Growth and Development Indicators of Babies Aged 1 ~ 12 Months

In the first year of the baby’s birth, it can be described as [one day at a time]. Not only will the length and weight increase rapidly, but also the abilities of movement, language, cognition and other aspects have developed rapidly. From a little baby whose head cannot be lifted steadily, it will slowly grow into a little baby who can turn over, sit up and…

In this year, many parents will look at their babies more than once, then at other people’s babies, and then doubt whether the baby’s development is normal.

As considerate as Ding Ma, she has compiled a development index for babies aged 1-12 months. Comparing it with each other, you can know more about the development of babies!

According to the development index comparison, it is convenient, but it is still necessary to remind parents that each baby is unique and has individual differences in development. The development of the baby should be observed dynamically and continuously, and it is not only possible to judge whether the baby has developmental retardation by a single index.

However, if the baby’s development is delayed for more than 2-3 months, parents should take the baby to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time.