depression

Lack of interest in activities that you have loved and enjoyed in the past, such as intimate behavior and sex life, may be a symptom of depression. Sometimes people are often difficult to realize the existence of depression. At this time, you can seek the help of a psychiatrist, and depression can also be treated and controlled.

What other factors will affect sex life?

1. Surgery

Many people are worried about the impact of surgery on sexual function, especially those that include genital parts. However, most people can regain the pleasure of sex after surgery. If you have any worries about this, you can communicate with your doctor before surgery.

    Hysterectomy: Usually, older women do this kind of surgery, Ovaries are often removed at the same time. The patient and her husband are often worried about their future sex life. Mastectomy: This kind of surgery will remove all or part of the breast tissue of a woman. This kind of surgery often makes women feel unattractive. Lack of feminine temperament. Breast reconstruction can be performed. Prostatectomy: Patients with prostate cancer or prostatic hypertrophy often undergo partial or total prostatectomy. Urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction may occur after surgery.

2. Drug factors

Some drugs can affect sexual function. Mainly include some antihypertensive drugs, antiallergic drugs, antidepressants, sedatives, hypoglycemic drugs and some anti-ulcer drugs (such as ranitidine). Some drugs can cause impotence or ejaculation disorders in men. Some will reduce women’s sexual desire. If you have doubts in this respect, you can tell the doctor that you can choose some drugs that do not have side effects according to the patient’s requirements.

Step 3: Drinking

Excessive drinking can cause erectile dysfunction in men and delayed orgasm in women.

Safe sex, rejection of sexually transmitted diseases

Aging can affect the sexual function of the elderly, but it will not reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in the elderly. The elderly are still infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia infection, genital herpes, hepatitis B, condyloma acuminatum and trichomonas vaginitis.

In order to better protect themselves, it is recommended to use condoms in sexual life. For women with dry vagina, use condoms containing lubricant, or use water-soluble lubricant while using condoms, which will make sexual life more harmonious.

Regularly carry out relevant examinations. Communicate frequently with your partner. Even for the elderly, we should actively prevent sexually transmitted diseases and remain vigilant.

The Spiritual Life of the Elderly

Sex is always the most subtle and balanced aesthetic feeling between soul and body, It has nothing to do with age. Older people tend to enjoy more wonderful sex experiences when having sex with a lifelong partner than when they were young because they live at ease, have more free time and personal privacy, and do not have to worry about pregnancy and other issues after amenorrhea.

However, older couples will also suffer from various problems such as aging, death, illness, retirement and lifestyle changes. All these will affect their sex life.

Faced with these problems, We should not blame our partner. Try to find a psychological counselor for help. Some psychological counselors will also provide some solutions to life problems. If male partners are found to be suffering from erectile dysfunction, Or the female partner’s sexual desire decreases, don’t take it for granted that the other person has lost interest in himself. Actively communicate, seek help and treatment. Most of these problems can be solved well.

A happy old age

For single elderly people, regular participation in social activities involving other elderly people and making more friends can help relieve loneliness. Elderly activity centers, elderly universities and community entertainment centers are all good choices.

For the elderly whose partners are still alive, Cherish and care for each other is even more precious and important. Cherish your partner, Appreciate each other’s advantages, communicate and face all kinds of problems brought about by aging together. In sex life, you can try different postures or change the time of sex life. For example, in the morning, both of them get a good rest and are energetic. It may be more wonderful to have sex at this time.

In the process of sex, don’t be too impatient, your partner may need more caresses and kisses to be full of sexual interest. Many widows and widows can enjoy sexual happiness and be satisfied by masturbating.

When there are problems in sex life, don’t be ashamed to say it, actively communicate with doctors and seek solutions.

Growing and getting older does have problems that affect your sex life. But it also makes your partner more dependent on each other and more intimate. Communicate with each other and say what you think. Hugs, kisses, caresses and long-term relationships often make each other more admire each other, which may make your later years more sexually happy.

Even as they get older, And grow old gracefully, Sex is getting old. The key is to keep a healthy and energetic body. Active exercise, soothing mood, relieving stress, comprehensive diet, balanced nutrition, drinking more water, fruit juice, and quitting smoking and drinking are all good methods. Communication with doctors and keeping an open and positive attitude are more conducive to professional help. For the elderly, a healthy body is the capital of sexual happiness!

Responsible Editor: Fei Fei