Sleepy, poor skin, fat… Is this natural aging? Beware of hypothyroidism knocking at the door.

Xiao Chen has always complained recently: after 25 years old, women begin to age… often feel tired and sleepy, can’t sleep when they are old, and their skin is not as good as before. I feel that I haven’t eaten much and have gained a lot of weight. Once a friend reminded me, why don’t you draw blood to check the thyroid function?

I don’t know if I don’t check, but there is really a problem: Xiao Chen [hypothyroidism]!

What is the problem with hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is called hypothyroidism.

    The performance is very diverse: Due to various reasons leading to thyroxine deficiency in the body, Hypothyroidism patients will show fatigue, lethargy, anorexia, listlessness, fear of cold, dry skin, sweat reduction, constipation, mucous edema and other symptoms, female friends can also appear menstrual cycle extension, even amenorrhea. Diagnosis of hypothyroidism is very simple: draw a blood, do a thyroid B ultrasound. Treatment is also simple: take medicine to supplement thyroxine.

Thyroid problems, not just [iodine]

Xiao Chen also knows a little about thyroid gland, and she feels strange: [I always pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat iodized salt, and especially like seafood. I don’t lack iodine. How can hypothyroidism occur? ]

To this, the doctor’s answer is:

Indeed, iodine is a necessary substance for synthesizing thyroid hormone. However, iodine deficiency is not the only cause of hypothyroidism.

Even, most hypothyroidism is not caused by iodine deficiency, but due to some reason, the thyroid gland’s ability to synthesize thyroid hormones decreases, which then leads to diseases.

Therefore, after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it is generally not necessary to deliberately supplement more [iodine] elements.

Thyroxine supplement to lose weight? It was sheer nonsense

Now the most troubling problem for Xiao Chen is that he has gained a lot of weight.

[Doctor, is it good to take thyroxine tablets for this? Can you take a little more medicine at the beginning so that I can lose weight first? ]

This request was, of course, rejected by the doctor.

That’s not going to work!

On the one hand, thyroid hormone supplementation for hypothyroidism patients must be gradually increased from a small dose. On the other hand, if thyroid hormone is supplemented more, it will become drug-induced hyperthyroidism. Especially now, your body is already at a low metabolic level. If you supplement excessive thyroid hormone, the metabolic level will suddenly increase and the damage to the body will be even greater!

The main reason for your current weight gain is [mucous edema]. As the thyroid hormone level in your body gradually returns to normal, your weight will slowly recover.

As for body shape, it can be maintained through diet and exercise.

[Do I have anything what should pay attention to at ordinary times? Is there any what taboo on diet? ]

[Patients with hypothyroidism do not have what to pay special attention to in diet, and nutrition is balanced. However, patients with hypothyroidism are prone to constipation, so they should pay more attention to the diet structure than others to ensure sufficient dietary fiber content.]

Seeing Xiao Chen still worried, the doctor told her:

[In fact, you don’t have too much psychological burden, as long as you can take medicine on time and have regular reexamination, your physical condition is no different from that of others in what. I used to like what, but now I don’t need special control. You can also do sports you used to like now. Don’t always regard yourself as a patient, this is also afraid, that is also afraid.]

The doctor also specially reminded Xiao Chen:

[Hypothyroidism is well controlled and will not affect pregnancy and childbirth, but when you want children, you cannot stop taking drugs without authorization.]

Hypothyroidism, nothing to be afraid of

Although hypothyroidism is a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment, the treatment method is very simple, the economic burden is not heavy, the quality of life will not be affected, and the most important thing is to find it early.

However, due to the atypical symptoms of early hypothyroidism, many people like Xiao Chen feel that it is a natural occurrence when they are old and do not pay attention to it, which leads to the failure to find the disease in time and delays the treatment.

Therefore, women, if they suffer from fatigue, weakness, weight gain, constipation and abnormal menstruation without obvious reasons, remember to think that they may have thyroid problems.

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