Have you avoided the 10 mistakes that novice parents often make?

New life was born, new parents saw it in their eyes and loved it in their hearts.

However, following the arrival of boundless happiness at the same time, it is very disturbing: because they are too precious and care too much, the new parents are worried about doing wrong in everything.

In fact, all parents came here this way and made mistakes, so you will, it’s not a big deal.

Some of the mistakes mentioned below have caused most parents to fall into the ditch. If you know these mistakes in advance, you will have a chance to avoid falling. Here is a list of useful [anti-fall tips].

1. Take control of everything in detail.

There are too many new parents who will be confused because of some things that belong to the normal performance of newborns.

For example, whenever they see babies vomiting, crying and defecating, they worry: Are they ill?

They are always worried about whether the baby has eaten enough, whether he has eaten too little, whether he vomits too much and whether he cries too frequently.

Kit 1:

Stop being nervous! No matter observing what, please relax first!

You know, the baby’s adaptability is much stronger than we usually think, and it is not so fragile at all.

Of course, you have to go to the hospital to see the really serious situation (as will be described in detail below), but you don’t have to sweat like a pig for some trivial matters.

2. Try every means to prevent the baby from crying.

When the baby cries, the new parents often panic and naturally want to do something to stop the baby crying.

You know, crying is the nature of your baby. It is entirely possible for your baby to cry while being very normal and healthy.

Even if they are fed well, diapers are changed frequently and they are in a calm state, they may still cry.

Kit 2:

Don’t look for a reason, maybe there is really no reason!

Usually, let the baby cry if he likes to cry, it doesn’t matter. For self-comfort, you can hug them and talk to them.

But! If the baby cries for more than an hour in a row, or is accompanied by fever, rash or persistent vomiting while crying, it is necessary to be vigilant and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Wake up the baby to eat milk

Feed night milk, this matter you tired baby tired.

Kit 3:

Everybody sleep!

There is no need to wake up the baby for nursing. If the baby can sleep all night, it is simply the best thing for both mother and child-everyone has a sweet sleep.

Just feed it the next morning. The baby won’t starve.

4. Worried about baby spitting milk,

It is necessary for new parents to understand the difference between vomiting and vomiting.

Spitting milk may take the form of spray, but generally speaking, when spitting milk, the spitting things will slowly flow out of the corners of the mouth and other places along with hiccups.

In most cases, this kind of milk spitting is normal and there is no need to worry too much.

Vomiting is different: vomiting is much stronger and may occur more frequently. For example, if the baby is infected with gastroenterovirus, it may vomit every half hour to three quarters of an hour.

Kit 4:

Watch carefully!

If it is spitting milk, wipe it clean to prevent the baby from choking.

When vomiting symptoms occur, you need to see a doctor.

5. Express [Calm Down] to Newborn Fever

It is easy for new parents to ignore the baby’s [low fever] and think [not serious] that it may be better.

Attention! When the baby is less than or equal to three months old, if the anal temperature reaches or exceeds 38 ℃, it is necessary to go to the hospital for emergency treatment, even if there are no other obvious abnormalities.

Because, in this life stage of newborns, fever may be the only symptom reflecting serious diseases, while the baby’s immune system is completely unestablished and many types of infections are unable to resist.

Kit 5:

Four months ago, the baby found that his body temperature was higher than normal and went to see a doctor immediately!

Don’t cover, don’t wait.

6. There is no need to use baby seats at close range.

For many new parents who are already exhausted, it is a bit like the last grass on a camel to spend energy installing baby seats, but it is not possible to do so because it is not safe.

Kit 6:

Private car baby seats must be installed correctly.

Some parents are lazy and think they don’t need baby seats if they drive very close, do they?

Don’t take such chances: even if you only drive 100 meters, you must install it. In case of an accident, your life cannot bear it.

7. Baby doesn’t need to clean his mouth,

Even for babies, oral care is still very important.

As the baby’s teeth germinate from the gums, it is necessary to follow the normal guidelines for nursing and not to nurse after going to bed, because doing so will increase the risk of dental caries.

Kit 7:

Learn how to clean deciduous teeth.

The baby’s gums can be cleaned with wet gauze, and at the age of one, the baby’s special soft toothbrush can be used.

In addition, fluorination of teeth is also very important for babies, because fluorination can prevent dental caries and protect teeth.

Among the fluorination methods, fluorinated toothpaste and fluoride coating for children’s teeth are both optional.

8. Baby is definitely the first, husband is the first to pull over,

The relationship between the couple also needs to be cared for so as to take better care of the baby together.

Many couples instinctively focus all their attention on new life, thus ignoring marriage.

But in fact, because of having children, the relationship between husband and wife has become more important. Don’t ignore this point.

Kit 8:

Generally speaking, sex can begin 42 days after giving birth to a baby, requiring contraceptive measures.

I can only help you here.

9. TA doesn’t understand, there is no need to avoid the baby in the quarrel.

Be careful when quarrelling in front of the baby.

Even if the baby is only a few months old, he can still instinctively feel the [negative energy] when his parents quarrel.

We can understand that everyone is under great pressure at work and it is normal to have a quarrel at the end of the day. However, if the conflicts become more and more intense and frequent, we should pay attention to the scale of venting our anger in front of the baby.

Kit 9:

Quarrel is a way to vent emotions. Other ways to digest emotions include but are not limited to sports, talking to people, watching a football match, cooking a meal…

This is not to say that we must never quarrel. After all, quarrelling is also a way of communication, which is better than the Cold War.

10. What is said online is all right.

Internet access is a good channel to obtain information, but the premise is to fully understand the credibility and credibility of information sources.

Some doctors, who update their knowledge slowly and point out the country at will on the Internet, are not necessarily right in fact. They have been repeatedly found out by their peers and beaten in the face. It is really ugly.

Kit 10:

In terms of child-rearing, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are good channels for obtaining reliable information, as can your favorite clove doctor.