Hangzhou has a clinic selling drugs at a loss.

It is the current situation of most medical institutions in our country to use drugs to support doctors. Is what using drugs to support doctors?

In the past, when people went to the hospital to see a doctor, they spent a lot of money on buying drugs, because this money was the main income of the hospital. Whether the hospital could operate normally needed to be supported by [selling drugs].

Generally speaking, if we spend 200 yuan every time we see a doctor, the money spent on medicine is 80 ~ 120 yuan. In other words, medicine accounts for 40% ~ 60% of medical expenses, which is called [medicine proportion].

Different from this situation, in Hangzhou, there is a clinic with less than 10% of drugs.

Dr. Xiao Feng examines patients at the clinic.

How did they do it?

[Our drugs are in accordance with the bidding price, the original price, the original price out, if the management cost is included, it can be said that the sales of drugs are at a loss. This design is to fundamentally eliminate the behavior of large prescriptions and disorderly prescription of drugs.] When the reporter asked why they could reduce the proportion of drugs to such a low level, Dr. Xiao Feng, chief medical officer of Clove Clinic, replied.

Dr. Xiao Feng is from the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center affiliated to Maryland State University. He has many years of medical experience and is the first clinical master’s degree student in emergency medicine in Peking Union Medical College Hospital and the first clinical master’s degree student in emergency medicine in China.

Zero profit, split and sell, this is the promise of clove clinic about drugs.

Without the drive of drug profits, doctors’ prescription behavior has returned to the patient-centered nature. The prescription of what drugs to patients and how many drugs to prescribe are entirely based on professional judgment, not for [making money], but only the most effective and necessary drugs according to the needs of the disease.

In addition, the drugs in clove clinics are different from those in most hospitals and pharmacies. Their drugs can also be sold in pieces. We all have such experience. We often waste the whole box of drugs from hospitals or pharmacies. According to the course of the disease, we can prescribe the appropriate amount of drugs and give the whole box of drugs to patients in pieces, which actually reduces the burden on the patient’s drug expenses.

More importantly, Split sales can also prevent drug abuse. In the past, Many patients are afraid of waste or do not pay attention to the doctor’s advice, and eat up the drugs (such as antibiotics) they have bought back, resulting in unintentional drug abuse, bringing long-term adverse effects to the patient’s physical safety. However, the drugs after dismantling are just in line with the dosage of the disease course of treatment, thus improving the safety of patients’ medication.

[Medical behavior, safety is always the first.] Dr. Xiao Feng stressed.

A safe and comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment will make people relax.

Low Price but Strict Control of Medical Quality

The price of drugs is approachable, but the quality of medical care pursues quite high quality.

Most of the clinic doctors come from well-known large-scale 3A hospitals in the country and receive the training of general family doctors in the United States. They also strive for perfection in the treatment standards of diseases and put an end to indiscriminate medication and examination.

Therefore, even if the doctor’s fee in this clinic is slightly higher than that in other hospitals, the total medical cost is still lower.

Finally, the clinic has created a relaxed and friendly environment for medical treatment, fully easing children’s fear of medical treatment, and adults will not feel crowded and anxious. In addition, the clinic adopts an appointment system to minimize waiting time and avoid possible cross infection caused by too many medical personnel.

This is a brand-new concept clinic focusing on pediatrics, gynecology and providing family doctor services for chronic patients. It reconstructs the experience of medical institutions by means of general practice in Internet plus. Interested citizens can pay attention to this clinic through the following two-dimensional code.