Have you done these etiquette before and after sex?

In fact, as long as we follow the principle of “safety, voluntariness and equality”, we can live our sex life as we like. But I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect, such a simple question, just like the girl’s big aunt, Dr. Clove has to talk about it once a month.

The etiquette of meeting and greeting is to master the strength of shaking hands, not to be soft and light, and not to crush each other’s hands with one palm. The etiquette of sex life is to respect one’s own feelings and those of the other.

Wash it before each crash.

Do you know that germs can freely spin and jump between your genitals, anus, hands, partner’s mouth or toys (who knows you have used some what) during the snapping process?

Please carefully clean every part and every article that you may come into contact with, including but not limited to brushing your teeth, cutting your nails, and turning the foreskin over and over three times with faith.

Well, you said you were single? Don’t you wash your hands when you are single?

Don’t start in a hurry, let’s have some foreplay.

If you just like the kind of fire in the movie that is stripped of everything when you enter the door, please skip this paragraph.

However, for most people, it takes a certain period of stimulation to fully arouse.

Adequate foreplay helps women’s vagina secrete lubricating fluid, allowing penis to enter more smoothly. A state like the Taklimakan Desert may not generate electricity by friction, but by friction and fire.

If the lubrication is insufficient due to physiological reasons, such as breast feeding and taking certain drugs, aqueous lubricants can also be prepared in advance.

Contraception is a matter for two people.

Before, when Dr. Ji Ge introduced contraceptive methods other than male condoms, many girls said that [women have to suffer so many crimes because of what’s contraception].

Ji Ge doesn’t understand very well. Isn’t all kinds of contraceptive methods a great invention? Vagina and uterus grow on you, you have the right to mate and reproductive rights, it’s really cool, okay?

In the past, religion banned contraception, because people could have sex [without restraint]. It is precisely because there are various perfect contraceptive methods that they can enjoy sex better.

Male condoms, female condoms, short-acting contraceptives, subcutaneous implanted contraceptive needles, intrauterine devices… There are so many effective contraceptive measures, the specific choice can be decided by both parties through consultation.

Don’t take emergency contraceptives for a long time.

Emergency contraception is not strictly a contraceptive measure, but a remedial measure after the failure of conventional contraceptive methods.

The English name of the short-acting contraceptive pill is [Birth control pill], while the emergency contraceptive pill is [After pill]. From the name, it can be seen that the emergency contraceptive pill has nothing to do with [birth control]…

The reason why emergency contraception is not recommended is not that it will lead to infertility (or be objective), but that the overall effectiveness is only about 80%…

Of course, we still have to eat when we should eat. When should we eat in what? The condom was broken, I forgot to take short-acting contraceptives for several days in a row, and I was sexually assaulted… but I was not unprepared every time, and then I took drugs afterwards.

Try to understand each other’s [strange] demands.

When describing a person’s personality preference, Ji Ge does not like to use [normal] and [abnormal], but is used to using [common] and [rare].

Maybe you have such a [rare] partner, he/she may have some sexual preferences that you have never thought or tried. As long as it doesn’t cause unbearable harm to both parties (I guess there will be some skin injuries sometimes), it is better to try to understand each other’s thoughts, and maybe you will find another yourself.

Be responsible for one’s own pleasure

If you feel that you are not in good condition and don’t want it, tell the other party.

If you want to stop halfway through, tell the other party.

If you feel painful or uncomfortable, tell the other party.

If the other party’s behavior upsets you, tell the other party.

If you feel that you touch a certain part of your body, hey hey hey, also… tell the other party.

Many people have complained that their partners cannot respond to their needs at any time, do not know their sensitive points, and have no orgasm… If they cannot express their thoughts, is it different from salted fish in what?