Gynecological physical examination, originally can’t do casually?

The usual way for many women to go to the examination is to ask for leave in what and go in what. Find a weekend time to go; Wait for the night clinic after work.

In fact, the examination for women has the best time.

When is what going to check?


As adult women often have a gynecological examination, and gynecological examination is limited, the most suitable time is 3-7 days after the end of menstruation in the current month.

This is the best time to do cervical smear examination, Because your cervix is the most open time in the menstrual cycle at this time, but in other time periods besides this, it is not the case, and due to hormone changes in the body, your breast may also appear some lumps and tenderness. At the same time, because there is no interference from menstrual blood, the reliability of the examination results is also guaranteed.

If it is difficult for you to plan the exact time, just make sure that you have no menstruation at the time of the examination and that your menstruation has ended for at least a few days, so that the secretions in your vagina will not interfere with the examination effect.


If you are over 20 years old and have sex, you need to have a women’s examination once a year. If you have not had sex, you should go to the hospital for examination in time when your body is not in good time.

Need to see a doctor in what?

1. Abnormal menstruation

The amount of bleeding accompanying menstruation, such as changes, generally requires vigilance. For example, bleeding when menstruation should not come, or bleeding after sharing a room, and occurring many times.

The menstrual cycle becomes shorter or prolonged for 3 consecutive months.

2. Abnormal leucorrhea

Normal leucorrhea is a small amount of slightly sticky white secretion, Accompanied by menstruation cycle, its thinness and quantity will have some slight changes, such as obvious increase, peculiar smell, character changes, etc., need to be paid attention to. However, it should be noted that everyone will have leucorrhea, and everyone’s leucorrhea is not necessarily white, while the normal leucorrhea character will also change with external factors.

3. Timely investigation of pain source

The following abdomen, waist back or sacrococcygeal often have pain, Or serious dysmenorrhea, all need to pay attention to, may be pelvic nerve is compressed by tumor, or various symptoms cause irregular uterine contraction, serious tumor compresses cervix, hinders blood flow, will cause serious dysmenorrhea. Well, you see I mentioned tumor again, if you have done gynecological ultrasound recently, then don’t worry about this problem.

4. Be alert to difficulties in urination and defecation caused by pressure.

If lesions such as leiomyomas occur in the uterus, It may oppress your bladder, rectum, ureter and other parts. Occurrence of urination, defecation difficulty and waist soreness and backache symptoms. There are ovaries, if there is a problem may also have oppression symptoms. Of course, if the mass is obvious through the belly can be touched, if touched, you still just think that you are fat, that can only say: girl, your nerves are too big.

Inspection Instructions

1. Can I share the same room?

Stop sharing the same room within three days before the examination to avoid interference with the examination results. Especially for TCT (a cervical cancer cytological examination) and HPV (human papillomavirus) examination.

Do you want to wash it?

If you need to check the leucorrhea routine, It is usually not recommended to wash completely before inspection, In particular, it is not recommended to clean the vagina, and only the vulva is recommended to be properly cleaned. The reason is: if there are pathogens, you will also get a false negative result because of your cleaning. Simply put, this practice is probably equivalent to [cheating]. The purpose of going to the hospital is to check out the existing diseases instead of hiding them during the examination.

3. Lots of details

    Do gynecologic examination to empty urine, but sometimes do gynecologic B-ultrasound and need to hold your urine, etc., afraid of mixing can consult a doctor before examination. Before physical examination, you should rest well, during menstruation, you cannot do gynecologic physical examination. Photography body can’t take things containing metal, otherwise it will block X-ray, easy misdiagnosis. Require blood before breakfast.

What tests will there be?

1. Routine gynecological examination

Including the size, shape and location of vulva, vagina, cervix and uterus, as well as the examination of fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Fee: Just physical examination may have been included in the registration fee, so here you will not be asked for disposable gloves. (This may be a sign that my hospital has deep pockets? I don’t know) If you need to use a speculum, it will cost 5 ~ 10 yuan.

2. Routine examination of leucorrhea

Including mould, trichomonas, vaginal cleanliness and bacterial vaginosis.

Cost: The whole process is to take out vaginal secretions, make slides, and examine them under a microscope, which requires a cost of 20 ~ 50 yuan.

3. Gynecological B-ultrasound examination

The new technology of gynecologic examination is mainly used for the diagnosis of endometrial diseases, cervical diseases, uterine leiomyoma, ovarian tumor and the examination of early pregnancy embryo development. Usually, gynecologic B-ultrasound has three ways: transabdominal, transvaginal and transrectal, which should be selected according to different situations. For example, virgins must not choose transvaginal ultrasound.

Cost: 150 ~ 200 yuan.

4. TCT and HPV

TCT is currently the most simple and effective diagnostic method for extensive screening of cervical cancer. HPV typing quantitative test is the method to detect human papillomavirus.

Cost: TCT is 250 ~ 300 yuan, HPV is 250 ~ 300 yuan.

5. Six Gonadal Items

If diseases caused by endocrine problems are considered, such as irregular menstruation and irregular vaginal bleeding, six gonad items need to be checked to check hormone levels.

Cost: A total of six items were checked, each in 50 yuan.

Of course, there are many other examinations, and here is only to share with you the common general gynecological examinations.

Note: The cost problem may vary from hospital to hospital. If it is a normal public hospital, the approximate scope should be the same. For reference only.

Responsible Editor: Haitang